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Paul The Venetian      September 10, 2006

Beloved Paul the Venetian
David Christopher Lewis
September 10, 2006            10:09-10:26 am MDT
Chicago Hearts Center                                                
Stelle, Illinois (broadcast during New York Sunday Service)

            Sons and daughters who worship the eternal flame within, I am Paul whom you have called "the Venetian". And I speak from the Temple of the Sun over the city of New York wherein the radiance of the light from this temple does now blaze forth across America consuming ignorance and the delusions that have beset the people of America. From this golden radiance and from the very torch carried and held high by my mother, there is emitted now that golden light for the illumination of those who are ready to traverse the cycles of mortal density and stand forth in the light of the new day.            
            Therefore, I come at the behest of Beloved Serapis, and I have prepared for a number of weeks for the training of those who are determined to enter into spirals of the ascension currents of the path of love accelerated. Blessed ones, the ruby path that you are walking is one whereby, through the very laying down of your life, you gain the eternal fire of your divine nature in the process.
            Therefore, the more that you would seek of the currents of the ascension fire, the more you must love the divine reality of your God Self and thereby surrender more of the lesser self. It is a simple equation, blessed ones, whereby as you continually let go of those forces of anti-love that you have allowed to dwell within the folds of your consciousness, in the very process of letting go God does give to you more of the eternal treasures of your reality. Scales are balanced in light. And in the shedding of the blood of the Lamb there is the very ennoblement of the soul through the laying down of the life for all. Therefore, as Jesus did say, "The greatest among you is he who serves and lays down his life for all."
            We have seen even in the community of light that you are building, those who come not to serve but to be served. And when these come into the temple of the sanctuary, there is a certain miasma of darkness. For you see, blessed ones, when you are in the state of seeking attention or to be served, you have not the empty chalice into which the Lord may pore forth his eternal Spirit. But when you are in the giving mode, always ready to lay down a portion of your selfishness for the purpose of ennobling others, then you will be ready to receive into the chalice of self more of the eternal Spirit of the one God.
            This path of humility that all candidates for the ascension must walk is one that I will speak of from the perspective of the Chohan of the Third Ray. For you see, blessed hearts, love and only love must be the motive of your life. Love and only love must be born within you and be born unto all those who are coming to your Hearts Centers.             When you see those who come before you as bereft of God, then through the lack of your own self-conscious awareness as a being of light, you will not receive them fully as the Lord would receive them. But if you treat all as the very Lord whom you would serve and wash their feet, succoring their souls, giving freely from your hearts the nuggets of light and hope and faith that you have gleaned in your pathway, then these will, through your welcoming heart, receive your offering.
            Love as the key on the pathway home is much spoken of in today's world, and yet few truly know the pathway of love that leads to eternal life. When love is sullied by the human momentums carried from past failures to embrace the love of God fully within you, then you may not move from the third to the fourth ray with a full understanding of that love that God would bestow upon you. Therefore, free your hearts this day to love as God loves. Open the doorways, the windows of your heart to allow the sunshine of God's graceful heart to be thine own.
            So I begin this evening the classes on ruby and accelerated love. There must be the strengthening of hearts to withstand the winds of the Holy Spirit that will be blowing upon earth. You must not only be ready to receive the full impartation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit within you but in the very process of catching those gales, your own sails will blossom and then you will have the impetus to sail all the way home to the shores of immortal life. There comes not only a tide in the affairs of mankind when taken at its crest moves the body of God forward, but with the waves there is that wind of God's holy breath that does deliver each soul into the very bosom of that eternal heart of all beingness that you seek.            
            Walk with me this week. Take my hand and learn the pathway of the artisans of the Spirit whose love for God is always waxing, is always increasing. And through the fervor and the fire that you will bear as the love plume issued from the base white light of the Mother does grow, it will truly bring higher the plumes of wisdom and power, blessed ones. Therefore, if you would seek the increase in power and wisdom, increase love. I increase the fire of love within your hearts this day. Bear it with equanimity. And then when the testings come of whether or not you will be able to bear the full currents of the ascension fire, because you have increased love, your chalice expanded will be able to withstand the greater heat of these eternal currents.
            I am Paul. I wrap you in my swaddling garment of cosmic love this day. As you travel to Luxor in your finer bodies, I ask you to stop for a few minutes on the way at the Temple of the Sun where the Goddess of Liberty and I will bless you, will tutor you at a very personal level so that when you enter the classroom, you will have the necessary foundation to receive the accelerated learning techniques that we have developed for those who walk the path of cosmic ruby love.
            I thank you, blessed ones, for your attention to your hearts in recent days. For, you see, when [you are] meditating upon the fleur-de-luce within you, I enter, valuing every moment in time and space wherein you have entered that sacred point of reality, seeking to increase your portion of bearing the eternal light within the domain of your heart.
            AUM.            AUM.            AUM.
            Let the threefold flame expand within these, O God. And let them know eternal faith, eternal hope, eternal charity. Let them feel a newfound buoyancy of cosmic ruby love this day. I thank you.

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