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Elohim of the Five Secret Rays      July 13, 2006

Beloved Elohim of the Five Secret Rays
David Christopher Lewis
July 13, 2006 8:05 - 8:36 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            We are the Elohim of the Five Secret Rays and we surround the Earth now with our radiance. And the Earth is raised into a new level of awareness by the presence of Cosmos with us here.
            Blessed ones, through the giving of this rosary daily and the invocation of the Five Dhyani Buddhas you have also magnetized our presence with you. And though we have heretofore been unknown to mankind, this day we choose to make our presence known unto you. For we have always been involved in the affairs of mankind at the deepest level, even within what you have called the unconscious.
            And as the Kali Mother has come, so there is stirred up from deep within you and from within the bowels of the Earth the energies of ancient records of ancient civilizations not only upon this Earth but within those who have come to this Earth for the resolution of all light and darkness within.
            Therefore, from this day forward you may call to us for assistance for the resolution of all energies of the mother light within you and of the five secret rays which even now have been activated within the Earth body itself and our secret retreats within the Earth body itself at etheric levels within the Earth. Now activate within mankind these sacred centers for those who are worthy and able to receive and sustain the action of the use of the secret rays for and on behalf of mankind. And you have had a precursor instruction through this activity of what is to occur now in greater numbers among mankind for the activation of these sacred centers.
            Those among the saints who received the stigmata are wayshowers for mankind in understanding the action of the ruby ray which is also activated now within the sacred nerve centers of your four lower bodies. And the secret chamber of your heart as a key for the work of the ruby ray is now expanded within those who have balanced the threefold flame and have come to a certain resolution of the fires of love within their beings.
            Those who have any anger whatsoever within their subconscious may not and should not use the action of the ruby ray. But those who have completely consumed, through the resolution of their psychological problems, the love-wisdom fires within the secret chakra may now call forth and use the ruby ray for and on behalf of mankind, for there is an acceleration of darkness within the Earth and therefore there must be the acceleration of the love fires of the ruby ray.
            And so we, the Five Elohim of the Secret Rays, do now extend our hands and ask you also to extend your hands as you have done so in this morning's session. And see the fires of the ruby ray going forth into the Middle East for the consuming of that darkness which is spawned from the core anger of these fallen ones and those from Maldek who have not resolved their ancient animosities toward each other, blessed ones.
            So, only through the activation of this light can there be the consuming now of the perversions [of ruby love manifesting as] those martian energies within the Earth which are concentrated in the Middle East as you know. And so we ask you to call forth the consuming now of all the martian energies, the "A's" that you have called forth in the past. Name them, call for their deactivation within the Earth and within the four lower bodies of these whose time has come for final resolution. And so, when you see warring within the members of those of the communities of the Middle East, there is the final opportunity for many to resolve now their ancient hatreds toward not only each other but toward themselves and toward the Lord God and Sanat Kumara.
            Therefore, Sanat Kumara also comes to place his presence over the Middle East. And there is activated through the light from his heart and the heart of Lady Venus the acceleration of the love fires of the ruby ray. And through the attainment of many of those on Venus who have held the balance for Earth at higher levels until Earth could sustain that balance for [itself], there is now an increase of this light, and it will draw forth from out of the subconscious and the unconscious of mankind certain patterns of darkness which must be resolved. Therefore, blessed ones, first work with yourselves. Work on your psychology and know that what is resolved within you, first and foremost, may then be resolved within the Earth.
            This is why the Blessed Mother cajoled you a number of years ago to resolve these elements within yourselves. For she saw far into the future how, through the activation of the energies of the secret rays that were coming, those patterns within you that are ancient in their memory and unresolved state must be consumed and understood and put into the flame so that you would not truly go insane when all hell would break loose, as you would say, upon the Earth.
            Therefore, blessed ones, release now the toxic poisons within your unconscious and subconscious into the sacred fire of the ruby ray in this hour. Let go of all of those unresolved animosities that you have held toward any part of life, and especially toward yourselves, that have allowed the point of darkness that is the perversion of the ruby ray to sit within your soul at the deepest levels, binding your soul through the martian energies to this plane.
            Blessed ones, you have heard of the path of the ruby ray, and through selflessness, sacrifice, service and surrender to the light you may also let go of these perversions. But if you seek to engage them, to re-experience them in your worlds, then I say be careful and watch out. For if you do, there will be activated within you those unresolved energies which, when brought to the surface and not let go, will literally consume certain elements and portions of your soul.
            This you do not seek, blessed ones. Therefore work while ye have the light. Work while ye have the opportunity to resolve all these patterns. And day by day through your service to life and the use of the ruby ray and the violet fire and the purple ray you may see waves of ancient patterns literally being stripped from you and going into the flame once and for all so that they no longer have sway within you.
            Beloved ones, it is at times when you are not conscious that the fallen ones have injected their poisons into your unconscious and subconscious worlds. And then through points and times when you are out of sorts, out of balance, these are activated by these fallen ones within you to cause you great pain and sorrow. For then you do those things which you would not desire to do, as Paul has said�, when, in truth, had you been fully conscious and aware and not allowed these perverted, talismanic points of darkness to be injected into your worlds, then you would not have this constant struggle and battle within yourself to resolve these energies.
