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Maitreya      December 31, 2006

Beloved Lord Maitreya

David C. Lewis

December 31, 2006   11:01-11:12 pm  MST

A Vision Quest for the New Age: The Phoenix Rising Within
, Arizona



Prepping You for Your Eternal Flight Into the Light
A New Eden is Available to You Each Moment of Your Life


            I come at the eleven o'clock hour for the initiation of cosmic cycles within you.  I AM Maitreya and my purpose in coming is to prepare you for victory at all levels, blessed ones.  I have been musing with you in recent weeks, and it has been an enjoyable experience, don't you think?  [Audience responds: Yes!] For we have truly merged our minds at a new level and a new spirit. And in this process I perceive how many among you have risen to new heights in spiritual awareness by imbibing my vibration into your heart-mind oneness.

            Yes, I prefer to deliver my essence unto you incrementally in this way, and then see how you use my life force within you day by day as a counterpoint to that negative force that has woven a coil of darkness around your soul since the day that you erringly accepted the lie of the Serpent.

            And this night I extract from around that core of your true identity that which is the most diabolical aspect of the not-self that you personally have allowed to manifest itself in and through your consciousness since the days of Lemuria. OUT! Dark spot of infamy from these who would be God-free. I take you now and cast you into the Lake of Sacred Fire, no more to be a burden upon these souls.

            Truly, blessed ones, the dispensation of the presence of a master who loves you so, such that he stands before you to move you forward on the path of soul freedom, is one that you should not take lightly. Therefore, those of you who study our words diligently and apply them in your lives, even teaching the brethren and reminding them of the various dispensations that we have delivered, accrue to your souls the grace that we bear.

            For you have learned the lesson and then you have moved forward and striven toward that victorious manifestation of the light that is the seed behind each worded cup that we bear unto you through our dictations and the delivery of our fire.

            My purpose in coming to you is to prep you for your eternal flight into the light.  Those of you who have been pilots and attending ones in the process of the ascent into the heavens, know what it takes to understand the laws of physics and of aerodynamics whereby you defy gravity and you can move upward swiftly as an arrow unto that point of perfectionment and the trajectory of your being that you desire.

            When you understand the principles of the ascension, then it is easier for you to make right choices day by day, don't you think?  [Yes!] Therefore, this should be a lifelong process of studying what it will take for the final ascent of your soul, blessed ones. And this you may know by due diligence to that which we have shared for many a year through many dispensations.

            Take to heart each message as a part of the whole. Put together the pieces of what is personally meaningful to you and required of you to discern your personal path home. And then strive with all that is within you to manifest the victory consciousness twenty four hours a day, such that nothing can take you from this chosen path that you, even at inner levels, have seen as that which you have vowed to walk unto your eternal day with God.

            A new Eden is available to you each moment of your life if you choose to accept it, blessed ones. And at that point of your decision making each hour of the day, to be or not to be God-beings, you enter the crux of life upon earth. You enter the point of the Alpha-Omega manifestation of light within you. And at that nexus of fire you may either truly walk as God-beings or you may do otherwise to your detriment. The choice is always up to you to opt for the highest road. Take the high road with me and know what can be known, which is more than you know in this hour.
            I AM the Great Initiator and if you would receive my impetus of eternal fire this night, then prepare once again for your flight upward, seeing in the clouds the image of the Lord Gautama who comes in this hour to deliver to mankind more of his cosmic awareness of the Buddha manifestation of eternal oneness unto you.

            O mankind, awaken once and for all to the light and know yourselves as the essential sentient ones that you truly are. I AM a victorious one and call you to be victory in action through cosmic love-wisdom this night, every night, blessed ones.  I thank you.


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