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Gautama Buddha      October 19, 2006

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
October 19, 2006            8:00-8:08 am MDT
Stillwater, Minnesota

Let My Song Sing within Your Cells

            I choose to come unto my own upon earth. Therefore, I, Gautama, place within you my Self this day. And from within you I now emanate love-wisdom to all sentient life. For you see blessed ones, I would have from within my own, a place to retreat to. And within you, as God in manifestation upon earth, I may be known more readily to not only the few but the many.
            In this sacred tryst of our oneness, together we will meditate. My cells will be your cells. My mind will be your mind. My heart as your heart will be accessible to many. Thus, through this meditation music that you have heard, which I ask you to play daily if you would have my Self within you even for a few short minutes in the morning or in the evening or whenever, I will remind you of who you are in the completeness of our oneness.
            Those who know the Buddha must become the Buddha. But you may only become the Buddha when my essence and the eternal fire of all Buddhas does grace the space where you are. Therefore, make room for me, and then I will expand the light, the radiance, the love-wisdom where you are.
            [Gautama sings the "Om" for twenty seconds in a new melody.] Let my song sing within your cells and you shall be whole. Resonate in my song . Vibrate in the space whereby the song does retreat deep within your soul. And in the emptying process of acceptance of what is, I am with you forever. Om. Ma-ray within my blessed. Peace, be still and know the Mother's grace within you all ways. A kiss of eternal hope unto my beloved.

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