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Confucius      July 02, 2006

Beloved Confucius
David Christopher Lewis
July 2, 2006            8:01-8:31 pm MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

            In the light of wisdom I descend from the bodhisattva realm to ensconce you in the fire of golden illumination. I am Confucius. And the Masters of the East, who abide at the Retreat of the Royal Teton so near to you, salute those who understand the flame of wisdom. As you know, blessed ones, the Lord Lanto has passed to me the responsibility to oversee the affairs of this retreat. And we have been joyous in all that has transpired during our time together. For you see, we, too, have sat in the lotus observing all, witnessing the love fires of your devotion and this night a teaching that has come forth through truly one illumined, truly one enfired, truly one ennobled by the light within.
            If each one could take this understanding and make it [his] own, then we would see the expansion not only of this activity but of a great corona of fire across the globe such that our work in inspiring mankind would be easier. For the receptivity of hearts would be open more widely through the flow of the energies of your own God Presence through your heart as you are able to sustain the intensity of your oneness with your Presence. Blessed ones, in our retreat this is the teaching that is conveyed at the elementary level for adepts. And so, you can imagine, after having sustained the burning of the fire within your heart day by day, moment by moment, through meditation upon the One, that then there can be conveyed higher teaching. For then the mind is able to not only receive the teaching but sustain the action of the cosmic principles that do flow from the mind of God within the realm of possibility within the individual monad to experience and to fully inculcate within the fullness of being.
            Wisdom teachings are always practical. For what is a teaching unless it is conveyed through an understanding of having been incorporated and applied within the world of action, blessed ones? Therefore, as you know, it was given unto me in my incarnation as Confucius to bring to mankind very practical means of relating to one another in society. And I did convey not some pie-in-the-sky philosophy that none could attain to but a very practical teaching of how to honor the soul of another through reverence, through respect. And though much has been lost in China in the way of the full manifestation and presentation of my teaching in the universities and school systems brought forth through my disciples for hundreds of years, yet there still glimmers within the race consciousness, the subconscious, the understanding of these principles conveyed to me directly by my guru in that life.
            The honoring of the flame within each one in reverence and respect, the bowing to another and the Christ, the Buddha within each one is a practice that can even be understood in the West as it is in the East. And you have made strides within this activity to set forth certain parameters of behavior, norms if you would, such that the ideals that I impressed upon the culture of China may also be accepted, experienced and mastered in the West. That is why the Lord Sanat Kumara determined that the wisdom of the East should be exported to the West for the full inculcation of the fires of illumination unto a people quickened with the understanding of freedom. For many who had come to these shores seeking freedom of religion did have that inner understanding of the necessity to fan the fires of illumination.
            And, therefore, even in the harbor of your New York City there is focused the great fire and the Torch of Illumination from the Goddess of Liberty who will speak to you very shortly. This is a people who desire to know the truth. And, therefore, you have seen in the industry and the expansion of this culture at a very rapid pace in the two hundred and fifty some-odd years of your existence as a sovereign nation the expansion of not only the flame of illumination through all that has been brought to bear in this culture but, by God's grace, also the expansion of a certain balance of love and power that may allow this culture to be sustained, magnified and emulated throughout the world.
            Beloved ones, unfortunately in recent years there has been a dumbing-down of your culture through the educational systems wherein through the entry of the drug culture and the compromise of certain standards that have been manifest through the profligate ones, you have seen the degradation that may come upon a people that we are determined to turn the tide on, such that the full purposes of Saint Germain's plan for this nation may be fulfilled according to the cycles and seasons set forth by the Lords of Karma.
            Therefore, we, of the Royal Teton Retreat, are determined and have implored the Lords of Karma for dispensations for greater illumination to come forth to this people and to the youth. And you have seen through the teaching of Eckhart Tolle and others a greater understanding [of what has been a part of our wisdom teachings] than [what has been released] for many, many decades and even centuries, blessed ones, of [what] must be internalized by the souls of thousands in order that the tide be turned back to the light for the victory of freedom.
