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Djwal Kul      September 22, 2006

Beloved Djwal Kul
David Christopher Lewis
September 22, 2006 8:13-8:21 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I, Djwal Kul, come in answer to the prayers of thousands upon the soil of Thailand. And with me are multitudes of Buddhas. We walk the streets. We commune with the hearts of those who have known the presence of the Buddha within this land.
            And therefore heaven does show forth now the true power of the spirit. And though some have come to display their might, we come to display our light. We radiate through every image of the Buddha upon this land the love-wisdom of the One. And we establish a ring of fire such that all those of the light will be secured in their souls in the seat of their meditation upon the Buddha.
            I am the portent of the Divine One appearing within you. Know me, O Soul, as the essence of Godhood-Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Know the flame. Know the fire of immortality, of oneness.
            Consume, O fire, all human desire and the ego that struts declaring its importance. Consume, O fire, that which is not radiance, but which issues from the seat of unreality of the ego mind itself.
            We are determined to stay until every man, woman, and child are secure in the knowledge and wisdom of cosmic love. I breathe the breath of the Buddha to all life. [The Master breathes three long breaths.] And the flame is kindled anew within those in whom there is yet hope for divine glory to manifest.
            I AM Djwal Kul. Walk with me, O souls, and perceive the immanency of your perfection in the heart of the One.

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