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Padma Sambhava      November 22, 2006

Beloved Padma Sambhava
David Christopher Lewis
November 22, 2006            8:00-8:20 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana
            I am Padma Sambhava. And I come this day before the coming of the illustrious one, Jesus the Christ, on the morrow. I am pleased with the progress of many heartfriends and servitors of light since my last coming. For, blessed ones, you have stepped up the vibration of cosmic harmony within your hearts. And through your attention upon your own Buddha nature, many of you have begun to experience what it means to be initiates in the fullest sense of the word.
            When you maintain the vigil of your devotions, day by day, from the point of presence and harmony within your heart, you may experience the accelerated influx of God-consciousness within all of your chakras, blessed ones. Toward the day of your full enlightenment many masters join you day by day, imparting the essence of their beings into the sanctuary of your auras. And so, when you feel the intensification of the radiation of your God-source often, it is because a number of personal sponsoring masters, both of yourselves and of the others who are with you as well as of all those participating on the broadcast, have melded their consciousness and causal bodies in this great heartstream of fire that does go forth from this sanctuary and from each point where devotees gather, creating truly, a new world, day by day.
            This is the miracle light that manifests when, through congruence, the guru works with the chela, the chelas works with the guru. And through the community spirit of this entire Hearts Center we move heaven and earth toward the new day of the full appearing of the blessed one upon earth.
            Those who wait for Maitreya to appear should consider how they may allow Maitreya to appear within themselves, moment by moment. If you would accelerate Buddhic awareness within yourself through acceptance of the presence of Maitreya, Kuthumi, Gautama and many others who have attained to that solar state of perfect equipoise in meditation, then you may experience the new-age consciousness right where you are twenty-four/seven, blessed ones. And there is no longer the putting off 'til tomorrow of your attainment or enlightenment.
            The teachings of Eckhart Tolle that you are reading and ingesting daily are key not only to your personal enlightenment but for the enlightenment of many thousands upon earth. And as you gain in understanding of the sacred science of Being-ness in which you are engaged, your own Buddhic awareness does expand. And then we, the Buddhas ascended, are more comfortable placing our presence among you, tutoring you throughout the day and throughout the evening and lending our momentums of love-wisdom fires to the purposes to which God has called us.
            Some have misunderstood the path, but the past is prologue. And we welcome any who would come to the fount of the teachings presented through The Hearts Center, their messengers anointed and sponsored. For this, blessed ones, is a sure-fire way for you and for many souls to receive the impetus of fire for your ascension and ultimate victory as God-beings. Others have come and gone, but these two messengers are those that we have sponsored in this hour.
            Listen carefully to our voice through them, blessed ones. Deny us not. For though we use these as mouthpieces, if you cannot fully discern the vibration of the master through the radiation that we release, then I say, woe unto you. For then you will not be able to fully embrace the vibration of your own God Self and the emanation of God-reality who you are. For our method and our way is never to displace that which each of you is in totality in the here and now but to remind you and to align you with that holy purpose, that God-suchness that you are.
            Many of you are being prepared for higher service as teachers, both within the earth and in the heaven world. The training that we are giving day by day through the messengers may be intense for some. And yet, one day you will understand why it is that the fire released does at times singe your very aura. For it is for the purpose of your ultimate refinement such that you, too, may be utilized by your own Higher Self to change a world one by one-one heart, one by one-one mind, one by one, blessed ones.
            There has been consternation in the minds of some as to why another messenger did appear and now is no longer within this movement. And some of you drink from more than one fount in this hour. You have free will and may do as you please. But suffice it to say that those with discernment will know the true vibration of the master's radiation that comes and when the voice does speak from the egoic self or from a point of imbalance within the solar plexus.
            Therefore, be careful, those of you who would seek to have the best of both worlds. For the cup that you present to be filled-which is your heart and your chakras-through sensitivity and through alignment, must, if you would ascend fully in the completeness of that which you came forth to do in this life, be a pure vessel. The vibration, the stream from which and through which the message does come, the eternal stream of God-consciousness, can be muddied or sullied. And therefore, drink carefully, preferably from the purest stream available to you, blessed hearts.
            I am Padma Sambhava, guru of Guru Ma and Rebecca. The voice you hear through our secret-ray messenger is often my own. Have you discerned it? For those who have not understood this one, realize that the message that she has borne is that which the Eastern masters often release, as you know. And therefore if, at times, it has been a conundrum for some of you, put the blame on me, Padma Sambhava. For I have never left this, my beloved one, in whom I am well pleased in this hour for her continuing striving. And though one would attempt to steal the mantle as Jacob did from Esau, the mantle is fully and squarely upon this messenger of God, anointed long ago. Hear her.
For thereby you will hear my voice.
            I seal you in pure fire. Rise, rise, rise, O soul, and know your own God-potential now.

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