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Green Tara      December 20, 2006

Beloved Green Tara
David Christopher Lewis
December 20, 2006            7:38-7:46 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            In emerald crystal light, I come to activate within you aspects of the All-Seeing Eye. I am Tara. And my vibration is known within those who have accessed the essential light of love. Healing, blessed ones, is both an art and a science. And this science-most profound-may benefit you as you sustain the fire of Tara within the molecules of selfhood where you abide. Truly, you may know surcease from all human nonsense and, thus, become Tara where you are.
            For the totality of being that your Godhood does emanate is always available, don't you know? Entering into stillness, you may understand the action of light. Entering into the cosmic eye of the Beloved allows Tara to act through you, vibration by vibration, as you resonate with fire, as fire. Then all your divine aspirations may be one in the chalice of Self, who I am within you.
            Heal now, O Lord, these precious souls who would understand more of healing. Draw, through the circumference of fire around them now, your presence even as a water-colored distillation of the Spirit where they are. And in the ancient hieroglyphic signet, seal within their auras my symbol now.
            Steadfastness, O souls, in my love will gain you access to the Pure Land in which you seek to abide. But my secret this day is that even now through the portal of my love you may abide in this Pure Land in the here and now with Maitreya Buddha.
            O emerald-teal, O aqua fire, O cosmic aquifers above these, be poured out now and wash them clean this hour. Wash them in fire, O Lord. I have come to cleanse you.
And now that you are wholly clean, go forth. Go forth, O soul, and wash the earth in emerald crystal light.

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