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Rama      August 24, 2006

Beloved Rama
David Christopher Lewis
August 24, 2006 7:42 - 7:53 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I am the universal consciousness of Vishnu as Rama. Blessed hearts, in your devotion to the Son of God, Issa [Jesus], in your rosary you tap into the universal mind of the One. And therefore this day I am come; for I would impel the earth higher.
            The second coming of the Christ, as you know, is the incarnation of the Word within you. Thus, each of you, as an outpicturing of Vishnu consciousness, may become the Word made flesh. And it is ever so that when Vishnu comes I am there and you are here, beloved ones. For Vishnu needs many sons and daughters to be the anchor points of that Word in the physical for the translation of cosmic Christ-Vishnu consciousness worlds upon worlds.
            The purpose of the coming of the avatar is so that all may know God. And when the light descends into the chalice of your being and you accept its radiance-its power, wisdom and love in balance-then you may manifest fully this consciousness, this light. Many are called upon earth and the light is raised within and yet few understand fully the import of this light of Rama. Ra-Ma-Raise Mother Light! Raise Ma within these, O God. I am the raising of the mother light through the channel in the spine of those who may receive the mother. I am Rama, raising that mother light now again and again for the nourishing of the self, the true Self one with the lower self.
            Blessed ones, first you must accept the descent of the light from above. And then in that "above consciousness" you must accept the raising of the light from below to the above. In the cosmic interchange of the interlaced triangles I am at the nexus point of light within you. And the Christ, the Vishnu consciousness, as the mediator between the divine and the human, does allow the interpenetrating of all consciousness with the universal mind of that one.
            Therefore, blessed ones, you have access to the All-in-All through Rama. And the All-in-All has access to you through Rama. Thus there is the divine tai chi and if you can dwell within that point within the center of the tai chi all will be well within you, all will be well for God within you.
            AUM Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva (3x) within these holy ones. [chanted] O balance of three-fold fire, O cosmic love, wisdom and power inspire each one to come higher now. I raise the light of the three-fold flame within you (3x) now! I raise that light! (3x) And heaven has come where you are. And earth is raised in this hour. And the entire planetary body receives the light of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva for Rama has come, Rama has come, Rama has come this day! AUM [chanted]
            You see, blessed ones, even the earth itself has a three-fold flame. For the Earth, as the body of the being that one day shall be Freedom's Star, resonating with the sun consciousness, does require all inhabitants to raise that light so that the light of Earth may be raised into the sun presence of the One. As you raise that light [and] balance the fires within you, then all of Earth is raised. And the collective three-fold flame of Earth receives a spin. Therefore see daily the spinning of the three-fold flame within your heart, one with the three-fold flame of Terra. And when many accept Rama within then Earth will be raised in the Ma consciousness.
            O raise the Ma consciousness within these, as the mother light is raised in all [of] Earth's evolutions this hour. AUM. [chanted] Now you know the purpose of your rosaries each day, blessed ones. It is not simply an adulation of one who has become the sun. But it is the acceptance by you as a soul of the sun presence within.
            Be the sun of the One. Be the son of God in all things, to all peoples. And then Rama shall be within you, shall manifest the light upon your brow always.
            I am come. I am one with mine own. For as you rise into the Vishnu consciousness Rama is there. Thank you, blessed hearts, for your acceptance of the mother light within yourselves fully raised this day.
            AUM Mother. Aum. Aum. Aum.

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