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Kuthumi      December 31, 2006

Beloved Kuthumi

David C. Lewis

December 31, 2006  12:19–12:39 pm  MST

A Vision Quest for the New Age: The Phoenix Rising Within You
, Arizona



A Matrix For Greater Heart Development Within This Movement
Share Your Gifts and Talents Within the Community of Light


            I come, the Divine Poverello, to be with the saints in the earth. Blessed ones, have you thought of yourself as a saint of God? When you enter into the consciousness of being a saintly one in whom God can trust and entrust himself, then truly your word becomes real and all of your prayers and all of your work.

            The ascended masters look for those upon earth in whom a certain spirituality is manifest, upon whom they can rely, not only to anchor light day by day, but whom the angels also dote upon and prompt to sing and to utter the sacred syllables of psalm and poem, such that upon the ray that goes forth through the word, a world may be changed.

            Many of you have mastered the sacred science of invocation, but I come this day to shed new light upon the word that you are becoming in the process of delivering this sacred science.  Behind the word, blessed ones, is the vibration of all [that] you are. And when you take time, in surcease from your struggles in daily living, to understand the very nature of nature itself as the manifestation of God and the expression of his radiance through the great garden of life, then there can manifest through your consciousness a transcendence that you have not known before, whereby the very voice of angels, the very vibration of the aura of the Lord himself may be where you are.

            Look for the signs in the heavens of his appearing day by day. And in the tree and in the tulip, in the robin and in the little lamb, you may discern the gentleness of his spirit in your midst.  When the brothers and I broke bread together and discussed the plans that God gave to me to rebuild the church in Assisi, we were wont to commune of the intimations of God's communication unto each one of us.

            And though I often took the lead in conveying how the Lord sang in my soul a new song of love, often the brethren, raised also by the presence of the Holy Spirit who witnessed our love, would share through their hearts great light. And some of you here were among this body and know whereof I speak in this hour. And the Poor Clares were there as the feminine manifestation of the light, anchoring for the great Mother her purity upon earth in that community.

            So, I come this day to set forth for the New Year within this movement of light a matrix for greater heart development within heartfriends everywhere. And in the classes that I will help teach and overshadow through Meru University there will be the conveyance, heart to heart and mind to mind, of the great wisdom of the masters of East and West unto those of you who would be saints in the earth in this hour.

            Some of you have desired new opportunities for the sharing of your gifts and graces within the greater community of light, and this you have seen even this day through the beloved of the beloved. And you have witnessed how a movement such as this may only proceed forth in victory if each brother and sister, each heartfriend rises to fulfill his or her role within the greater context of the mission, blessed ones.

            Each of you can be a spiritual mason with me, brick by brick building this new foundation that we together envision. For it will take many hearts beating in unison to recreate in the physical what has been sown in previous lifetimes, but which may in this hour come to full fruition through the work at hand before you. In your sharing and in your communion together, let there be a certain harmony and a certain expression, whereby each one who has something to give, may have an opportunity to speak or to present something of benefit for all.

            For, blessed ones, truly even the most humble among you, who often feel that there is nothing that you can give to the greater community, surely have something in store within your causal body that you may bring forth. And it is righteous that you do so within the hallowed circle of the brothers and sisters.

            We have handpicked those who have formed the leadership of this Hearts Center because of their past attainment, but also their surrender to holy purpose toward the greater mission that we bear. But there are many among you also, who can for various seasons and cycles, take the role of leadership in your own right, either within your own communities or within the world body of the central Hearts Center.

            Meditate deeply this evening before the clock strikes twelve of your personal mission and how you may share [within] the greater community of light something of your gifts and talents, blessed ones. For if we are to fulfill the mandate of Morya and Hercules, many more among you must step forward to assist those who have borne the brunt of the mission, as well as that which comes to assail the laying of the foundation that you see builded in this hour.

            When a certain quotient of fire does go forth through your services, the sleeping giant is awakened of the not-self, the collective not-self of mankind's unconsciousness. And this you must be prepared for, by having the personal virya and strength of character to know where to turn and who to seek assistance from, so that you will not be moved from the moorings and the tethering of your life toward your ascent. This is why community, even a virtual community that you have experienced, is so important. For the strengths of one or another may fill in the gaps for those for you who, at times, struggle in your spiritual lives. And therefore you may seek aid and comfort in [one] another's presence and attainment.

            The glory of the Lord is upon you, each one, in this hour. The radiance of his mercy is bestowed in an unconditional love for your soul that the Lord bears always for his own. May peace be upon each of you and may the flame of brotherhood and sisterhood carry you far on your spiritual journey, dear hearts.

             I AM Kuthumi and I return to my meditation upon the eternal fire of God's love-wisdom. Let that wisdom be yours through acceptance day by day, and then sing with me with the birds as we meditate and discern that spirit manifest in the heavenworld of our love connection always. I AM the Divine Poverello, and though no longer poor you see,—for I can bestow my riches upon you at your call—yet I am humbled before the great God of all life, whose heart beats gently and ever through his blessed children. Be sealed in my peace with my kiss and a holy remembrance unto you of our tryst in God's heart.



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