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Spirit Of Christmas      December 25, 2006

Beloved Spirit of Christmas
David C. Lewis
December 25, 2006 6:03-6:23 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

I Am That Abiding Presence of Givingness Within You

            I am the Spirit of Christmas, and I live and move and have my being in you this day. That Christ Light which you are, blessed ones, is what I exemplify in the radiance of my presence here and where those who worship the Christ image in the child Jesus do abide.
            I come early. And in the spirit of oneness in which you dwell, the Holy Spirit, who is my friend also comes to enfire you. For you see, whether you understand the nature of God as fire or air or water or earth or even the etheric blueprint of all of these vibrating within your soul, you may know that essential Christ-quintessence, hour by hour, day by day and not only on this day, chosen by mankind for the reflection upon that Christ Light of the Son of God. You are all sons and daughters of the Most High if you choose to be so. The Lord has come and given his gifts to you. And I choose also to give you the gift of my presence, truly that which, when you take the proffered offering, you may know something more of yourself.
            Yes, life upon earth is a self-discovery, initiation and journey, is it not? And in this journey, just as the Wise Men came, there is the discovery of elements of self. For in the very nature of seeking and honoring that which is noble within one, that same spirit must be accepted and ennobled within the one who comes to worship, you see? For if there was not that abiding reverence for life within the very crucible of the soul, then there could not be the full manifestation of that holy obeisance to the Christ within the child Jesus. This you understand, and that is why, regardless of name or fame of one or another, you come to the altar to sing the praises of your soul each morn and to offer again and again to the Christ Spirit of all mankind your holy gifts upon that altar. For this, the Great White Brotherhood applauds you all. [The Spirit of Christmas applauds.]
            Therefore, blessed ones, whether you are in physical embodiment or you have come here in spirit as witnesses of this ring of fire created by these devotees worldwide, I empower now that Christ Light within every cell of your being in greater measure as ye have meted out unto those whom you serve that same light in givingness which is the very nature of the Spirit of Christmas. When you give selflessly but in the full power of the God Self flowing through you, you tap into that which is the spirit that I bear. For in the laying of yourself before others, there is the distribution of elements of your own Christ Presence, you see. And moment by moment, as you serve to set life free, that flow of cosmic light from your Presence does continue unabated, and you take part in the great mystery of the offering of the Christ to all mankind as a Christ yourself.
            This is why Jesus came-to reestablish the connection of hearts of fire worldwide with their God and with each other. And this is also why families partake of and receive the blessing of my spirit on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Because even for a short time, they put aside their busy-ness to partake of that spiritual fellowship near the tree and the hearth of the home, symbolizing the great Tree of Life of their own Higher Self and the hearth and fire of their hearts burning as one.
            The Spirit of Christmas is also most admirably manifest through that one that you know as Santa Claus in the West, for does he not, blessed ones, in his great givingness to all the children and to all life, exemplify the spirit of Sanat Kumara who came to give of himself fully, exiling himself from his natal home and star to sacrifice on behalf of those who had lost the way?
            Therefore when, even for a twenty-four hour cycle, this true one does come, working through parents and others who give gifts, do you see that God is honored? And a smile is established upon the very face of God. For even with the commercialism that you see in this day and age, there is somewhat of a spirit still of giving heart-to-heart that manifests itself through friends and family. And thus, we fan those fires as much as we are able, even if only through a smile and a hug and, yes, a toast of liqueur as there is shared something of the heartfires, heart to heart, blessed ones.
            The radiance of my presence is upon you, each one. Take my offering of this spiritual fire and move forward in the great stream of your lives in higher measure to perceive that Spirit behind and within all life. Those of you who have entered into a greater stillness and knowledge of your God-source in recent weeks and months, studying the words of the masters and making them real in your daily application of their inner truths, have come to a greater self-understanding of that God-flame that abides within you all.
            For this, all ascended beings and angels and masters are grateful. For you see, when you understand the very nature of yourselves, then you understand the very nature of all. I am as a branch of fire, and I desire to grow new sprouts and limbs through you and your sacred work. As you place ornaments upon the tree each Christmas season, realize how each of these can symbolize something more of what you have manifested as the great fruits of your lives that you have stored up in heaven in your causal body, which is truly also the great Tree of Life of your own being.
            Think on these fruits, blessed ones, and how they are distributed beautifully upon the tree with tinsel and lights, multicolored lights, and all manner of little ornamental creations that you enjoy and that often you create yourselves with your children and grandchildren or parents and grandparents. When you discern the inner meaning behind the symbols of Christmas, then your time together in enjoying the outer activities that you engage in, will be ones of spiritual pleasantness; for you have truly become that which these symbolize in your life. And, therefore, they grow and glow in vibrancy and in meaning for you personally.
            I am also the spirit of healing of families and friendships, spreading greater understanding through that camaraderie of oneness during the Christmas season. For you see, sometimes when elements of division have entered into families and kinships, there must be something that can come forth to transmute these deep regrets and hurts and divisions. And that thing is the love of life that abides within the hearts, softened by the opportunity to once again embrace one or another in friendship and understanding.
            Therefore, where you have seen conflicts within your lives, seek, blessed ones, this day and before the New Year each year, to resolve them in some manner as best you can. For if you enter into the New Year with a clean slate, then my spirit may abide within you in greater measure because you have understood the true nature of that givingness and mercy and forgiveness that I also bear.
            I am here for you this day to call to and to call into action throughout the world. For, you see, just as Santa Claus, when you call upon me this day, I can multiply myself millions and millions of times across not only this earth but the galaxies to do the work of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Therefore, use this dispensation to pray and to whisper and utter prayers throughout the day from midnight Christmas Eve to midnight on the twenty-fifth. For you see, I enjoy delivering my spiritual gifts, the gift-behind-the gift to souls everywhere.
            I thank you for the gift of your presence. Now make it real through your prayers, your meditations and your musings upon that essential Christ Light within yourselves and within the very heart of the earth and all its evolutions, striving to fulfill your raison d'etre this day and everyday. I am that abiding presence of givingness within you. I am the Spirit of Christmas past, future and always in the now. I thank you.

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