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Listening Angel      June 30, 2006

Beloved Listening Angel
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2006 5:01-5:17 pm MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

The Sacred Science of Listening
Listen to God's Heartbeat Each Day, Even While We Listen To Yours

            I am Listening Angel, and I have been listening to your hearts for many a lifetime. I am an ancient one, older than the Ancient of Days, assigned by God to listen to the hearts of every lifestream and to report to the God of very Gods what his children are thinking, feeling, becoming. The process of listening is also a sacred science, you see. For not only our ears are enrapt at attention to all that emanates from your being but our hearts are moved. And recorded upon the very essence of our beings is the essence of who you are.
            We listen intently. We listen throughout the day and the night. We listen for the inner voice of each of you that we hope that you listen to, also. And when you speak, we smile when through the voice is conveyed harmony, resonance, purity. And we cringe when what is conveyed through not only your voice but your thought and feeling world is not in alignment with who we know you are.
            Blessed ones, though our main responsibility is to listen, we are cosmic translators to the Father and must give a complete blow-by-blow, as you would say, of all that the lightbearers do experience in the rounds of time and space in which they journey. For the Lord, even though his Holy Spirit is present everywhere, always in the omnipotence, in the omniscience and the omnipresence of his being, must have this very personal way of receiving an aspect of what he has placed within his children that can only be conveyed through this specific action of listening in this very personal way by us.
            Have you listened to your own heartbeat or to the heartbeat of your companion? Have you listened to the musings of the child within the womb who is preparing to bring to earth a new radiance of hope? Have you listened to the sounds of nature, the song of God manifest through the multifaceted manifestations of his consciousness in all created beings, blessed ones? Have you listened to the flowers-of their acceptance of the radiance of the sun?
            This is the training that my angels undergo in preparing to listen to the hearts of the sentient beings known as humans. We must be very sensitive. We must be careful that all that we experience in listening to you is truly received and reported in the exact proportion and vibration in which it was conveyed. And we are masters also of understanding communication at all levels-the nuances of body language, the thoughts behind the words and the sacred spaces around and between the words that you speak.
            Take time to be still and listen to the inner voice of God within your heart. Take time to know the space between the inbreath and the outbreath and the outbreath and the inbreath. For even in these spaces there are differences, you see. Have you discerned them? Have you [an] understand[ing of] the polarities involved in these sacred spaces and pauses between the Alpha and the Omega action of your daily breathing?
            Be still and know that I am God within you. Be still and listen to the voice of cosmic reason. If you would be still, blessed ones, and simply meditate before each decision that you make, you could prevent truly a heap of karma from being manifest in your worlds through a lack of cosmic understanding of the principles, the cycles and the seasons that are employed through each action that you take, through each thought that you think, each emotion that you issue forth.
            Therefore, study the art of listening with us, for we teach it. And though we do not have, as it were, retreats of our own in the heaven world, in each retreat of the Brotherhood there is a room where[in] the masters listen to the sons and daughters of God, receiving their questions, their thoughts, their concerns as cosmic therapists and counselors. For is not each master truly well-versed in understanding the concerns of mankind, having mastered the rounds of karma in time and space and become immortal?
            Therefore, when you have concerns, issues and questions that seem knotty and almost unresolvable, first go to the master with whom you resonate. Counsel with that one at inner levels. Receive the gnosis of that one's cosmic understanding, and then all will be made plain to you in how to manifest in righteousness upon earth all that must proceed through your actions, words and deeds.
            You see, beloved ones, even we, as angelic beings, learn from ascended masters, mankind. And as you have heard this day, all of heaven does grow in a crystalline way when one or another does ascend and the casual body momentums of that one are now employed throughout the heaven world by all, attuned as one.
            Therefore, even we in heaven listen to each other through a certain aspect of cosmic communication that may only be known when you have attained to that level of full acceptance of your reality. Acceptance is the key to the bringing to bear in your world and life of cosmic intention. Therefore, your motives and what is behind your heart is truly what we hear most through our listening. O, beloved hearts, listen with compassion. Listen with understanding. Listen without judgment but with an aura of forgiveness, mercy, kindness. And then in your listening, you will hear the inner voice of the soul of the one to whom you listen, even if at times in a strident voice or a caustic remark that one does not always speak as you would like.
            I am listening to your hearts now. Speak to me of your intention to be God. For I will report back to the Lord this night from each one of you what it is that you need, what it is that you would have manifest in your world by grace. And in your letters to the Karmic Board and to Hercules and to other masters whom you love, you convey these musings of your hearts. Then all will be revealed in due time. All will be manifest because you have entered into this sacred science of listening through love, through a heart, one with God.
            Bless you each one. Receive the grace of God and listen anew in nature to God's heartbeat each day. I thank you.

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