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Brahma      July 03, 2006

Beloved Brahma
David Christopher Lewis
July 3, 2006 8:40-8:52 pm MDT
Grand Targhee Retreat
Alta, Wyoming

            I sound the AUM which resonates back to the very first sounding forth of the voice of The Beloved in the beginning. [Brahma sounds a low AUM for twelve seconds.]
            From the point of the void from which the light did radiate forth, I emanate cosmic streams of fire to the earth. From the point of Brahma within you, I emanate the first light and vibration of the all. When you are still and can maintain the stillness of your mind and being, then I may enter. For in that point of stillness, you recreate the original point of the cosmic void from which all proceeds.
            Therefore, practice stillness often. And though it may take a continued practice for a number of months for you to transcend the former unconscious state to be able to maintain that point of stillness, when you enter that point once, then you can, beloved hearts, do it again and again until through the momentum of your practice of stillness, that point does grow and eventually the space of stillness encompasses your entire being and you then become fully still, fully one with Brahma.
            The key is to still first the body, then the emotions, then the mind. And the mind will trip you and trick you such that you will lapse into an unconscious movement through the moving of that mind taking you from the alertness of conscious awareness of the now in the stillness of the point of being that I am within.
            Therefore, take the advice of our son who has learned this art. And first and foremost, work to expand the fires of your heart. For as your heart does glow in sacred fire, there can be the burning up of the elements of the not-self and the unreal mind such that the stillness of the flame, in and of itself, can pull you toward that point of complete stillness that you seek.
            Gaze now upon the flames upon the candles upon the altar before you, and see how the flame is still, even in its burning when not encumbered by the drafts and the winds of unreality. Why, if there is no wind at all, you could not even notice that the flame is burning. And yet, it is fulfilling its reason for being as fire, consuming, even as it emits light.
            You are light, and you may emit, emanate even as there is the continual consuming of all that is unreal as you glow, blessed ones. And now you have another key to your immortality. For when the flame burns within your heart, something must be consumed, you see. And once all that is unreal within you is consumed, and when there is nothing left to consume, and yet the flame continues, then you will be immortal. For the flame will then be translated into etheric dimensions, even as you are translated into a God being, having fully become all in the process of surrendering all into the flame.
            This is the key that I give you this night. For many of you have come to a higher perception of yourself even within the last seventy-two hours that heretofore you had not fully understood, except for the light that has come and [that] now glows more brightly within you.
            I am the balance of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva within your threefold flame this night. And the Mother is pleased, for from the fount of the base of this flame, she also is witness to the expansion, to the burning, to the growing [of light] within you always.
            From the issue of The One I have come. And I now recede unto that point of perfect stillness within you as the point of your reality as witnesses of Brahma.
            Aum. Aum. Aum.

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