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Warren Carter      November 26, 2006

Beloved Warren Carter
David Christopher Lewis
November 26, 2006            9:52-10:15 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Pilgrims of Eternal Fire, One and All,
            I greet you in the flame of Thanksgiving which I pray that you understand a little bit more of this day. When a project or a mission is begun and one has set the sail for that mission, there is no turning back. Those of us who came across the Atlantic were determined to be able to worship together as we saw fit in the highest way that, at that time, we were capable of [knowing.] Doctrine and dogma are of no use when life is at stake. For then, each soul must get to the crux of the matter of living not only in order to survive but for the highest good of all to whom one is committed by pact, heart to heart.
            This compact that we signed lasted, blessed ones, far beyond that lifetime. And even now I gaze into the eyes of other ascended masters who served with me in that community who have also transcended this plane. For the self-sacrifice that was required and the energy and the will to maintain, carried many of us toward that ultimate day of our reunion with God that was our goal in the religion that we practiced in that day. For whether you have the full understanding of all cosmic laws within your frame of reference is not always essential for your translation into immortality. But the fire and the spirit of your heart, determined to be one with God, is the key for your victory, blessed ones.
            This day you have felt the intensity of my presence of love for each of you, for the greater community of light not only in this area, including my family members, but of all servitors of fire, sons and daughters of God who worship the One Eternal Spirit. We of heaven are determined that many shall make it. And just as in that hour I would have willed that each one within that community could live a long life of happiness free of poverty, bounteous in the love fires of our experiment in freedom, so [I] would will many of you unto your own immortal perfection.
            But alas, it cannot be so. And therefore I come, offering my causal body, my heart unto any and all who call, such that the community that you are abuilding, the community of hearts, may not only expand and be fruitful but may move in that stream toward the day of each one's ultimate overcoming.
            Each of you may write the poem of your song, the song of your heart, to God as I did in that hour. And your declaration of the quality of your heart fires this day has been heard by angels and masters above who thus come not only to anoint you and give you the impetus of fire that you need to sustain that declaration but who will be there for you, even in the hour of your greatest trials when the weather is not always pleasant, the harvest is not always full and you cry out to the Lord for aid.
            Prayer and thanksgiving for what has been bestowed [also] turns the ears of the Lord toward thy need. And yet, in a spirit of joy and of community, the Lord would hear the intimations of your heart always and not just in the hour of need, blessed ones. Those of you who come here or who participate daily have been heard daily. And that is why you have received so much of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood in teaching, in prompting and in the accelerated love-wisdom fires that even now resonate within you.
            This is what it takes to establish firmly a community of the Spirit upon earth-this constancy, this dedication, this trueness to holy purpose. And for that, I am grateful to each one of you who has stepped forward as a pilgrim of the Spirit to establish this movement of The Hearts Center. And though many have not yet fully understood your mission, the day will come, blessed ones. Because you have firmly established upon cosmic principles, holy values and divine precepts all that you do build, many will come to the feast day of your thanksgiving communion. For in that hour they will see and feel the love fires burning within your hearts and the spirit of oneness that you embody in your communities of fire.
            Yes, I was elected again and again; for I determined to be the one for God in that hour. And each of you may present yourself to the Lord again and again as the one through whom his Spirit and Presence may flow for the direction of those entrusted to you in your work and service, training and education [teaching.] For there is no other way but that, through daily surrender, you become that testator of God's light unto greater numbers of lightbearers, so that one day the victory of light upon earth may fully manifest.
            O the children. O the children. How precious is each one. And those who yet abide in your arms as the little ones will be for thousands the witness of this movement. Honor them. Teach them well. Give them all they need not only in their secular but in their spiritual education, even speaking to their souls as tiny ones the laws of cosmic Being-ness. For they will understand at the soul level and carry forward the movement of light that you have begun unto the new day of freedom that we see.
            Those of us who came to these shores to establish our communities have seen this civilization grow. And yet all is not as it should be because of compromise at the highest levels of leadership. You may also call to me to move with Morya, Lanello, the Great Divine Director and Godfre to create new inroads into the leadership of this land and of other lands such that the plan of the Great Divine Director for the seventh-ray civilization of freedom to come forth may be fulfilled. And I will appear here and there with K-17 and others to move heaven and earth so that the right hearts, the true hearts are in positions of authority and governorship. This is my gift and offering unto you this day, blessed ones. For you see, I am a charter member, a Carter member, of every true community of the Spirit worldwide.
            I bless each one of you with my radiance and peace. My love, with Jesus, my master, is always with you. And when you make that sign of the cross wherein the descending light of Alpha intersects with the Mother light of Omega, I will be at the nexus of every decision, every tough decision, that you need to make along the way, blessed ones. For yes, I made them in that hour during my life as William Bradford. And just as Saint Germain, as you know, made over two million right decisions, so every time you come to the crux or the cross of the matter wherein you need to know where to go or what to do, call to us. Our voice will speak through your conscience and heart to discern the next best step and what will carry you forward at the highest level on your path toward your victory.
            Blessings of the Thanksgiving Angels be upon you each and every day as you thank God for new opportunity to breathe anew, to rise, to greet the dawn and to say:

O God! Here I am! Use me this day for your holy purposes to serve my
fellow man and woman. I thank thee, Lord, for your Presence where I am.
I thank thee, Holy Spirit, for abiding ever within my heart and for making
life worth living for all of these, your holy ones, whom I serve in humility
this day.

I thank you.

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