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Lanello      June 30, 2006

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
June 30, 2006            11:16 - 11:28 am MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

My Friends,
            I come again with my brother, K-17, to greet you. And once more, as when we were gathered in the Twin Cities, I come as a chief in the guise of Hiawatha. And each of you, dressed in your garments of light as the Native Americans, those of the First Nations upon this land, we now gather in spirit in the great circle with a campfire, the Maxin Light within the hallowed center of this circle.
            Each of you from your tribes has brought an understanding of the path of oneness. Each of you, as holy brothers and sisters in the great antahkharana of the manifestation of Godhood, has brought to this council a word of wisdom. I, Lanello, honor each one. And as we partake of the elixir bestowed now by the Great Spirit to each one, we honor each other in the presence of oneness, holiness-that reverence for the flame that burns within each heart.
            There are sacred spaces across the earth, and the Darjeeling Council has chosen this sacred space, made even more holy by your coming. Let us remember our mission to save sentient life upon this earth. Let us remember that we are brethren and sisters always. Let no division come between us, for are we all not of the one breath of that Great Spirit, blessed hearts? So, honor each other. Greet each other, as John the Beloved has asked, as a beloved friend. Learn what that one has to share.
            Offer yourself in service to another this weekend. And as the eagles gather, and the great eagle, Sanat Kumara, over this place, we raise our hands in honor of the Sun Presence of all life.            Let us worship as one breath. Let us worship as one body. And in our communion, heart-to-heart, we recreate the original design of the hallowed circle, wrought by the Ancient of Days when first we did alight upon earth eons ago, vowing to serve to set life free here.
            Take the hand of the one beside you now, my friends, and feel the pulsation that I deliver through this connection of hearts. Micah and his retinue are here to remind us of the unity of our hearts always. [Twenty second pause.] So now, the current that flows through this connection of our oneness has elements of each one within the ampules of the amperes of this light energy. And I accelerate the vibration to a new level, knowing that the sum is greater than the parts, knowing that through this cosmic synergy of our oneness, we may, by God's grace, fulfill all.
            The key to our victory is our oneness. One by one, we may not fully fulfill the totality of the mission. But one times one times one, connected, we tap in to the eternal fires of infinity that may manifest and grace the earth with this spirit of oneness. Remember the holy hoop this day that we have recreated, blessed ones. Stay within the hoop, and all shall be well.
            I now pass to each one not the peace pipe to smoke but a token of that fire that was symbolized within the peace pipe. As you partake of this fire, know the cloud of our oneness, the witness of our God.
            And now, I give to you the intrepid master who appears here and there upon the earth to speak with you, his friends.1

1Beloved K-17 spoke immediately after Lanello's dictation.

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