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Padma Sambhava      June 30, 2006

Beloved Padma Sambhava
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2006   11:00–11:07 am MDT
Freedom Conference 2006
Grand Targhee, Wyoming

Kuan Yin Comes to Save You
Kuan Yin, through You, May Save All

Messenger:  Continue the music as Padma Sambhava speaks. [The music continues during the HeartStream.]

Blessed Ones,
           I sit here with you. And Kuan Yin is here and has taken from you, with permission from your Buddha nature, elements of unreality, consumed them within the sphere of her Presence, superimposed upon me, collapsed that unreality and given you back your Buddha nature. This is her work and her service to you each one. For you have called for the healing, the raising, the teaching, the saving of sentient beings, and now Kuan Yin comes to save you.
           Would you be tertons¹ of the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas? I ask. [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then go and do likewise in her spirit of mercy.
           How many can you save? None but yourself. But Kuan Yin, through, you may save all.

1.  Terton means “treasure revealer.” In Tibetan, terton refers to an individual who in previous lifetimes was a disciple of Padma Sambhava. These tertons later reincarnated to spread the teachings (treasures) they received, which were deliberately hidden until a more auspicious time for their revelation.

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