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Durga      October 31, 2006

Beloved Durga
David C. Lewis
October 31, 2006 7:14-7:23 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

I Stand with You and Beloved Astrea When You Invoke Her Circle and Sword

            I AM Durga! And I have stood with the Kali Mother upon earth in this hour during your prayers, blessed hearts! And I come to defend every child, every son and daughter of the Most High upon earth! With sword in hand we wield thunderbolts of fire for and on behalf of our own upon earth!
            Therefore when those of you who come together to give your calls to Astrea do invoke that magnificent circle and sword, I also will be with you, blessed ones. And in my guise as a fiery Mother defending her children, I will go deep into the astral plane to carve out a pathway of light for those souls for whom you pray, for whom there is still hope, especially those who have passed on during their teenage years as this one for whom you have prayed this day.
            Blessed ones, there is a blight upon this planet that must be exposed and that must have the light of cosmic reason shined upon it. And that is the very defamation of the flame of the youth. Therefore I have heard the call of Rex. I have heard your hearts' intent. And if you call to me I will work with those of you who are teachers and who have within your hearts the desire to work on behalf of those from the age of twelve to eighteen. For this is a very delicate time of their lives, and there must be a greater impetus of protection of the innocence, of the chakras and of the very auric emanations of these lifestreams upon earth, blessed ones.
            Therefore, do not underestimate what can be done when you call to us. For we can appear here and there in the schools, on the streets, in the homes, in the discos and clubs and wherever these are accosted by the denizens of darkness to engage in practices that compromise the light within them. We will stand guard around each one for whom a mother or a friend does pray. And just as Archangel Michael and his legions go to bat for a soul here and a soul there for whom the heart's intent of a saint upon earth does hold the balance, so we will come to defend every child for whom one of you whispers a prayer or gives a call to Astrea or to me or Michael to defend that one.
            So I have come, and I will continue to wield my sword this day throughout the day and the night, appearing here and there in the cities and in the streets where children are walking and partaking of the rituals that they engage in this day. It is my great joy to serve in this manner, blessed hearts. And though some do not fully understand the visage of what they see as a representation of my being in statue and in art, yet I also work as a Cosmic Mother just as Kuan Yin and your Mother Mary do but in another guise and representation, giving of my heart to the fullest extent that I can for you.
            I thank you for your calls this day which have truly carved a passageway out of the darkness for many. As you gave the "vajras" and saw the thunderbolt action of the light, many chains were broken that have kept souls bound to the astral plane. Some have been able to rise to higher levels, and some have even breached the wall between the astral and the etheric, by God's grace. This is the sacred work in which you are engaged-those of you who can withstand the heat and understand the process of calling forth the light to go into those pockets of darkness for the freeing of sentient beings.
            Again I thank you, blessed ones, and return you to your holy service this day. Be blessed by the fragrance of Durga's desire to see each of you win. And through acceptance of the gifts and graces that we always bear for you, may each of you know, through the holy oil of kindness, surcease from your troubles, your cares and bask in the great light of the Cosmic Mother Kali this day. I thank you.

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