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Gautama Buddha      December 31, 2006

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David C. Lewis
December 31, 2006   11:54 pm–12:07 am  MST

A Vision Quest for the New Age

: The Phoenix Rising Within You
Wingate Inn
Phoenix, Arizona

Thoughtform for 2007: A Roseate Blossom from the Very Heart of God
An Opportunity to Manifest Your Buddhahood in Potential

           Upon the lotus light within your heart, I come. And I emanate love-wisdom to all sentient beings upon this Earth.
           The fulfillment of a cycle of time has come, and new opportunity is yours in this hour to live a life of being. The Buddha's emanation within the Earth is that essential light that stills the mind, ennobles the heart. When you receive our spiritual fire, blessed ones, there is the prompting from within of that bud of the Buddha, who you are. When the opening of the flower of your mind is manifest, then you, too, as an enlightened one, may carry for many the burden of light, sustaining a world, offering yourselves unto the Eternal One within all. The fire that you have become can be rekindled within all sentient life.
            The lotus of our love may be known, and that is why you also must return from your own nirvana—to give the gift of your heart to many. And when that time comes for you to fully blossom, then I pray that the light within the seed may truly emanate all that which you are as the budding one—a new Buddha-to-be who has come.
           I see across the Earth thousands and even millions of Buddhas-to-be. Have you chosen to be the flower of God? I ask. Then let the wafting essence of your fragrance bless all.
           Comes now the thoughtform for the year 2007. And it is a ring, in this hour, and descending upon the Earth a roseate blossom from the very heart of God, a lotus within the rose with sparks of fire emanating from the central core of that lotus—pistils and stamens of love-wisdom colorations, a dynamo of the very essence of God's heart-fires for his children everywhere. And within the very center of this thoughtform there is, blessed ones, your emanation, your vibration, your Buddhahood in potential. And this year, 2007, will be your opportunity to manifest that potential such that the bud may truly open and your fragrance may be in full emanation across the Earth and even the galaxies.
           My stream of consciousness will carry your essence far and wide if you so choose to ride on my coattails. And I will be a busy bee, carrying the nectar that I will glean from many other blossoms of Buddhas-to-be from flower to flower and lotus to lotus. And with Sanat Kumara and Venus' love for Earth, we shall, one by one, share our Buddha nature with all.
           Let all nature receive the Buddha light this hour. Let all perceive the new aroma come to Earth through many, many hearts whose love-wisdom aroma may now bless and grace all sentient life here.
           I am Gautama, and I pray that my message is clear. And if not quite so, then I encapsulate it within that seed of the Buddha within your heart forevermore, my friends.
           OM Sanat Kumara. OM O holy One. OM.

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