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Goddess of Freedom      July 04, 2006

Beloved Goddess of Freedom
David C. Lewis
July 4, 2006 12:13-12:34 pm MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

Stand to Demand that Your Leaders Become Accountable!

Hearts of Freedom,
            I descend from cosmic heights to be here with you, for we have seen in this body a great determination to expound the flame of freedom not only for this nation but for many nations. There is a reason why I have a focus above the Capitol building. And you may discern, blessed hearts, that it is because much in the way of the course of the civilization, America, that you see is determined by the actions, the discussions and the work of your representatives in Washington.
            Therefore, I have my ears attuned to what transpires. And the sword that is descending downward, you see, does deliver a certain action of the sacred fire that some are empowered by in their speeches and in the delivery of the word to the Congress. Therefore, it is with honor and integrity that I come before you to adjure you to make the calls once again, as your beloved Godfre has requested, for your representatives in Washington, D.C. and in your individual states. For beloved ones, I am witness to the fact that much in the way of the downward spiral that has occurred within this country has manifested through those bills that are passed in which certain members of your Congress sneak in at the last minute, or in private councils and meetings and committees, legislation which is not beneficial to the ongoing march of the flame of freedom in this nation.
            And you have seen even in what has been termed "The Patriot Act", which I say is not truly that which we in heaven have put our attest and signature to, created unfortunately at a very rudimentary and foundational level certain opportunities for the infestation within this government and the outpicturing through the executive branch and all of its arms and capillaries, reaching into even your libraries and your communications systems, your networking through computers, the means whereby not Uncle Sam but "Big Brother" can listen and be aware of all that is transpiring in your individual homes, truly abrogating one of the foundational principles of your Bill of Rights which is to be secure in your own homes, blessed ones. Therefore, I ask each of you who are defenders of freedom to consider in one of the first fact sheets that you bring forth what are those elements of The Patriot Act which do not espouse the flame of freedom that your representatives early in the foundation of this great nation saw as necessary for the true freedom to be brought forth for you.
            Also, beloved ones, we see at certain levels through the legislation moving into the judicial branch matrices that are set upon the people which deny them the opportunity to bring forth in public places, in the school system those values and principles that were held dear by your Founding Fathers-namely, freedom of speech! Is not prayer the most foundational aspect of freedom of speech, beloved ones? ["Yes!"] Should your government deny your right to pray anywhere that you please, including in your schools? ["No."] Then why have mankind in this nation not risen up with an outcry to say unto your leaders, "It is time that the tables are turned upon the money changers in this government whereby we, the people whom you serve, have the right to pray unto our God in our ballparks, during those speeches at graduation ceremonies and even in the school systems at the lowest levels where children are taught the basic principles and values of life"? Blessed ones, if there is the continuing of the denying of this people the of right to pray and to give forth praise and glory unto the Creator even as evidenced in your monetary system, "In God we trust", then this nation is in jeopardy of losing its sponsorship, as you have heard.
            Therefore Saint Germain now attends his Presence here with me. And we along with the Goddess of Liberty form a triangle of light and blaze forth the light of freedom and liberty through the three branches of this government to remind the leaders that they should be servant leaders of this great people. Blessed ones, when those in your legislative branch have the means whereby they can even increase their monetary affluence through voting themselves increases in their salaries without any say from the people, do you think this is what your Founding Fathers envisioned? [No!]. Then why does not a grassroots organization or movement stream forth to demand of your leaders that they become accountable to the people whom they serve? I say it is time. It is time for you to come up with those specific fact sheets that Godfre has mentioned whereby you not only call forth what must come forth but you set your seal upon your word through action and through letters and communiqu�s to your representatives.
            It is not only every two years that I stand to defend the flame of freedom through the election process, but I am there day by day witnessing what occurs. And even though much of what I see and hear is truly abominable in the eyes of the ascended masters who sponsored and continue to sponsor this nation, yet my fire does descend, and I am looking for those leaders, even in the youth, who will move into positions of leadership and power to take the reigns from those who have misused their power through the misapplication of the light not only in their personal lives but then being expanded to compromise the very fabric of your civilization.
            Beloved ones, integrity, personal integrity, is necessary for anyone who runs for high office. And those who would say that it does not matter what you do in private do not know the law of karma and how the very emanation of what you are is spoken aloud to the world through your aura. And I say that the Kali Mother has come and will expose again and again the peccadilloes and the shortcomings of those who hold office for these should be truly of the highest integrity of all within your society, blessed ones, as your representatives.
            But you have allowed those who have no moral principles to lead you. Therefore, vote. Know the candidates. Know what is on the slate and on the agenda of your governmental bodies as they meet. And one or more among you may be the ones to bring to your attention on a weekly basis for your services those key points of legislation which are before the Senate and the House for you to make specific calls on so that the light of God may descend into the halls of justice, the halls of jurisprudence and of your representatives and the executive branch so that every decision is empowered by God, is overshadowed by a sponsoring master, blessed ones.
            There are many ascended beings in heaven who are available to you. Thousands! Millions! Quadrillions and beyond. Do you think that there are not enough to deal with every point, every point of order within your governmental body, blessed hearts? I say there are! You must simply call them forth. And if it takes one call to ask for eighty thousand as some of you have learned through Ken from Lanello, then I say, "Do it!" For it has instantaneous results, and you will see how when the light of heaven descends into the affairs of men tangibly, then miracles can ensue.1
            Blessed hearts, you have the tools, you have the wherewithal, you have all that you need so that the victory of freedom may not only manifest but be maintained day by day in this nation and in every nation. Many countries look to America for guidance, for example. Do you think it is not time for them to truly have the divine examples that they need leading your country? [Audience responds with a heartfelt, "Yes!" and nine seconds of applause].
            Then with Saint Germain, the Goddess of Liberty and [me], stand to receive the empowerment of the flame of God-freedom this day.

