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Kuthumi      June 30, 2006

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
June 30, 2006 7:50 - 7:59 am MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

            In the inner stillness I reside. In the presence of divine oneness I abide.
            I am Kuthumi and I come meditating upon each one of you this day-your divine nature, seeing all that God sees of you, as you, in you. I draw you higher so that you may see yourself as God beholds you. For you see, God is beholden to you, for he has placed his flame within you. And if you would behold God and live as God, then the spirit of oneness you must embrace, even as the Lord does caress you always with his presence.
            The exercise that you may partake of during these five days together is one whereby, in gratitude for what the Lord of all has bestowed within and upon you, you may fully enter into his heart. Live within God's heart. Extol all of the virtues of God's heart to all. This is the purpose of life. Live within the heart of God, and all will be revealed to you. All you will know, for God's heart contains all.
            The very flame of gratitude itself is one in which the graciousness, the fire of the acceptance of God's love manifest is received within your soul. And in this spirit of acceptance, you fully may know the presence of God as God-love. Therefore, there is the interplay and the connection between God-love and God-gratitude, you see.
            Are you grateful to receive initiation, testing and the molecules of your God-identity that flow always through the nexus of your heart for your acceptance? Be grateful for all that comes, for all that is, and live in this presence of gratitude. And then your freedom will manifest fully.
            I have observed each one who is here and who is coming. Call to me and I will work with and through your inner voice, raising you, for you have called it forth for sentient beings, and we begin this day first with you.
            Upon this platform we build during this event. The stage is now set for all that is to come. I thank you for being my stagehands this day and seal you in my love.

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