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John the Beloved      December 31, 2006

Beloved John the Beloved
David C. Lewis
December 31, 2006 9:53 am MST
Wingate Hotel
Phoenix, Arizona

The Comfort Flame of the Master for All

            May the peace of the Presence be with you. And may the radiance of the heart of God abide ever within you. I am John, whom you have called beloved. And this morning in the presence of the Holy Spirit so tangibly manifest around you and through you, I emerge to fan the flame of love within. The reverence of the spirit in all life is one that you may perceive and come to know in a greater context as you rise in consciousness to discern the plan of God for that refiner's fire to be and to express itself more and more in the worlds of earth's evolutions.
            The Lord Jesus, wherever he walked, was that great refiner. And those of us who were privileged to be within his aura and to experience the essential nature of God through the heart of the beloved Master did come to know that spirit and reverence for life in all things, in all places, in all people. And as we walked with him and he shared his communion with the Father, so we, ourselves also, were enfired, adapting ourselves to that new radiance that he bore the earth. And we, too, discovered elements of God's awareness of himself within the portal of our own consciousness through the Master and his Presence.
            Blessed ones, each time you enter into a deep state of meditation such as this, you can perceive, not only who you are as a God-realized being; but you can see all life as an expression and a manifestation of that essential spirit of the One and how you live and move and have your spirit within the great being of God in all.
            Feel now the pressure of the light as a gentle wafting of that Holy Spirit around you as the comfort flame. You see, blessed ones, that which Jesus bore on our behalf I perceived as the flame of comfort. And though at times, when he decided to absent himself from the brethren to meditate upon his mission, drawing forth those cosmic fiery energies unto his soul for the fulfillment of each stage of that great drama of his life, we were wont to have to go deeper within ourselves to understand our own divine nature. And I saw myself as the one who could support and uphold the flame of love around Jesus, comforting him during various times of sorrow, even assuaging the barbs and prickly energies that were thrown his way by the Sanhedrin and others. And often the Lord did confide in me certain inner mysteries that others of the disciples did not always receive because I was attuned directly with his heart.
            When on Patmos the great light of his spirit descended and I was taken up into the heaven world to receive his revelation I was in awe of the great light manifest through the ascended Jesus the Christ, swooning in that great spiritual light that he bore. And when he revealed all that I was directed to write and record, it was as if not only the great revelation was manifest before my very eyes in living panoramic fire; but I saw far, far into the future all that was possible for mankind, for those of the saints who would follow his pathway unto their own Christ potential and the acceptance of the mission that he began and that, even through his spirit, he continued at inner levels with us day by day.
            Blessed ones, though the prophet ascend, yet the Presence of that one is available to those who have discerned the true nature of that one, even the vibration of that Christ light within themselves that is the same yesterday, today, and forever.1 Therefore, do not grieve when one or another passes from the screen of life whom you love so dearly, but ask for and draw forth from that fiery sprit ascended the new-found energies of that one that may be yours for the taking, for the continuing work at hand that you have before you.
            There are many more saints in heaven and ascended beings than you know of, blessed ones. And if you could see the great Holy City and how it is inhabited by thousands, and even millions and beyond, of angels and masterful ones, you would desire in your meditations to be taken up into this holy space to receive greater love fires of wisdom that these blessed ones bear on behalf of the evolutions of earth. This you may do during periods of silent contemplation upon the heaven world, asking the ascended brothers and sisters that you know to escort you in your soul and finer body to, not only the Holy City spoken of by Jesus to me but, each retreat of the ascended masters, many of which are near and dear to your hearts or near to your homes, vibrating in the etheric world above and around you.
            When you live in the aura of one of these sacred retreats, blessed ones, you have greater access to the radiation of its appearing in the heaven world and should take full advantage of our presence within that retreat, such as mine near this place. During these conferences and retreats held in sacred spaces near our retreats we are able to amplify, in a greater action of radiation, the light of your prayers and services. And that is why you feel the refreshment of your spirit as the flame of comfort and healing grace during these events.
            So I have called a few among you during your European pilgrimage to the isle of Patmos. And for the few who may be able to set foot upon that isle, I will initiate you, even as the Lord Jesus did initiate us as his personal disciples. And in the fire that I will deliver you will perceive with new eyes the greater aspects of your spiritual mission upon earth that, heretofore, you have not fully embraced, either for a lack of understanding or impatience or simply because you are gradually climbing the spiral staircase to that level where you can be a world servant for us.
            Many among you must begin to see yourselves in the greater context of your divine mission to a world in need. When you are called to come forward to give and present, do not wince, do not flinch, beloved ones; but know that we will overshadow you; we will be with you; we will enfold you in that comfort flame, even as you deliver to many souls upon earth the cosmic radiance of our love and light.
            I emanate now throughout the greater body of lightbearers upon earth an accelerated action of the comfort flame to assuage the hearts of many who have nearly failed for fear of what is coming upon earth. Fear not, O sons and daughters of men and women of good will, but know that with God, all things are possible.2 And the probability of your victory can be a very present reality when you remain tethered to the heart of God through prayer, fasting, and humility in the love fires of the One God.
            May the peace of my presence flow unto you. May this nourishment of your soul be yours whenever you are beset by those forces that come in the night to steal away your light and comfort. Even with Jesus I am with you always, even unto the end of the age and unto the fulfillment of your victory as a Christed one.3 I thank you.

1Hebrews 13:8
2Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27
3Matthew 28:20

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