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Maha Chohan      July 01, 2006

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
July 1, 2006 12:43 - 12:53 pm MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

            I AM the flame of comfort to a world and I wrap you in my swaddling garment of holy love. I AM the Maha Chohan, and by God's grace, it was given unto me to be the representative of the Great Spirit to all life. Life is sacred and through the breath you experience life upon this plane. Through your breath you partake of the spirit that I now breathe unto you. [The Master breathes out deeply.]
            This day I answer the call of Jesus, as the shepherd, to comfort the people of God upon earth. For many millennia you have dwelled in veils of darkness upon earth. Many of you have descended to earth to serve to set life free and have felt the burdens of living upon a dark star, whereby many do not understand your path, your heart, your motives.
            I say, blessed ones, that God understands all and would comfort you this day to know that the light at the end of the tunnel is blazing brightly. Each of you is so loved by God. And it is truly his intention to receive you, each one, as immortal beings at the conclusion of your life rounds upon this earth. Therefore, know the loveliness of the embrace of the Holy Spirit this day. Receive the intimations of God's heart in many ways, simple and profound. For life, as Saint Germain has said, should not be a struggle.
            And though you do wield on behalf of my twin flame� the implements of spiritual warfare, so, when the battle is over and you may lay down your shield and remove your helmet, I will wash your feet, will give you a cosmic massage, comforting, assuaging the hurts, the pains, the discomforts that you have taken upon yourself to undergo as a result of serving others.
            Yes, O holy ones, I am ever available. And the time of day that I always enjoy being with you is at the dusk when you are preparing to leave your body to attend to the etheric temples of light in your finer body. It is then that my angels and I would comfort you, picking you up, speaking words of love unto you, encouraging you to continue on in your chosen path of light. This is truly the greatest joy that I, as the representative of the Holy Spirit, have been allowed to give unto souls upon earth.
            Yes, the ascended masters feel the pains and the trials of mankind. Yes, we know what you are going through, for we too have withstood the fiery darts of condemnation of mankind and risen to our eternal estate. Blessed ones, keep on keeping on. Keep on keeping the flame of life, of holiness, of reverence for life on behalf of Earth and her evolutions.
            All is well in heaven. And we impart to you this day that spirit of comfort. Take the hand of another. Give comfort whenever possible. Look not upon your brother or sister in any way other than through the eyes of holiness. I am real within you, blessed ones, as you breathe and respond to the eternal memory of God as a spirit most holy within you.
            Take these words, and when you need a reprieve, refreshment or simply a retreat from the world, play this, my dictation, and again feel the comfort flame surrounding you, enveloping your soul, your heart and know that only God is real. I AM with you always, breathing my love through your heart.

�Pallas Athena is the twin flame of the Maha Chohan.


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