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Five Dhyani Buddhas      December 30, 2006

Beloved Five Dhyani Buddhas
David C. Lewis
December 30, 2006   8:02-8:19 pm MST
A Vision Quest for the New Age
2006-2007 New Year's Conference
Phoenix, Arizona

Cosmic Wisdom May Be Yours
through the Application of the Radiance that We Bear

We come with an intensity of our wisdoms for a holy purpose and that is to shine them forth through your crown chakras now opened and activated, mirroring them forth to a world in need of greater understanding. For the pall of ignorance that has come upon the crowns of the evolutions of this planet—besetting lifewaves with that dullness and density that not only maintains the status quo of the human condition but causes greater darkness to manifest in many quarters, blessed ones—is that which must be wiped clean through a process whereby it is as if a great cosmic Bunsen burner would dispense the darkness through this essential light of God.
           The nature of light you must know. The qualities of illumination's ray you must bestow upon many more through teaching, through sharing something of who you are as a God Being. Unless and until you have manifested a certain awareness within you of holy wisdom's fires, there cannot be the transfer heart to heart and mind to mind of this flame of illumination. And therefore, take up the calling of becoming the studious ones who not only tune into the word of cosmic reason but having discovered the seed of that light within the Word and allowed it to sprout and fully manifest within your consciousness, you can then pick the ripe fruits of your own development of spirituality and share them with brother and sister here and there across the Earth.
           Those who would teach before they have gained access to the fullness of their own God-identity through meditation upon their own Sun Source day and night cannot be our full representatives, blessed ones. Therefore this coming year we announce to you a new series of classes on the understanding of your Higher Self. For only when there is that reflection unto your soul of the essential fires of your Divine Presence through your consciousness and your conscious awareness of that Presence can you gain entrée into the highest levels of awareness that you as a human being in the flesh can fully maintain.
           Yes, you say, “I am a divine being having the human experience,” and this is true. Yet there must come to bear within the lowest vibrating elements of your consciousness greater light such that you are brought up into a higher domain of understanding, blessed ones.
           Truly, cosmic wisdom may be yours day by day through the application of the radiance that we bear on your behalf to a world. If you accept it and see the bearing of these cosmic pressures even within the cells of your physical brain, we can then expand your consciousness through the mind of God and even through the physical atoms of your brain to allow greater concepts of Buddhic awareness to be where you are. A lightness and a vibrancy may be yours in this process, blessed ones. Have you not noticed how when you finally grasp a divine concept in the totality of the heart-mind connection, there is the sparking of a greater joy than you had previously known? For now you know, for now you see with new eyes and with a new mind what before had been only a chimera, a vaporous manifestation clouded by the illusory elements of the lesser self.
           This day I part that veil of maya within the greater body of believers upon Earth. Lift your heads above the clouds, and first out of the sands, and see the shining stars in the firmament of the heavens, [which] may also be for you guides toward your own stellar attainment.
           The Buddhas of the Pleiades now come at the behest of the newly ascended daughter, the blessed Lady Plieades.  For her prayer has been for and on behalf of the Mother the quickening of her children everywhere, and so these come to illumine the Earth in this hour with greater light. Yes, the seven sisters now manifest their Presence through your chakras and spin them, first from the base and lastly to the crown. These may be for you guides, divine muses, whom you can call to for that Buddhic awareness that is known more fully in that system of the Pleiades, blessed ones, from which a few of you have long, long ago come to Earth.
           Through your daily rosaries we have woven a spiritual mesh of fire across the Earth, filling in the antahkarana of the oneness of hearts with the action of the secret rays that we bear for the Earth. This mesh is for the protection of the five secret-ray chakras of the lightbearers from the impositions of the black magicians and those who have used the energies of the dark side, of the night-mother energies, to manipulate even the elemental beings upon Earth. Therefore you may call for this spiritual mesh to cover the entire planet day by day, to seal out astral vortices from alien lifewaves and to seal in only light, only the essential quintessence of those stellar energies that pass through the mesh unto the Earth for its illumination.
           Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra!
           By dispensation of the Lord of the World, we draw a ring of fire around the secret-ray chakras of America.
           Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra!
By dispensation of Sanat Kumara, we draw a ring of fire around the secret-ray chakras of the Earth. One of each of these chakras is manifest upon each continent for the stabilization of life in all quarters. And at a future date we will reveal where these chakras abide.
           We have come, and our mission for you and for the Earth is accomplished. Now comes the Elohim of the Fifth Ray to complete the action that the Lord God, Alpha and Omega, have commissioned to be accomplished this night in preparation for the coming tomorrow evening of the Lord of the World.
           We seal your feet, your hands and your thymus in holy fire substance. Know the action of the secret rays even as you call to us for our wisdom. For in that ever-changing and moving stream of energy of these rays, you may perceive the essential nature of God as fire.

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