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Micah      November 11, 2006

Beloved Micah
David Christopher Lewis
November 11, 2006            7:39-8:08 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            Let partisanship be gone! Let cooperation begin! Let truth be unfurled within each heart! Let a higher way of resolution of all conflict, both within and without, be the order of the day! I am Micah. And I come from the north, having communed at my father's retreat,1 not only with the bands of angels who serve mankind but also with many among the evolutions of mankind who are ascended beings who you know.
            We have seen the conflicts upon earth. We have seen the strife, the division and we know that this is a very real threat to the ongoing evolution of life, the stability of your planet, but most importantly for your own solar evolution. Take the example of your own bodies, blessed hearts, and see how the various systems and organs within your body work in harmony and cooperation such you may continue to abide upon earth and live as a sentient being.
            The various evolutions and root races upon earth are here to experience the great schoolroom that God has prepared for souls. Each root race and the evolutions who evolve through the cycles of the various Manus who are the true, divine exemplars of the God-man or woman that each within those root races are meant to outpicture, has an opportunity to evolve within the framework and the divine design manifest through that one, but also, seeing other evolutions who are different and yet who have traits and qualities that may even complement and complete what their own evolution and root race has outpictured, provides for mankind an opportunity for cooperation, understanding and growth. And yet what has come to pass, as you have seen, for far too long upon earth is that spirit of non-cooperation, arrogance and a desire simply to push one's own agenda to the detriment of others. This is why I came forward and placed on the altar of the Lord God my vow to work for and on behalf of the unity of nations and peoples.
            The very fact that you dwell within this dimension, blessed ones, means that you have accepted at some level of being duality. Therefore I must say that the way out of your dilemma is to once and for all determine to dwell in the flame of unity under your own God Presence. By doing this you create the portal through which you may ascend. If you continually abide in a spirit of competition, especially within your own being, where one part of you is contesting and vying for a greater stance, a greater notice, from that egoic manifestation you will never have true and final resolution of all the elements of your self, blessed hearts.
            Therefore, the recent teaching of the Knight Commander given to those on the Egypt tour to love your darkness is key. For you see, by doing this you enter into a spirit of unity whereby you do not see yourself as a dual being, but whole. And therefore, those unresolved energies within you, coming into conformity and unity and harmony, no longer vibrate as frequencies in polarity or in opposition, but all comes into that cosmic sine wave that is simply the Alpha and Omega flow of cycles within the Tao of the One.
            Therefore, instead of looking upon yourself, as you move through both the lunar and the solar cycles, as made up of two opposing forces that must be resolved, see yourself as a solar being in the very center of your God-Self, and thereby all may come into the compressed, perfected point of God-Reality that is the point of unity within you.
            We do not seek to tie the ends of the cats' tails to each other and to hang them over the proverbial wire to secure unity, blessed ones. Therefore, for true harmony and cooperation to prevail there must be a foundation laid, an understanding of principles of dialogue. And for these, the blessed Mother Mary has given you keys in non-violent communication.2 Why you see, in the very word cooperation, how there is a spirit of unity. You see what can be done when hearts merge in a stream of unity, coops as you call them, whereby the [total] of the individual performance or contribution is greater than the sum of the parts of each person who enters that stream and field.
            Therefore, I come to remind mankind in this hour when there is the shifting of power in the nation's capital of America, that only through the giving up of the elements of the not-self may true cooperation and unity and brotherhood begin. Only through the dissolving of the egoic mind and the senseless manifestations of pushing agendas which truly do not engender harmony can mankind once and for all learn the lesson, coming back to the core in the center of perfect equipoise within the heart, to know the way, to know the solution to the dilemma each conflict and to move forward as one. When all conflict within you is fully resolved then you will see greater cooperation among mankind.
            Therefore, do not always look outside of yourself, blessed hearts, for the solution to the world's dilemma. Call to me to be within your heart and to surround you with the vibrant action of an aura of unity. And even in your meditations and [during] your time of silence, which I highly recommend that each of you take to heart and enter into in a greater action of stillness, that you first circumscribe the place where you desire for that perfect God-harmony to manifest with an aura of protection from my legions. For in the very process of setting the sail and allowing the banner of unity to be where you are-centered-you may then experience the divine interchange of cosmic ideations of holy purpose entering into your mindful meditations upon the One.
            We in heaven always dwell in the oneness of Spirit. The radiance that manifests through your consciousness when you understand higher laws of cosmic unity, can bring forth-not only for you individually but into the collective awareness of mankind-an acceleration of Being-ness. And when greater numbers among mankind become conscious of their God-source dwelling within the framework of their own being then you will see greater changes for the good upon earth.
            This teaching on harmony and unity is one which must go forth and begin, even at the earliest ages when children first come into the schoolrooms and the classes. For having so recently, at the ages of two and three, come into the egoic self-the understanding of I and me and my-there must be the enlightened teaching to children at this age of how, through cooperation, through work together toward a common goal or project and service, they may for all mankind be the example of what my be because the lesser self is sacrificed for the greater goal.
            One day your sporting activities and other movements that occur within the planet will no longer be of the warring nature of violence where one side vies against another-competitions that move even beyond the field and the arena of activity into the streets and into the lives of individuals and groups. But there will be divine projects by which teams may merge with others to work toward the greater, common goal of mankind to bring in an age of divine reason, understanding, enlightenment, love-wisdom.
            See it, blessed ones, in your mind's eye. For the potential is there, even now, for new matrices to come forth through the creative minds of those of you who, as you meditate, tune into these higher frequencies that we would see [manifest] upon earth. As we give you greater vision through your focalization on the one-pointed matrix of the all-seeing eye which is the greatest exemplar of cosmic unity, then you can blaze forth through your third eye into the world the perfect vision of a world-one in the spirit of God. Not its perversion as a one-world government, but truly that which the Lord Sanat Kumara and Gautama envision and have held the balance for for eons.
            I am a cosmic arbiter for holy unity among mankind. Each of you may also be a focal point of cosmic unity where you are. As you are undivided in your attention upon your own God-source you become that perfect point of resolution, of perfect poise, of perfect peace, of hope, of joy. You become a fount of holy love to heal the hearts of all mankind.
            I have come. I have anchored my banner. It is now permanently placed in the council chambers of both the Senate and the House of Representatives as a reminder to those who are representatives of this people that they must work toward the higher goal for which the founding fathers were inspired at the behest of Saint Germain and many cosmic beings to deliver to this land a new way, a new opportunity for freedom to exist.
            Do not shirk your responsibility, O representatives of the people, but come under the conformity of the will of God in all your dealings, in all that you do. And those of you who have been there too long, who no longer work or who have never worked for the light, I say, bend the knee to the Lord God, else you will receive the fire of Micah. Bend the knee, O ye who have not held the ideal of cooperation and unity for this people, else you will see the consequences of that which you have sought to outpicture in the world outpictured even within your own being.
            I say to all three branches of this government and [to] all who serve therein: Show forth the light of your own Higher Self in your work and service. For when Saint Germain, Morya and Godfre come to the capital in January their great light will be there for the judgment of that which is unreal within you so that the real may manifest for and on behalf of the I AM RACE of America and the world.
            I am Micah. I am determined that you will be victorious. Remember those who have given their lives so that you may live in freedom. Many of these are among the ascending or the ascended ones who serve with us. Give your life daily [so] that others may live also to be free. I seal you. And now Archangel Michael and Faith also come to seal you in their aura of holy faith, holy protection, guidance and victory. I thank you.

1Archangel Michael and Faith's retreat is over Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta, Canada.
2See the books by Marshall Rosenberg on "Non-violent Communication."

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