The Goddess of Freedom's Prayer

            O God of very Gods, I have placed my presence among these, your
true representatives of the people of faith of this nation and of this earth. Through the empowerment that we, three, deliver to these as true knights and ladies, as true and noble sons and daughters of God, we now again increase the action of the threefold flame within their hearts by the
empowerment from our hearts, O God. Let these flames glow brightly,
let them expand and let all upon earth know that when one or another son or daughter of God rises into their own Christ/Buddha consciousness then that one is the example for all to follow. That one is a true leader. That one is a true representative of the people that all may look to for guidance.
            This my prayer to thee, O Father of Lights, O Mother of all love. So
Now angels of the threefold flame from the heart of the Great Central Sun,
turn up the heat within these, your servant sons and daughters, and let all be witness to these who will lead this nation at inner levels unto the victory of freedom for all.
            I thank thee, O God. Let it be so. Let it be so this day, the fourth of July and let the fireworks of their heart flames now be seen across the sky and even across the galaxies whereby many more cosmic beings will come to the earth to assist in this great deliverance of this people. I thank thee, God, for I know that you hear my prayer even before the words are uttered.

            Thank you, beloved hearts. Please be seated. I suggest that those who have the skills to bring forth those visuals already called forth, have the focuses of every ascended master and cosmic being that you can find or create yourselves to be flashed upon the screen as you do your spiritual work. And the dispensation also released through me this day is that when you have that focus upon that screen before your third eye, that very being will ensoul that image. And the momentum of fire that you deliver in your services to life, expanded through your cascading prayer sessions and vigils, beloved hearts, will be empowered by each one of these masters. Is this not a great opportunity for you? ["Yes!" Thirteen seconds of applause follows.]
            Therefore make it so swiftly. And though you may have other assignments, this is one that is near and dear to every ascended master, for, beloved ones, this is their way to enter your world most tangibly. This is their opportunity to be with you most personally when you pray and when you come together.
            I am the Goddess of Freedom and I am determined to continue to defend the flame of freedom through every challenge, through every opportunity day and night, night and day because I see that some have responded to this flame and made it real, even for me, again. I thank you. [Twenty-four seconds of applause.]

1A heartfriend named Ken explained how Mark Prophet taught him how to call forth 80,000 angels to answer our prayers by calling forth 20,000 to the north, 20,000 to the east, 20,000 to the south and 20,000 to the west, while standing and facing the four directions before uttering a prayer or fiat.

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