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Lanto      December 30, 2006

Beloved Lord Lanto
David C. Lewis
December 30, 2006   7:00–7:21 pm  MST
A Vision Quest for the New Age: The Phoenix Rising Within You
Wingate Inn
Phoenix, Arizona

Ritual and Blessing of the Crown and Third Eye Chakras


           Eternal friendship is the prerogative of those who have earned the right to be in our presence through a holy tryst of daily devotion and an understanding of the inner joy of that communion with God.
           I am come, anchoring my fire body here, accelerating cosmic knowing within all of your chakras. This knowing is a sensitivity to cosmic consciousness within each center. Those who are sensitive are those who have wed the vibration of purity within the seed of each chakra to the chakras of their gurus and ascended twin flames.
           Therefore see the polarity of our chakras directly over yours. And if you know not your twin flame ascended, then you may use the image of Ahura Mazda or of any of the manus, for these outpicture the perfect man or woman for a root race for a reason, you see. Have you thought of this concept whereby when we come to initiate you, we may, by your assent, place our very beings upon you, beloved ones, almost as Elisha and Elijah resurrecting those whom they reinstilled [with] the flame of the Holy Spirit through their nostrils, mouth to mouth?¹ So I convey the impression of my consciousness unto you, each one, now.
           The availability of an ascended being to perform this ritual is dependent upon your preparation. And having called forth the flame [in many of the rays] this evening on your return trip, we can now raise you, beloved ones. Even those who temporarily lapsed into sleep still receive the impression. For while you were in repose, your soul was flying high above this land, surveying the scene to understand an evolution, its purpose, its joint mission upon Earth—where some have failed, where some have won and where we would leave those for whom there is still hope in time and space for their victory.
           So you see, we have come for some, not all. It is as a cosmic triage whereby those who have not been fully lost may yet receive that cosmic surgery to save them. For have you not said day after day, “I am saving sentient beings,” beloved ones? Thereby we have used this simple prayer, repeated now, I say, millions of times by some numbers of [souls] among you, to work a special work and to go after those in whom there does burn a threefold flame.
           Why have you been chosen for this tour? It is because there is something about the quality of your threefold flame that has allowed us to use you for this purpose. And I, Lanto, say that if you determine to accelerate the complete balancing of that flame and the acceleration and ascension of that flame to new levels, then we can perform this ceremony and service for many more among mankind, beloved ones.
           When I did meditate upon the threefold flame until that flame did burst forth physically through my chest cavity, I saw the Lord of the World with that flame kindled to such an extent that he was able to sustain all life upon Earth. And so, my Lord called me, and I answered. And I still maintain this practice even today, for I have never left off in accelerating and expanding that fire for humanity. Only in cosmic purpose may you receive the accolades that your soul truly desires, for anything less than complete victory is not worth the effort.
           Therefore know this night a greater oneness with our hearts and with each chakra that we spin within you, beloved ones. So some of you may be feeling this night the movement of energies in centers that previously you were little aware of or only [aware of] when through a certain deep meditation you could contact the heights of the purpose for that sacred center.
           So now I activate and open twelve petals within your crown that heretofore have not, as a rule, been opened before. A large number, you may say, but then, with 972, there are still many more that must burn more brightly within you.² Do you not see? So, learn what these petals will do for you and how your mind may expand to receive more of that cosmic light substance for the illumination of a world and many more among mankind who have accepted the density of this world.
           Do you feel now the pressure of the light within your crown? Blaze forth the power of illumination's ray through these ones. Open now the sacred centers. Purge them of all maya, and let them shine in purity's fire.
           I am Lanto. Yes, I appreciate the new prayer composed by my own beloved one.³ And I would have many more lamps—yes, those Chinese lanterns—glowing brightly across the Earth because you have invoked them for me. Light them, one by one, through the rekindling of hearts. Quicken them, mind by mind, through teaching, through example and through the sure path of the Buddha, who has come this day to grace this land. The light of illumination is now budding within each one. Let it flow, let it grow and let it become a lighthouse of love blazing always, a lighthouse and beacon of cosmic wisdom—love-wisdom for all.
           Gautama now would bless each one through his twin with the oil, brought by our daughter, and then my own beloved will also bless you—Anita on the crown, and Celeste on the third eye. As you receive this blessing, know our personal love for each of you and for those back home who[m] you represent this evening. And those of you who will be listening or seeing this dictation for all time to come, you may ask for the reenactment of this ritual and blessing, no more than once per year. For we would not plug you into circuits of too much amperage more often than you can withstand, beloved hearts.
           I seal you in a cosmic cross of golden illumination's flame. I am the servant of wisdom's love within you always.

1.  I Kings 17:17-22 recounts the story of Elijah's resurrection of the son of a widow in the town of Zaraphath. After praying and then stretching his body over the boy's body three times, the boy's life is restored. In II Kings 4:8-37, Elisha the prophet brings back to life the son of a Shunammite woman after stretching his body over the boy's body two times: And he went up, and lay upon the child, and put his mouth upon his mouth, and his eyes upon his eyes, and his hands upon his hands: and stretched himself upon the child; and the flesh of the child waxed warm. Then he returned, and walked in the house to and fro; and went up, and stretched himself upon him: and the child sneezed seven times, and the child opened his eyes.” (II Kings 4:34-35)
2.  In Eastern teachings, it is taught that the crown chakra has 972 petals.
3.  Prayer 20.005 Lanto's Lanterns in The Hearts Center's Prayers, Decrees and Mantras book.

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