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Manjushri      October 23, 2006

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
October 23, 2006 7:37-7:54 am MDTF
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            Blessed ones in whom there burns the eternal love-wisdom fires from the heart of all Buddhas manifest and unmanifest, I greet you in the spirit of oneness, in the grace of tranquility within the very mind of the one God. I am Manjushri and I come this day in defense of this messenger and of ye all who would be truly the Word manifest.
            The message conveyed through the word that you speak is the manifestation of the Word. And as you utter holy mantra, sacred sound, there is ensconced within your aura and being more of the essence of the Word. For how else do you think that you, O mankind, may manifest your Christ and Buddha nature except that you become it fully? [It is] through the sacred speech, through using the orifice of your throat chakra not in untoward gossip or the denigration of yourself or others but in the ennoblement of those Christic patterns with which the Lord did imbue you with eons ago.
            The forgetfulness of mankind is no excuse for the soul [not] to rise. And so I come this day to quicken many more upon earth whose minds have become dulled through equating themselves within the human condition, having forgotten their Godhood, their divine nature, truly as the Lord did imbue them with the very essence of himself in the beginning.
            This messenger is my chela. And long ago, as Shantideva, I did impart to him the essence of myself, the Word, which was encapsulated in that sacred text that ye have [at your disposal] so wonderfully translated, and from which you read this morning, the dedication. Blessed ones, I come to tell you that this dispensation is truly one [manifest] in the same spirit with which the Lord Jesus did say unto those who did question him, that he came not to destroy the law but to fulfill the law.
            Therefore those within other ascended master activities who have denigrated this one should know that, I, Manjushri, from this day forward, place my presence in and through this holy being, consecrated for the sacred mission, called by Gautama himself and the Mother, to rekindle hearts of fire upon earth who had lost the way, lost hope when the Mother did recede.
            So, many of you have caught that fire, have seen new vistas, new suns dawning whereby your mission-once again reignited within the greater mission of the Great White Brotherhood and all true gurus [and] Buddhas, including your own personal master and guru in this and past lives-must now come to full fruition and manifestation.
            Therefore, rise, O servants of God. Rise, O bodhisattvas. Know truly that which must come forth through you for the fulfillment in time and space of the totality of your mission and calling. Do not let any thing, any person, any condition-even that which at times is uncomfortable for you in your physical body-to waylay [you] or to allow that horrendous creature Procrastinata1 to thwart the singing of the victory of your soul, here and now, for God.
            Therefore, I come to give each of you a boost, an injection of light, both within your crown and within the seat of your soul, for the impetus of fire that is necessary for the next level and round of your mission. For many of you are perceiving with new eyes, new understandings. And having shed the framework of a previous existence in limitation or with clouded vision, you have now, with Serapis' infusion of the ascension currents, a new opportunity to rise, blessed ones, into a new vibration of transcendence and glory.
            Therefore, just as my presence is now manifest within this messenger, each of you may call forth my mind, the radiance of the Buddhic emanation, to be where you are. And through your acceptance as truly illumined beings that you have always been in God's eye, greater wisdom flowing through you, a greater charge of cosmic abilities to communicate with alacrity, may be yours. And those of you who would be teachers and deliverers of the Word, may call upon my own humble eloquence, transmuting your speech patterns, allowing you to maintain cosmic harmony such that every word that you speak, the unmanifest thought now manifest through your words, may now truly be viable coals of fire to once again rekindle minds and hearts in the great return to the One.
            It takes patience with yourself to understand the process of refining your speech. It takes practice, even listening to yourself. And I suggest that many more of you consider receiving either speech therapy with trained professionals or that you take up classes-even in the universities-or studying with a Toastmasters2 group to come to that point where you may truly be for us spokespersons. For we need many more upon earth to be the Word made flesh.
            This is doable. And none of you should shirk or think that you do not have the capability to be the very voice of God. And for many of you who have practiced the science of invocation for decades, you have the wherewithal, by having practiced for so long the cadences that we have inspired upon our messengers through the prayers and decrees for the refinement of your speech.
            It is a new day upon earth. Listen to the voice of God within. Hear cosmic understanding of all that is, of all that will be. Know within the silence of the heart/mind connection that may fully manifest from this day forward through your acceptance, that you, as a co-creator with God, can be for this earth not only a tree of life for thousands but that sun center of cosmic radiance from which will spring all that is necessary for earth to become Freedom's Star.
            I am Manjushri. Speak the Word! Be the Word! And I will be where you are, my friends.

1Procrastinata was previously revealed by Mother Mary as the name of the beast of procrastination.
2Toastmasters International is the leading movement devoted to making effective oral communication a worldwide reality.
Please visit their website at:

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