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Victory      January 01, 2007

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
January 01, 2007   4:02–4:06  pm  MST
A Vision Quest for the New Age:
The Phoenix Rising Within You
Phoenix, Arizona

Claim That Flame of Victory!
Make It Real in Your Daily, Active Lives

            Charge! Charge! Charge! and let Victory be yours, O mankind, because I have come and you have accepted the radiance of my fire within the physicality of your atoms, cells and electrons in this hour! And so I draw a ring of victory around these here and those who are listening and around the entire planetary body. And in this hour, thousands and even millions of legions of Victory now descend to secure this entire planet in the light of Victory!
            Victory is a flame. Victory is more than just a name. It is the essential light that impels you unto the apex of beingness, blessed ones. If you would be a God-free being, then I say call for Victory, for Victory will instantaneously come to your aid and stand around you and back you in your endeavors. But when you forget and you enter into self-pity, then we cannot be where you are. Therefore rise out of that despondency and darkness and claim that flame of victory, placing the laurel wreath even upon your own heads as you call to us and wielding the sword and the spear and the shield and going to bat for God in all ways, blessed ones.
I come fully enfired and dripping in the golden, liquid light that you have called forth, and I now spread [it] upon you and wash you once more clean in this light—this golden light of victory! Will you receive it now and forever, blessed ones? [Audience responds, “Yes!”] Therefore it is yours. You must claim it and you must make it real in your daily, active lives by deciding once and for all that nothing will take you from this victory manifestation in your life, blessed ones!
           You are and can be victorious every hour of the day and even during the night. And if you have trouble sleeping, I say call to me and I will put you to sleep quickly. Is that a conundrum [for] some of you? [laughter] Well, I say, it should not be. For you see, what I will do is propel your soul out of your body and gently lay your physical body down on your bed. For when your soul does rise swiftly into the etheric octaves, then, you see, naturally you can sleep better. But when you go to bed with all kinds of troubles and manifestations of duality rumbling around in your brain, then of course you cannot sleep in full measure.
           Therefore, blessed ones, while you are asleep you will actually be more active than ever before through this new dispensation of the great Divine Director, for your minds will be able to receive more in the retreats, you see.¹ And then you may also be able to remember what it is that you have been taught and you may bring it back into the physical and then work victoriously for the light!
           Therefore, I say, Charge! Charge! Charge! and let victory be proclaimed! Charge! Charge! Charge! and let victory be proclaimed! Charge! Charge! Charge! and let victory be proclaimed this day, every day, now and forever! I am Victory!

1.  The Great Divine Director gave a HeartStream just before Beloved Mighty Victory and announced a dispensation for us personally whereby we will have greater access to the Mind of God with its higher cognitive abilities in the year 2007 and beyond.

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