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Maximus      July 04, 2006

Beloved Maximus
David Christopher Lewis
July 4, 2006 9:28 - 9:31 pm MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming


            I, Maximus, now set my seal upon this conference and upon these hearts and their children and their children's children. Let all energy that has been released during this holy event now be received by the Angels of the Resurrection and by the cosmic beings sponsored by Maximus for the fulfillment of all that has transpired here. I call for the energy of the Great Central Sun to be in this place now and to amplify all that has come forth through these hearts.
            And by the power vested in me, I now receive and focalize these energies into a golden chalice of fire. This chalice shall be sustained at the etheric level here at the Grand Teton Retreat. And each night, blessed hearts, you may ask to come to this retreat and to drink one sip from this sacred chalice of light to receive that impetus of fire that you shall use on the morrow when you awaken to fulfill your holy vows. Therefore, the energies now are taken up and deposited in this chalice and the angels receive this chalice now and take it to the central altar here at the retreat.
            In the name of Alpha and Omega, this conference is sealed by the Cosmic Cross of White Fire. And you, each one, are sealed in the light of protection toward your victory. It is done, it is sealed, it is finished!
            I AM Maximus, and I now also create a circle of fire around this body so that everywhere you go, everywhere you are, you will remain as one heart. Will you remain as one heart, beloved ones? (Yes!) Then receive the kiss of peace from Alpha and Omega upon your one heart this hour.
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