            The grant that has been given unto us is for the expansion not only through the Meru Learning Centers but through each of you and your families to bring to bear the flame of illumination to the youth. For if a divine culture is to be manifest and sustained, it must begin at the very foundation in the primary schools, in the elementary schools, in junior high and high school and yet, most importantly, even within the womb and with infants and those at the earliest and tender years of their existence. Much has come your way through the Mother of the Flame and those who were brought to the greater community of light in the way of teachings on education and the greater understanding of the Buddhas brought forth through the Montessori method, the Shushita teachings, the Doman method and accelerated learning.
            And yet, we see the need to complete the circle of these expressions of divine truths through lending the support of our causal bodies to bring forth even greater understandings from our octave through direct inspiration to those of you who have dedicated your lives to education and to wisdom's fires. Therefore, the dispensation granted is that we, the yellow ray masters, may work through and with those who work with the youth. And we have brought to the council of the Hearts Centers a number of these blessed ones as well as many of you who are teachers in the school systems of America and the world.
            Therefore, call to Lanto, Confucius, Lao Tse, Gautama, Maitreya, Lord Ling and all the masters of illumination to directly impress upon your minds what is needed in this culture, right here and now, for the youth. For you have the eyes to see what is occurring in their worlds. You have the understanding through the media of what they are experiencing. And you must develop those specific methods and methodologies that will allow them to rise from the level of the not-self unto the fullness of the expression of the Buddha Nature within.
            It will take many, blessed ones, to turn this tide. And therefore we do not give to only one or two the fullness of this dispensation and grant of energy. But the fire is entrusted to all those who meditate with the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas to discern the specifics of the teaching that must be brought to bear at many levels within your society for this flame to move mountains and to turn the tide of darkness back to the light.
            Therefore in your Karmic Board letters you may ask to receive a very personal tutoring between our hearts and you, through your Holy Christ/Buddha Selves, a greater attunement with our hearts using some of the methods that you have even received this evening to receive that direct transfusion of inspiration from our minds and hearts. This will afford you much in the way of a new opportunity to bring the teachings that you so love into a very practical application within the worlds of those whom you love and especially all of the youth and unborn and those who are aborning of the seventh root race even now.
            We are grateful to those of you who understand the principles of true education, of drawing forth from within the soul the innate genius of each one through an environment prepared with love, with order, with higher standards than even [that which] the current educational systems of the public schools accept and use. Therefore, through the action of the light that you bring to bear in your training, the entire culture may be raised. And we applaud those who have brought the Montessori principles into their teacher training programs into the public school systems, for this, in and of itself, will be a transformative power, blessed ones.
            I, therefore, ask blessed Anita, blessed Celeste, blessed Carol to come forward to receive the anointing from my heart in this hour as representatives of the Mothers of heaven who would nourish the children of men in the earth. And I also call forth, as a witness and a representative of the youth, our daughter from Chicago, Gwendolyn Kletter. Please kneel. [This request by Confucius is made to the four who have been asked to come forward.]
            [Anita is anointed.] In the name of the Lord of the World, I anoint you as a representative of the Divine Sophia for wisdom's fires to burn and grow within the teachers of children everywhere.
            [Celeste is anointed.] In the name of the chohan of the second ray, my guru and master, I anoint you as the one who will attest to the light of the manus of the sixth root race and their plan to illumine a world through the youth.
            [Carol is anointed.] In the name of the Holy Spirit, your sponsor and first love, I anoint you as the heart of Chicago and our representative for the song of wisdom to be heard throughout this land, America, first and then the world.
            [Gwendolyn is anointed.] In the name of Rex and Nada, Bob and Pearl and of the Sponsors of Youth from out the Great Central Sun, I anoint you, blessed daughter, as the witness and the chalice for the delivery of the flame of cosmic wisdom to the seventh root race of this earth.
            [Confucius once again addresses all present.] Blessed ones, each of you is a teacher when you emanate the golden fire of illumination from your crown and when you take that flame and extend it, heart, head and hand, to others. And all of you who are teachers in the world of form also receive at spiritual levels the anointing from your Holy Christ/Buddha Self this night to expand this flame of illumination to a world in need.
            I am Confucius. My mission this night is accomplished, and I recede now to my place [station] at the Royal Teton Retreat to again be the witness to all, in all, of the light of the rising energies of the Mother flame. I thank you.
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