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Helios      December 31, 2006

Beloved Helios
David C. Lewis
December 31, 2006 3:05-3:13 pm MST
New Year's Conference
Phoenix, Arizona

Establishing a Circle of Oneness Through the Sacred Science of Sungazing

            The sun I am, and you are too, blessed ones. And I have chosen this spot for you to not only gaze at the light of my outer manifestation but for you to be fully within the circle of fire of my corona, which I place here in the City of the Sun, Phoenix. This point in time and space is a sacred opportunity for each of you, through the presentations that you will hear1, to attune once more with my heart in greater measure than since the days of Ikhnaton2. For many of you were in that community in Egypt and understood through the teaching delivered by this son of God, the worship not only of the physical sun but of the Sun behind the sun, which continues to pour forth its radiance unto all life not only upon this planet, but all planets in this system.
            It is time for mankind to understand the sacred science of sungazing and of corollary sciences whereby they may have greater healing of body, mind and soul through attuning to the warmth of the inner richness of the heart center of all life. You see, blessed ones, when your eyes are trained upon the solar disk in the heavens, there is the transfer through your eye unto your pineal gland and to all of your inner glands, the light of my presence. And this radiance can be not only for the homeostasis of your physical being but of the greater enfiring of all of your spiritual centers and of your inner bodies.
            There can be the reconnection, in a greater manifestation, between all of your inner bodies when you understand the science of the sun. For within each body there is, at its core, a Solar Presence. And when, in alignment, these sun-fire energies are all clearly in resonance with each other, creating a vortex of fire within you, such that great quantities of cosmic radiance may enter your being, even through your crown chakra at the point where the pulsation from your God Presence does enter through your crystal cord. This you have seen in babies. And those of you who have meditated upon this pulsation can understand in greater measure how this continuous outpouring of effulgence can be yours always.
            I now increase the heat within this circle of fire, the spiritual heat to warm your being and to burn out of your cells certain astral substances that have been accumulated through wrong practice of diet and other habits. Blaze forth the light of Helios through these hearts. Blaze forth the light of the sun into and through every cell within their bodies. And let these, O God, be the precursors for a golden-age solar civilization. For they, this day, have a renewed opportunity, through my presence, to be, for many among mankind, the electrodes of light on behalf of earth's evolutions.
            Blessed ones, feel now the pulsation through your hands of the secret rays that I also activate through this ring of fire, and see this radiance circumscribing the entire planetary body of earth. This science can be yours to use daily, whether within your families or within the greater activity of The Hearts Center or any other spiritual communities in which you decide to abide. For when the circle of oneness is established and there is a continuity of light pouring through your chakras, there can be that sustaining unity of love-wisdom for and on behalf of many evolutions. Do not allow anything to come between your oneness of purpose, blessed ones. For when the circle is broken through inharmony or through dissension, then a certain quotient of energy must be activated to close the gap and to once again enfire that circle of oneness.
            This is my message unto you this day. If you can take the heat, then you can become immortal beings. So feel, this day and every day, a certain increase, incrementally, of the fire from your Solar Presence; and you shall truly know greater love, greater opportunity to serve to set life free.
            I thank you for your physical presence here in Phoenix. For had a certain number, thirty-three in number, not committed to come, then I would not have been able to abide here with you in this hour. I seal your crown. I seal your heart in my holy radiance. Amen.

1This HeartStream was followed by presentations on solar healing and sungazing.
2Also spelled Akhenaten and Akhenaton

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