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Lady Kristine      January 01, 2007

Beloved Lady Kristine
David C. Lewis
January 1, 2007  (13 minutes)
A Vision Quest for the New Age:
The Phoenix Rising Within You
Phoenix, Arizona

The Essence of Kristine

You Have Opportunity to Create a New Self
Take It and Effuse from Your Hearts This New Essence That You Are

Blessed Heartfriends,
            I draw you now into the inner sanctuary of my heart. For I have prepared a place for each of you in a sacred room, where you may attune to the voice and the heart of God intimately here.
           Have you contemplated the voice of God within you this morning? Have you heard the sound of sweetness that speaks a new song of loveliness?
           I am Lady Kristine, and I emanate the perfume of my aroma unto each one of you. For I have taken to heart the word of the Lord of the World, and I have distilled within and through my own heart fires a new essence that you may call the essence of Kristine, [which] you may even ask my angels to place upon your hands and body each morning.1 For this essence is truly as a spiritual concentration of the light of my own meditation upon the very heart of God in all heartfriends. And I have extracted something of the essence of your higher consciousness and distilled it into this most wondrous manifestation of oneness of all sentient beings who at inner levels desire to return to the heart of the One.
Within the inner sanctuary of your hearts is a flame that will not be snuffed out so long as you give deference to and revere the nature of that fire as God within you. But my purpose in coming this day is to give new kindling to that essential fire through the oil of gladness that I bear unto each one of you. I see your soul now as in the virgin consciousness, pure and white on this first day of the new year. For you have opportunity to create a new self. Take it, blessed ones, and from this moment forward effuse from your hearts this new essence that you are, even within the aura of the Lord of the World, who has given you also the distillation of his very personage in the thoughtform.2
Did you think that this was only a symbol for you to meditate upon? I say no—it is the very God-essence of his beingness. And when you [both]see in your mind's eye this image [and] truly understand that he has carefully fashioned from his meditation upon all life upon Earth this signet to remind you of your own Buddha Nature, then you can tap into the great resources of his causal emanation of light and you yourself also manifest that Buddhic awareness through the essence that you are.
As you discern the frequency of all life resident even within your own heart through this distillation that I bear unto you, there will no longer be a sense of separation from that oneness that is God. And since I have created this mist from the molecules of all who would be God, then there is something of your brother or sister even within yourself, you see. And therefore you cannot hurt any part of life, for thereby you would hurt a portion of yourself. For that same essence is within all of your own beingness, you see.
Meditate now upon this supernal light within your heart as I fan the flame within you this morning. Truly, blessed ones, you shall know a newness of spirit, an effulgence of that radiance as you go within the secret chamber of the sanctuary and cathedral of your heart, even for a minute here or there throughout the day, to remember your own essential nature as a divine being made in God's image.
Smell now the sacred aroma emanating from within your own heart, and perceive also the glory of those in this hallowed circle around you this morning. As you attune to that specific vibration that is your friend of light, you will know a new spirit of joy in understanding [that one's] own aspect and facet of God's consciousness, and together we will carve out a new gemstone from all of these angles of God's consciousness such that many more upon Earth may also come to know their own divine reality.
This is my birthday present to my beloved, whose selfless service on behalf of you all I applaud and commend. For it was always my intention, and his, that wherever two or more are gathered in these sacred events of your coming together in holy community and communion, there we, the ascended hosts, would be with you for the discovery of your own true nature. And that is why I chose him as the one to organize most efficiently and effectively your pilgrimages and conferences. For can you now feel how effective these sacred gatherings are in allowing the new fires of Aquarius to glow within the Earth through hearts united in love? Therefore, let us move forward as one heart-essence, as one fragrance from the sacred manifestation of the flower of God's being within all life.
I am your servant toward the day of God's full appearing within you. And I love you always, my friends.

1. In his New Year's Eve dictation, Gautama Buddha said: “Have you chosen to be the flower of God? I ask. Then let the wafting essence of your fragrance bless all.”
2. In his New Year's Eve dictation, Gautama released the thoughtform for 2007—a roseate blossom from the very heart of God.

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