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Manjushri      June 30, 2006

Beloved Manjushri
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2006   8:08-8:15 pm MDT
Freedom Conference 2006
Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming

If You Would Be Initiated, Call to Me
Go and Be the One Who Is Real

           Are you ready for greater initiation? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then I begin a class.
           Manjushri I am, and I hover here and there and everywhere with Lanello. And with this messenger, I emanate my Presence always. Through his heart you have access to me. And if you would be initiated and have stripped from you elements of the not-self, then simply call to me, and the action of the ruby ray will come unto you.
            When you are in service, selfless in your givingness, surrendering to your God-reality through sacrifice of all that is unreal upon the altar of your heart—emanating the consciousness of God to all—then you will pass your tests. For when there is no self but God where you are, then the test dissolves and all that is left is the flame.
            Zarathrustra is a master whom you may also call upon to be impervious from all that is unreal. Impervious be through the diamond light of the Five Dhyani Buddhas shining where you are. And in that hardness of the carbon crystal that you have become, nothing—I say no thing, no person, no energy—may enter the love-field that you have created around you by accepting your nature, God's nature within.
            Burn through this company of tertons-to-be.¹ Purge from their electronic belt, their minds substances of selfishness and the five poisons. Consume by the power of the five all that is anti the light, the quintessence of the Buddhic manifestation of each one.
            I am pulling for each one of you. Give me your rope through the sinews of your attention upon the One.
            Om Padma Sambhava.
            Om Vairochana, Amoghasiddhi, Akshobhya, Vairochana, Amitabha.
            Om Maitreya.  Om Mother in the seed atom of each soul.
            Go and be the one who is real.

1.  Terton means “treasure revealer.” In Tibetan, terton refers to an individual who in previous lifetimes was a disciple of Padma Sambhava. These tertons later reincarnated to spread the teachings (treasures) they received, which were deliberately hidden until a more auspicious time for their revelation.

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