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Kuthumi      November 08, 2006

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
November 8, 2006            8:12-8:27 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            Intuiting the higher walk with God you will come to the understanding of the Self. I am Kuthumi and this day I have prepared for your soul a treatise whereby, through your acceptance of a higher teaching that will be presented to you through your Higher Self by my angels through this instruction, you may glean the essential nature of Being-ness. And when, through meditation upon the Self, you forge greater levels of awareness, blessed hearts, you will understand the All.
            The teaching presented to you in this way may be a day-by-day occurrence. Through your meditation upon your heart, your soul, your Higher Self, principles and precepts which are foundational for your understanding of cosmic levels of awareness that you seek may be given to you, presented even as droplets of fiery wisdom. When ingested and assimilated, these can create, as it were, cosmic flashes of illumination and enlightenment not only within your mind but within and throughout your entire being.
            Drop by drop, moment by moment you receive the impartation from your Sun-Source keys to not only your spiritual evolution but keys for the world in which you abide and through which you evolve-understandings and truths that, when fully embraced, will allow the entire evolutionary plan to manifest.
            You would think, would you not, that all has been said already? And yet we continue to converse with and convey to our students these higher nuances of teaching, for the ongoingness of cosmic instruction, blessed ones, never ends.
            I am, with Jesus, what you have called a World Teacher. And this office is one that I take, as you would say, seriously and yet with joy in my heart. And through meditation upon the mind of God, Jesus and I, working in consonance, continue to emanate this wisdom-instruction to mankind, even in the retreats, even at the etheric levels of consciousness unto the souls of mankind and especially unto the little children in their finer bodies, having so recently come from our realms.
            The neglect that mankind has, in terms of studying the psychology of the soul rather than simply all that is currently the fare in the universities and school systems of your world, is one which has created for mankind widespread ignorance of these higher truths that we would convey. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each of you who desires to share the message not only of this movement of light but of all higher truths that we have conveyed through previous and even future dispensations, that you take to heart the need to form those spiritual study groups, classrooms, presentations [and] modules whereby people at all levels of consciousness may receive something from our hearts through yours.
            Blessed ones, each of you has been called. Refine your awareness, first by understanding yourself. And through the object lessons that you have come to terms with in your own evolution, you will have foundational material to share on soul development, solar awareness, soul freedom.
            I announce this day a series of future classes at Meru University next year on Understanding the Higher Self. Morya, Djwal Kul and I will teach a series of three classes with the God and Goddess Meru at our side. These will be for many of you keys in not only dissecting the inner mysteries of your Self, but of preparing many of you for not only what you will experience as ascended beings sooner than you know but what can be that higher instruction that will take mankind en masse to higher levels of conscious awareness of the soul and the Self.
            During these classes it will be incumbent upon each student to enter into greater depths of understanding of the sense of the soul and the Self, working on one's being, coming to terms and to grips with all that has outplayed through the egoic mind in the past and which is now in the present being fully resolved before the ascension. Those of you who have either sought to fully work on yourself with a practitioner or who have avoided this inner work will have a new opportunity to have us as your instructors, as your practitioners.
            This is quite a dispensation, blessed hearts, that you should look forward to partaking of, thus fulfilling one of the essential requirements for the ascension: that you know yourself fully, that you resolve your psychology and that you balance all energies within you. Thus, we prepare. Thus, you may also prepare.
            I emanate cosmic wisdom with Jesus to a world. O mankind, awaken now! See the glory of the Lord round about thee and truly know who you are. I thank you.

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