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Lanto      September 03, 2006

Beloved Lord Lanto
David C. Lewis
Sept 3, 2006 10:06-10:25 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Welcome to the Higher Middle Way

            My goal is to bring the students of Serapis to the master with a newfound radiance of illumination blazing through their crowns. Therefore, beginning tonight, I will be teaching the classes at Luxor to your souls, blessed ones. And Morya, having passed the baton to me, has whispered what he has seen, what has been conveyed, and what now, from his perspective, is necessary to bring the students higher.
            It is mete that you have had shared with you these past two Sundays a very simple teaching on paying attention. For blessed ones, if you cannot focus your mind, your will, your love, then how do you expect to have the disciplines necessary for the ascension currents to enter your form and raise you unto eternal life?
            Focusing the attention through the third eye and ultimately in and through the crown chakra as the pinnacle of God's self-awareness is required for those who seek full enlightenment. Do you seek full enlightenment, blessed ones, or would you desire a partial, quasi-radiance pouring forth through your chakras? Well, if you would walk with Buddha and talk with Buddha, then you must carry the Buddhic mind within you. And this requires much in the way of self-discipline of that mind, taking mental note of not only the words of the Buddha and the teacher, but the vibration, the radiance, the fire behind the words.
            What we have seen in various movements of light throughout the ages is that students rely too much upon scripture and words, thinking that the words themselves will bring them eternal life. Yet it is the glow and the flow of the impartation of the fire behind the worded matrix that is the key to assist you in unlocking higher concepts, new doorways to immortal perfection. If it were simply a matter of memorizing the dharma, then many more would have attained enlightenment, beloved ones.
            And so, you are here. Will you learn your lesson this time around? Will you gain in the spirit of the master's presence in your midst, such that, even through a telepathic transfer from mind to mind without words, you will gain what he wishes to convey such that you may move higher?
            This is the training of messengers. And if each of you would be a messenger for your I AM THAT I AM Presence, your sponsoring master, your twin flame ascended, then you must pay attention to the intimations that come-the radiance, the tingling effect upon your crown that is evidence that one desires to communicate and work through you. And one day when your receptacle has been fully refined in the refiner's fire, then that tingling will occur at all times and [at] all places where there will no longer be separation between your mind and the mind of the master.
            Blessed hearts, the ways of God are not the ways of this world. Therefore, a new way must come forth that allows the evolutions of this planet to tap into and resonate with the higher mind of the One, the All in all. What will you do to bring forth this new way? You have walked with Buddha the Middle Way betwixt the dichotomy of the human experience. And yet there is a higher Middle Way, I say. Ah, this is a new concept for you. It will require that some of you take giant steps to walk this way, thinking with a new perspective, even laying aside certain concepts, paradigms, mental patterns that you have held so closely in your being as the truth.
            Why, even karma itself does not exist in this higher station. For karma, having been dissolved, no longer holds sway at that level. And yet, some of you may take quite some time to come to grips with this idea, thinking that the law of cause and effect operates everywhere in the universe. But blessed ones, in the "Uni"-verse, the one OM of the All, there is stillness, there is only beingness. And the Sun Presence of the One, being that central point from which all emanates, does not experience duality, and therefore karma, its making or its echoing.
            I am Lanto, if you had not already guessed. This day we begin anew to refine the minds of our own. Call for the infusion of your minds with the mind of the master. Walk and talk, feeling the radiance of the mind of Serapis and me superimposed over you, surrounding you. If you can hold within your conscious awareness our presence even for an hour, you will no longer dwell in the human fleshly form as you see it in this hour.
            The hour of power has come when we would empower many more to be for us teachers, administrators of the yellow ray unto many evolutions at various levels of conscious awareness not only upon earth but on other systems. Some of you have experienced what it takes to be an administrator at the college and university level of those who are moving into higher points of reference, themselves teachers, desiring to know greater techniques and understandings of how to convey the higher sciences and principles of life at the level where they may be received in the school systems.
            Call to the God and Goddess Meru for their magnificent minds, the Manu minds, to overshadow you. For they are cosmic administrators not only of the sixth root race but truly of the Christic patterns of the minds of not only humanity but of a certain strata of ascended masters who have come through their schoolrooms attaining Buddhahood and beyond. And therefore, as your Mark and Mother do attend to that level of cosmic
administration, it will allow the God beings, these Manus, to rise to newer and higher cosmic levels of administrating the resources of cosmic Buddhas for this system of worlds.
            Each of you can be a teacher at a certain level for a certain subset of mankind, blessed ones. But it requires that you master not only the lessons, all the lessons that we would convey at that level, but that you, through continuing and ongoing spiritual education, press onward in your higher cosmic studies so that through your own efforts as a magnet of fire, your students will also be drawn up and they themselves [will] prepare for their own adeptship, teaching credentials so that the ongoingness of the evolution of life in this system is fulfilled.
            There are many lessons to be learned. When will you learn the ultimate lesson of your divinity, being truly conscious? For in that oneness of awareness, enlightenment will be yours. And once the bulb is turned on fully within you, no thing, no person, no condition can squelch or turn it off except or unless you allow it, blessed ones.
            To the illumined ones, I call you to greater illumination. Try my BTUs this day, for I would increase the radiance, the amperage and the flow through your circuitry, through your being this week. And then, when I pass the baton to Paul [the Venetian], I would expect that he will be very happy with what he finds in the way of those whom he will teach new lessons on cosmic love. Yes, love-wisdom is the key to this movement of light. Let it begin to flow through your hearts and minds, one this day. I thank you.

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