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Pallas Athena      July 01, 2006

Beloved Pallas Athena
David Christopher Lewis
July 1, 2006 1:26 - 12:41 pm MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

            Augmenting the Master Morya's words1 for the truth to go forth for the victory of light in this age, I AM Pallas Athena.
            And I come, as those of you who can see with your inner sight, dressed in my garments of emerald fire and my helmet and my shield and my spear. This day, if you desire, you may call upon the dispensation that I grant for a replica of this helmet and shield and spear to be your own, in your spiritual work and service and in the giving forth of the fiery flames of truth that issue forth through your mouth and [through your] throat chakras.
            Blessed ones, this is a cosmic dispensation that you should not take lightly, for when you wield these implements and forcefields, for they each are a forcefield of light in this triune action, you will also receive the darts and the fiery arrows of misfortune and darkness that will come because you have increased this light within you.
            Those of you who have come forward for the blessing this morning, given by beloved Kuan Yin, have received an impetus of fire whereby you will be able to deal with those elements of self within that must be cast into the flame once and for all for you to fulfill all.
            As you work on your inner psychology, blessed ones, the force opposing your victory will work to attack you in many ways, to have you identify with those elements of the not-self as they come up for transmutation. Therefore, I suggest, that as you do your spiritual work, that you hold your shield in place before you. That you take this spear and deliver the energy at the point of the spear into the very nadir of the unreality of those things which will come forward to be consumed and that you wear my helmet to protect not only your inner vision but your mind itself. For as you deal with these caustic substances that will at times even come before you (and you will smell them from the bowels of the pit coming up, blessed ones, as those sulfurs of the astral plane), you must have the full armor of protection in all ways.
            We are warriors of the spirit. Those who have spoken the truth at all ages have been truly warriors of God. Many of you have met your demise in past lifetimes because you have stood to declare and speak the truth. Fortunately, in this age, you now have the spiritual tools to deliver the word of truth without meeting your Maker too quickly.
            The words of truth that you speak are real. The words of truth that issue forth through each decree and prayer that you give are sublime. They do work their work even though you may not always see the effects of the word, blessed ones.
            Therefore, leave not off of your daily devotions. And even though you are entering into new practices of meditation and emanation of the sacred fire through your heart chakra, I come this day to say, Speak the words also, and see the light emanating not only through your throat chakra but through your third eye itself.
            For the word of truth does blaze forth through your visualization. And as you have heard that 70 percent of the effectiveness of your decrees is the result of what you can see with your third eye and inner vision. So, blessed ones, do not take lightly the necessity to have before you those visuals both outwardly and inwardly for you to focus on. And if you can meld your visions as one to a point of one-pointedness, whereby all visualize the same reality, conceptualized and activated and made manifest in the world of form through the one-pointed vision that you hold with the All-Seeing Eye of God as your guide, then the effectiveness truly of your word will be magnified and amplified.
            This is the science that is taught at the very retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. And devotees, as one, send forth the light even in the etheric octaves through the prayer work and the decrees that are given and in meditation that is entered into. And we have our screens whereby the students of the light, even in their unascended state and their finer bodies, do enter into this cosmic communication and one energy field. And the effectiveness, if you could see it, is great.
            Therefore, we ask that at all future conferences that you have a screen before you and that our artisans of the spirit bring forth those visuals that you can use in your prayer work. This we have called forth a number of times, and yet the hour and the need now is great, blessed ones, to have those visuals before you so that the action of the light that you invoke is truly, and will be truly maximized to the highest degree.
            I also desire to have you understand how important it is for you to deal with all the energies and the issues in your life so that all seven chakras are vibrating in a frequency of light, that your solar plexus is not out of kilter. For this, in and of itself, can throw off the totality of what you can accomplish in your spiritual work.
            Therefore, take it upon yourself to do what is necessary to bring your four lower bodies into alignment. And I suggest that you consider fasting more often and putting aside certain substances that you ingest that, at times, bring you out of balance, blessed hearts. You have heard this teaching many times, and yet we repeat it, for some of you, even as you work toward cosmic consciousness, do not care fully for your body temple.
            Do not condemn yourself for what has been in the past, but in the now of ascendancy determine to do better and to enter into the state of consciousness and cosmic connection with your I AM THAT I AM that may be sustained more readily through the balance of all of your chakras, your aura, your four lower bodies.
            So, now hold your hands before you. And with your assent, my angels will put within your hands the replica of the shield, the helmet and the spear. Do not leave these in the closet, blessed ones, but remember to take them up daily and to use them for your holy purposes. This is the dispensation granted to me by the Lords of Karma, even before you have asked in your letters, for as you know I sit upon that Council as the representative on the fifth ray of emerald fire.
            Place now your helmet upon your head. Take now the shield in your left hand and the spear in your right, with me and stand and repeat after me:

[Congregation repeats each line after beloved Pallas Athena.]
I stand with Pallas Athena this day
To wield the sacred spear of fire.
With her protection before me as the shield of faith
And protected by the helmet of truth.
By God's grace and only by God's grace,
I wield the spear of cosmic truth this day
To slay the demons of anti-truth,
To pierce the veil of darkness
For and on behalf of every soul of light upon Earth.
It is done, it is finished, it is sealed!
For the word of the Lord manifest through me
Is real this day.
So help me, God.

            Please be seated, blessed hearts.
            The action of light that you have invoked has awakened many souls. And many who had lost hope and faith this day are quickened to again enter the path of victory. For that we, the Karmic Board, applaud you, the lightbearers of The Hearts Center. [All applaud.]
            And now, my beloved would have a word with you.2

1El Morya spoke before Pallas Athena.            
2Immediately after this dictation, The Maha Chohan, Pallas Athena's twin flame who is also the Representative of the Holy Spirit for the Earth and its evolutions, addressed those in attendance.

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