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Najah      August 25, 2006

Beloved Najah
David Christopher Lewis
August 25, 2006 8:00 - 8:18 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            My dearest students who have perceived well the jewel in the center of the lotus of your hearts. I am Najah and I come speaking to the souls of the children of India through this Messenger, for many are ready to understand the higher nuances of truth that are available through the release through this and other more current dispensations.
            And therefore, blessed hearts, it is true that my brother Chananda and I continue to work at inner levels with the governments of India, Pakistan and the surrounding region to harmonize the hearts of the Mother's children such that there will not be the great schism within the body of God upon earth. And therefore as my brother works with leaders and those who have within the framework of their minds the governing of these vast peoples, I work at the foundational level with the youth, inspiring them toward a path of holiness, toward a path of inner realization of that jewel within.
            You see, blessed ones, there is still in India the scourge of the remnants of the caste system and through the many poor folk who are seemingly downtrodden I walk and move and have my being so that that Mother light within each soul, may be raised unto the heart.
            Come with me now in consciousness, my brothers and sisters, as I take you on my brother's carpet into the marts of India to see those souls for whom you have been praying. For each time the word goes forth from your chakras to save or raise or heal or teach sentient beings, the grace of the angels is manifested into the worlds of millions.
            And so I ask you to see now the effects of your prayers, for some of you, not having the inner vision to know how the light works and its effects on the beings and worlds of mankind, will now see from my level how the radiance from your hearts brought forth daily in both silent contemplation and meditation and in the worded release have manifested graces and blessings and boons upon many.
            We even take a portion of the energies that you give daily and protect those of Mother Teresa's Daughters of Charity who so diligently work for and on behalf of the downtrodden, the forgotten both in India and Bangladesh and in other nations where the poor reside. So you see that through the power of the word that you utter in the spoken science of benevolence there is the raining down upon many of heaven's grace. And only when you will ascend and see the record of your lifetimes will you truly understand the import of these daily devotions that you enter into together. And in your togetherness, the harmonization of the fires of your heart, your voices, there is truly the magnification of this radiance to the power of not only the square of those present, but as you know, amplified by the dispensations given by Lord Maitreya and others.
            Therefore, you see Maitreya saw long ago in the early sixties the need for this science to come forth at a higher level than previously manifested. And the dispensation granted unto him was truly miraculous of the ten thousand times ten thousand. For he foresaw all, blessed ones; and how a great carpet of light composed of many lotus foci must be woven throughout the world before he could set foot once more and reestablish the original Garden [of Eden] of the Lord upon earth.
            Therefore I come to give you new hope, blessed ones. And though you see in the media all of the violence, the warring, the tension and the suppression of peoples here and there upon earth, take hope this day that every prayer is answered, every utterance from your heart does allow God to assign an angel to manifest the results of your prayers in the world of form according to the cycles and the seasons, the intention of your hearts, the purity of the flame that resides within your hearts, and most importantly, your acceptance of God's grace by seeing all as truly accomplished and manifest in the Now everywhere upon earth.
            Yes, your vision, true and steady upon the eternal flame, is the key to victory, blessed ones. So take time before you engage in the great battle of light in this science to harmonize your vision through focus, through due diligence and through a pause in time to enter into the great Tao where all is seen, where all is known, where all is fulfilled.
            Blessed hearts, the singing of your praises truly allows the light to alight upon the children everywhere. For their hearts, upturned at inner levels, hear your voices combined with the voices of the angels who do amplify your songs, did you not know? And if you could hear, as these souls hear, the strains of the harmonies of the love you share as you sing, your entire day would be filled with the lilting light, the radiance of your heart in simple and pleasurable songs, glorifying God, giving praises to the Lord on high.
            O most beloved ones, I am grateful to come and to give this [my] first discourse unto hearts of fire in the west. And I announce to you that through a prayer that I said quite some time ago a few of my own blessed ones in India have recently been contacted and are listening intently to your broadcasts on a regular basis. And I have come this day specifically to bless these beloved ones whom I ask to share the knowledge of this movement of light far and wide across the land of India. For truly you feel now the veracity, the truth of this dispensation through the words that I say, through the coming of Rama yesterday and through the perfected essence of the word that we speak through our Messengers of light.
            Chananda and Morya and I eagerly await the coming of an entourage, sometime within the next twenty-six months, to India. Make it so by thoughtful planning. Make it so, O blessed ones, that those of you who resonate with both the peoples of this great land and of the mountain fastnesses where Morya's fire and Chananda's light do radiate will step upon this soil to anchor, from West to East and from East back to the West, the immortal fires of Kailasa, the Jewel of India that shall blaze forth through the focuses that you will anchor, but most importantly through your hearts of fire one with the Blessed Mother of all here.
            I am Najah. I nudge you unto divine bliss to know the purity of the Mother light within you always, my holy ones, my blessed children.

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