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Dr Burns      November 19, 2006

Beloved Dr. James Burns
David Christopher Lewis
November 19, 2006            10:43-11:02 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana
            Be thou made whole through the essential light that already abides within your heart this day. I am light, for I have accepted the full manifestation of that light within me. And I ask you, blessed ones, to also accept that light as fully who you are in God.
I am the one you have known as Dr. [James] Burns. And by God's grace I have returned to that essential nature of oneness with my Presence that was not only my goal but that which you, each one, seek also, I pray.
            I would speak on the thread of contact with the divine world. This is what the Great White Brotherhood has attempted to maintain for thousands of years, blessed hearts-the thread of contact with humanity, offering that line through which you, each one, may pull yourselves up and through which those who work closest with humanity may use to contact their chelas, their students of the light. This thread of contact has been maintained through many messengers and those to whom the ascended masters have imparted truths, whether having founded organizations or not. For many have walked in the light, having been called unto higher service to be representatives of the Great White Brotherhood even while in embodiment, serving mankind through the higher truths that they have been privy to receive often in direct transmissions, often in personal sessions of meditation and attunement with various masters.
            And as you have heard this day, by God's grace, I was privy to have that contact, inner vision developed over not only many years in my final embodiment but through a number of embodiments in serving very closely with and in proximity to masters whom you have known. My love for El Morya has never waned. My love for Saint Germain drew me unto the movement of the I AM through Godfre and Lotus and allowed me to meet a number of individuals with whom I had contact, including the blessed one, Ramakrishna, now ascended also, whom you call Suryaji in this hour.
            We are continuing our work with those among mankind who can discern not only our presence but the continuity of that thread of contact through embodied messengers, through movements of light and those within them who have not compromised the cosmic honor flame but who continue to stand within their hearts in service to life and the holy purposes in which we are engaged.
            Blessed ones, a mission of healing is what ye are about-first and foremost, the healing of your soul, your psychology. And then, once you have attained to a certain level of balance and cosmic equipoise, you may be utilized to do the greater work of sending light into the nations, into the darkest regions of the earth for the consuming of error and the ways of the godless ones such that this earth may receive that impetus of fire preparing a way out for many thousands and even millions of souls.
            The masters of wisdom who have walked this planet have always regarded each lifetime as an opportunity to weave a spiral not only of teaching but of light to draw many more unto the portals of immortal perfection through which their teaching may lead souls. Therefore, whether you have studied theosophy or the teachings of Agni Yoga or of the Saint Germain Foundation; the Bridge to Freedom; the Summit Lighthouse; Self-Realization Fellowship; that of our brother, the Master Omraam Mikha�l A�vanhov or others who have been true witnesses of this thread of contact with heaven, you each have opportunity to take that teaching, to apply it in your lives in the highest manifestation of light such that you can move forward, blessed ones, on your path.
            Each of these activities has given you the wherewithal to ascend if you fully embrace and apply the precepts that the masters have unveiled through men and women of vision. And yet, I say that when a new dispensation does come forward as necessary, wherein ascended masters have received grants of fire, then you should take up this new level of understanding. For it will win for you the greatest opportunity for advancement on the path that you could have upon earth at your current level of understanding and attainment.
            Had I not embraced the teachings as brought forth through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, yes, I would and could have ascended, but I would not be at the level of God Self-mastery to which I have attained in this hour, blessed ones. For in our work together, a complementary one wherein I was able to provide for her, certain understandings of the past and of the deeper mysteries as brought forth through the I AM Activity, she was able to manifest a greater light. And conversely, by my acceptance of her mantle, she was able to point out to me elements of my own psychology which allowed me to dig deeper and to rise higher in that hour and even now.
            Some among you have thought that all the history that would be written through the mission of the two witnesses is complete. And yet, I say that if you could see truly what Mother and Lanello are doing in this hour at inner planes, you would be shocked to see how the continuing work at hand does bring forth to the earth and to specific individual students of the light a greater opportunity for advancement, blessed hearts. Those of you in the inner circles of this Hearts Center know how closely associated your souls are with the messenger ascended [Lanello] and the one who does prepare for her ascension at inner levels [Mother-Elizabeth Clare Prophet], even moment by moment, week by week, month by month.
            Many of you have had intimations of their presence very personally in your lives, in your meditations and dreams and have discerned this inner work. This is the work of the mystics and not those who would simply study what has been revealed in the past, thinking that it is the end story or the all-in-all. For the future has yet to be written. Your tale must be told, first and foremost, within your heart as the manifestation of all that you have become and all that you will fulfill because you have fully taken up your calling as a servitor of light. It is interesting to note how this thread of contact has been maintained throughout known history and how more is coming to the fore of the inner teachings being revealed through those who have ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts of fire with love to express.
            I come to impress upon your souls and hearts the immanency of your personal victory on the path, blessed ones. Each of you can make it if you try and if you apply that sacred alchemical formula of the Knight Commander: Theos Ruling within You in the now of your experimentation with light where you are. TRY all that has been given. Use the dispensations. Create a process whereby you will remember day by day to make the calls that the masters have asked for. And those of you who are good at reminding the brethren of these various dispensations which may be invoked and re-enacted and confirmed should come forward and have that process whereby many more may have access to our words and messages.
            A dispensation unused can be a dispensation lost. Therefore, even if one or two do make the call based on our words, then that dispensation is alive and vibrating within you and within the greater community of light not only of The Hearts Center but of all those who vibrate and resonate with the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood.
            Blessed ones, you have been given much, and therefore much is required of thee in terms of that which the masters would work through you day by day. If you would sit at the feet of Morya and Lanello and Hercules, then you must not only take to heart their words, but you must apply them with the greatest verve and fire and virya that you can muster, making the words of fire that come unto you through these dictations vibrant and alive in your lives.
            From this day forward you may call to me for assistance in both the compilation of the message for the publications that ye seek to have outpictured in the world of form but also in their editing, in their translation into other languages, in their refinement into specific modules and means of delivery to the world at large. For this I have pledged to El Morya to support those of you both in the publishing team and those who would support them in the media, in marketing, advertising and public relations. This is my gift that I lay upon the altar of this movement of light.
            And for some of you who may listen to my words who doubt whether they are spoken truly of me or by me from the ascended realm, I say: I give you the proof now through the impartation of my fire within your hearts. If you cannot discern truly that who I have become [as now released] through this messenger, then I say, can you even discern that which you will become as an ascended being, blessed ones? Therefore, receive the spirit of Plato ascended through my heart. Receive the fire of all who I am in God in this hour and know wholeness, peace, joy and the equanimity of what the master sees within your heart as possible because you have accepted our words come again through one or another whom we have sponsored, whom we have ennobled, through humility, through self-sacrifice and through the givingness of holy love.
            I seal the entire body of God upon earth in the cosmic cross of white fire in this hour. Rise, O souls, and know the God within you fully. Embrace the love of your Presence and know only God.

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