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Hercules      July 04, 2006

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
July 4, 2006 2:30-2:57 pm MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

Beloved Friends,
            It was quite a Herculean effort for some of you to be here to be with me, but I say that you have each been victorious, and for that I applaud you. [Applause]
            The four winds are gathered here. And you see in three hundred and sixty degrees around you the glory of God-behind me the Grand Teton, before me the valley and circumscribed in the radiance of your view all that God has prepared for you for your enjoyment. The earth is the Lord's and the glory thereof, the beauty thereof. And we of heaven are grateful that some among mankind understand how, when attuned to nature, you may through the Holy Spirit's inspiration enter into a deeper relationship with your own higher being.
            The labors that I was privileged to perform upon earth with the aid of the gods whom I called upon not as anthropomorphic beings made in the image of man but truly as celestial spirits who overshadowed every erg of energy expended by me, every work that I was called upon to work, truly can be your own, blessed ones. There are few among mankind who have the availability of the full panoply of gods and goddesses, ascended beings, cosmic beings, archangels and angels that you have a knowledge of and call to for assistance and aid.
            And yet each one, as a personage of the individualization of God in manifestation, can be for each one an inspiration, an ever abiding presence, a witness to your work, but more importantly, a teacher and a friend. The Elohim have few friends among mankind, for few can withstand the fire of our beings. And yet many of you are moving upward into a higher manifestation of your own reality to that point where, above the clouds, you can see the glory of heaven manifest as the Elohim perceive the cosmos and all therein.
            Look up now, beloved ones, to see even here and now the presence of the angelic hosts who witness to our coming and your presence here. When you need inspiration, the breath of the angels and of ascended beings is close at hand. And never so close than when you have ascended the mountain peaks to be above the human condition dwelling at the lower realms of consciousness, signified by those who dwell in the valleys of life.
            I would now speak to you of the labors that many of you have written to me about, calling forth what you see as the need of the hour and offering the momentums of your life and service so that the plans of God may move forward. I am grateful to each one who has taken it upon himself or herself to personally write to me, to give me an indication of your thoughts and musings so that I could take, through your input, the information, process it through the mind of God and then now give unto you those specific labors which may be, by free will, entered into by heartfriends and servitors of light within this activity and movement.
            First and foremost, beloved ones, I am calling for a labor on behalf of the children and youth of America and the world. For you may perceive how, unless a new generation of lightbearers is raised up, that our plans may not move forward fully. Therefore we have brought, even to this community in recent days, more children as those witnesses of what is occurring at inner levels. And even though they may, at their tender age, not all be fully cognizant of what is transpiring outwardly, yet, at inner levels, beloved ones, they have great attainment, knowledge of the law, having been tutored personally by many ascended masters and sponsoring angels before they came into embodiment or in the retreats of the Brotherhood.
            Therefore, we see the need for you to work as one heart to develop the programs within the Meru Learning Centers, whether they be in your homes or in your Hearts Centers. For unless a foundation is laid for the future, which is now, then all of our plans to save sentient beings may be for naught. Therefore, the God and Goddess Meru, your own Lanello and Mother, have pledged their support as you work on this specific labor. Call to them for inspiration. Call to all whom you know work with the youth including Clara Louise, Maria Montessori, Lady Elisabeth and especially the blessed Mother Mary for the resources to provide all that you need to inspire a new generation to take up this path of oneness.
            Second on my list is the need for you to engage in a labor of love to call forth on behalf of all heartfriends within this activity, the foundation to be completed for the founding of all Hearts Centers that the Great Divine Director has envisioned for this twelve-year dispensation and cycle. Therefore, El Morya reminds you of the assignment given during his class, which has not been fulfilled and which many of you, even not having attended that leadership class, may also now lend your support toward.
            You have heard of the plans of this [Hearts Center] council to fulfill our word to lay the foundation for this cycle. And we need heartfriends among you who have the skills, the technologies and the causal body momentums to lend your support to this council, for there are even gaps in the understanding that has been released to them which some of you may fill.
            Therefore if you have a certain training and understanding of principles of not only business but of skills in interpersonal relationships, counseling and leadership of any kind, we ask that a separate entity composed of heartfriends, separate from the council, work, and through one representative convey to this council your input. For we have always seen the need for the input to be coming forth from all heartfriends and not simply from a council of eight or ten or twelve.