            Therefore, you must release them almost as those who have received the bullet within their four lower bodies, their physical body, must have that bullet extracted. And there is some pain in this process, as you have known. But it is only through the release that the poison and the toxic energies can fully get out of your system once and for all, blessed ones.
            Therefore, when the secret ray energies come upon the Earth, there is a convulsive action within the Earth body itself, almost a coughing up of these ancient patterns, even records that have been congealed within the astral body of the planet. Therefore, it is to your advantage, blessed hearts, to use the secret rays in advance of this cosmic activity that we are about. For unless, even within the Earth body itself, these toxic substances and cesspools and forcefields of darkness are consumed, then many who are in the surrounding areas will be hurt, blessed ones. And you have even seen how, when the volcanic activity occurs, people flee from the mountainsides. For they would not be caught in that lava that would flow from these mountains and volcanoes which spew out their ash and heat as an action of this convulsive energy of which we have spoken.
            Blessed ones, much more is coming. And you must work carefully and assiduously, first, on yourselves and then to scrape off this scum coming to the surface upon the Earth. It will require many of you to work in consonance in your service to life within your Hearts Centers through your cascading vigils. And so we recommend that the vigil for the end of this July period be dedicated toward the freeing of elemental life that may be caught in the wave of these energy patterns which are coming to the surface.
            And you have even seen in the fires in southern California, the floods in the East, and other natural disasters a certain action of this convulsion that is outpictured through elemental life. Therefore call to the elementals, have your cascading vigil during the last weekend of July and see how you can mitigate much of what could occur through your concerted and unified voices, rising, calling to the Elohim of the Five Secret Rays, Mighty Cosmos, the Five Dhyani Buddhas, Sanat Kumara and the lineage of the ruby ray to work heart, head and hand with you, with the elementals and with the angelic kingdom to bring forth this sacred work.
            This is our desire. This is our message to you, blessed ones. Do not forget these cascading vigils which we have called forth, month by month. And if those in Miami and New York, in Dallas and Los Angeles can also partake of and bring all to bear and join in these vigils, it would do much to hold the balance for the entire United States. For we need those points of light in these cities activated. For it is necessary that more than simply those who have been involved in the past be involved now. We need those within these areas of the landed surfaces upon this nation, as you can guess through their positioning [within] this nation, to be activated and utilized as soon as possible and on a regular basis to hold the greater balance for this nation.
            Otherwise, blessed ones, there will be, and I say truly there will be, certain cataclysmic activities, whether through flood or fire, wind and all of the outpicturing through the nature kingdom, of a greater level of darkness in these areas specifically. Therefore we ask the chelas, the servitors of light in these specific cities-New York, Miami, Dallas and Los Angeles, to do what is necessary to bring forth these vigils for us, blessed ones.
            We thank you for your attention. We thank you for your work this day. It has already done much to mitigate greater darkness in the Middle East. But, blessed ones, do not forget your own nations, your own cities, your own geographic areas. For each of you can be one of those holding the finger in the dike for your cities, for your areas. And if seven or more in your cities can come together in harmony, in consonance each weekend or when you have your vigils, there can be a greater action. And when twelve can come, then the Elohim of the Seven Rays and we, the Elohim of the Five Secret Rays, can work together to bring forth a greater stability in the Earth itself.
            We are the Elohim, for we have the authority in the physical platform of the Earth by working with the elementals in sustaining the balance of the Earth for and on behalf of mankind, blessed ones. This is our responsibility. Do not forget to call to the Elohim, and one day, when the time is right, we will reveal to you our inner names for your use in this action. But for now suffice it to be that you call to the Seven Mighty Elohim and the Five Secret Ray Elohim to work together on behalf of mankind.
            Thank you, blessed hearts. We now return to our work on the inner planes within the Earth body itself. And for those of you who would desire to perform an extra service to the light you may, during the remaining days of this month of July, ask to be taken first to the Grand Teton Retreat for instruction on the wielding of the energies of the secret rays. And then we will also give, to those who have balanced over fifty percent (50%) of their karma, further instruction on inner planes on your use of the secret rays in your spiritual work and service. This you may ask for.
            If you have not balanced over fifty percent (50%) of your karma, then you must work first and foremost on yourself to bring total balance within your four lower bodies, your threefold flame, the alignment of all energies within you before you can be entrusted with this work, blessed ones. For we would not wish to see those who have not balanced all within themselves put into jeopardy by activating these centers to a greater point and then see you put out of balance.
            Again we thank you for your presence daily here or in your homes in your sacred service to life. We are with you when you visualize the five-pointed star superimposed over your being, activating those sacred centers and using them to stream forth light rays across the Earth and across the galaxies.
            The Mother light is rising, even as many upon Earth know for the first time a greater love from the Mother's heart, an understanding of the aspect of God as Mother. Mother is worthy, blessed ones. The curse of Eve is over. Original sin, as the great lie that has been foisted upon the Divine Mother, must be consumed and undone in the minds of mankind for greater numbers of mankind to understand the use of the five secret rays.
            Therefore we applaud all those who have brought to light the hidden teachings on Mother. The Mother Kali should also be called upon by you to wield, for and on behalf of you and your families and Hearts Centers, her many implements of spiritual warfare for your souls. Do not forget her, blessed ones, for she truly is your advocate and your savioress.
            We bow to the light of the Mother within each one of you. We bow to the great Kali Mother and to the Mother of the World who has given her all unto her children. And we say unto you now, this day, adieu until we meet again.

�Romans 7:19

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