            As part of this labor we also suggest what has previously been recommended, that you establish an ombudsperson to be the focal point for any concerns that may be brought from heartfriends as part of the process that you must develop within the next two months for what you have termed conflict resolution. For had this position already been established a number of months ago as initially inspired upon the messenger and conveyed to this council, you could have avoided certain potential or growing problems within this movement.
            Having said this, we also note that overall there has been truly a great conformity of hearts, a oneness of hearts. And you have seen it manifest through this conference, have you not? [Yes.]
            But this is essential. For as you grow and many more come to the fount of love- wisdom through this activity, there will arise, I must say, certain elements of potential conflict or division. And you must have all processes, values, norms established so that all is clear, all is available to you. And each one who comes will understand what the purposes of this activity and movement are and how we honor all, respect all, reverence all.
            You see, beloved ones, this labor is one that involves more of your physical involvement and work rather than the prayer work that you would perceive as being normally a labor. But yet, is it not essential for the ongoing movement of The Hearts Center, I say? Therefore, sometimes the labors that I will give to you, not only now but in the future, will be ones of practicality. For if you are simply shooting aliens from the sky, there is not always, in your own hearts and minds, the anchoring of the light in tangible manifestations which work toward the completion of the goal.
            The third labor that I would deliver to you today is for the safeguarding of all of our dictations, instruction, darshans and releases of spiritual fire through the delivery of the messengers. This is important because already there have been glitches, and certain key instruction has been lost or is available only on audio cassette, not having been digitized and made available to you.
            Therefore, as part of the team working on the archiving of these teachings and those who are working on what you have called Project Hope, I assign a team of seven to work together [to see to it that] every dictation, every teaching that is delivered is not only immediately captured, recorded, identified, outlined but is safeguarded for all eternity for all heartfriends to come.
            You can see in this labor that it will take many hearts to make it a reality. For having heard from our son, you see that not one can do all the work that is necessary. Therefore, although many of you have volunteered your assistance in transcribing or editing, there must be a greater coordinated effort and work. And we suggest one among you, who has the skill sets and organizational knowledge and adeptship, to maintain, on behalf of the messengers, the matrix for this entire project.
            This is a very important assignment and position [such] that, if you see the need for [it] and agree with me, the Darjeeling Council recommends [it] be funded so that that person may work within eighteen months in a full-time paid position within The Hearts Center.
            Fourth on my list, as a labor of love, is for the collective body of heartfriends to also fulfill Morya's request for publishing the teachings. Again, this will take a coordinated effort, beloved hearts, wherein many are needed to do their part and complete their assignments as part of the puzzle. One has arisen among you, namely Janice Haugen, who has taken it upon herself to move forward this assignment. We honor her, and it is a unanimous decision of the Darjeeling Council that this beloved one be nominated and approved also for a full-time position, paid, also within eighteen months, to be, as some of you have perceived, the hands and feet of Lady Kristine for this movement. [Applause]
            Beloved ones, I could give you three more major assignments in this hour. But I withhold these and ask that you make major strides in accomplishing these directives within the next twelve months. And in regards to your next Freedom Conference in 2007, upon a vote of this body, we also authorize it to be held here again. If you would agree to this, instead of waiting until the survey is presented to you, you may give your assent through the raising of your hand now." [Unanimous show of hands.] Therefore it is sealed, and we assign Paul Haugen to even begin not to reserve a space for you next year.
            We shall see what this small body of [servitors and] heartfriends may accomplish for the Lord! If you bring to the altar next year at this time the proven results of your determination to fulfill all, blessed ones, then I say many new grants of energy and dispensations will be given unto you. And you shall see a great swelling in the ranks of those who come through this movement of light. And next year, prepare for three hundred to be here with you. I, Hercules, declare that this is possible through the causal body momentums of these here and declare it to my guru. So be it, blessed friends, and may each one make it so, a reality through your personal service to life.
            I thank you for your presence and I give you now to the illustrious Mighty Cosmos. [Applause]

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