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Keeper of the Scrolls      June 30, 2006

Beloved Keeper of the Scrolls
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2006  4:44-5:00 pm MDT
Freedom Conference 2006
Grand Targhee Resort               
Alta, Wyoming

A Dispensation of the Cosmic Eraser
Saint Germain Transmutes Records from the Book of Life of Each Conferee

The record of your victory is not written in stone, but it is written in heaven. I am the Keeper of the Scrolls, and it is given to me by the Lord to record all that transpires within the realms of the created universes.
           You see, I have witnessed much and I am also in the lineage of the witnesses. And the witnesses often come to me to receive permission for the book of life to be opened such that the truth may be known on many matters relevant to the ongoing evolution of life upon this sphere, [including] what transpires within, not only the physical acts that you perform but even within [your] very thought processes, [your] emotional ups and downs, and at the cellular level of your consciousness. For the stream of your consciousness does impact your very cells. It is what is recorded by many recording angels, who then deliver their testimony unto me for the akashic records to be updated moment by moment. This is a cosmic drama in and of itself, and if you could see the records that we keep, your Library of Congress would truly be but a pittance in proportion to all that transpires that we unerringly record.
            Blessed hearts, it gives me pause to pause in this hour to congratulate many of you who are, through the process of attuning to your own God Presence, coming into alignment and conformity with all that you must truly know to be God-taught in all ways. For as you know, when souls know better, they will do better. Therefore I place an emphasis on the ongoing education that you are receiving not only at Meru University but in the retreats at night, where you continue your studies. For as you gain wisdom and understanding of the higher law, then it is easier for you to participate at a higher level in the ongoing plan of the Brotherhood in white to bring forth the manifestation of a golden-age culture that you seek.
           We are truly beings who wield the secret rays, not recording [with] what you would think would be our hands, but truly in a way which is somewhat mysterious. For the recording that is done is beyond your current understanding in this dimension. For [otherwise] it would be impossible for all that transpires within the minds and the hearts of men to [not only] be fully recorded but analyzed by those masterful beings who listen with intent to the vibration of your hearts, to the vibration of your thoughts and words, to the vibration of all that you emanate.
refore when you attune your vibration to your Solar Presence of light, then the emanation and the vibration, attenuated and increased to a higher level, does win for you much in the way of erasing, as it were, certain lesser patterns and even substances within not only your electronic belt but your etheric body. And this does win you time—cosmic time—to come to grips with the totality of your being and the manifestation of who you are, not only in time and space but in the higher realms of existence.
           You have heard the concept that many have their names written in the book of life. This is true. But the name that is written is the inner name of the soul, and that name, as a vibration, also does change, you see. And certain masterful beings who graduate to a higher level of existence receive a new name, and therefore a new vibration is recorded by the angels as to the emanation that that one does radiate from that higher point of mastery.
            Meditate with me now upon what has transpired in your past which is no longer relevant to who you are now today. If you would desire certain records to be erased from what we have recorded so assiduously, then through an action of alchemy and cosmic forgiveness and through the putting into the flame of these elements of your lesser self this night, you may receive the dispensation for the cosmic eraser to once again act on your behalf so that you may move forward with lightning speed and greater attainment.
           So, Saint Germain does now stand with me in this hour and holds up his right hand. And through the action of the sacred fire of the violet transmuting, consuming flame, all that you release in this hour of your lesser self can now be permanently consumed by cosmic grace and forgiveness. Therefore breathe in the essence of your Godhood. And in the outbreath, release into this consuming fire all that is less than your God-reality that you would see consumed. [Master takes three inbreaths and outbreaths.]
           This dispensation is only afforded to those physically present here in the aura of the Grand Tetons, where many masters are gathered to also amplify the action of the light of Saint Germain through this dispensation. Therefore you see how important it is for you to travel to these cosmic events.
            I say cosmic events, for, beloved ones, if you could see the record of your lifestream in all embodiments and see how during each quarterly conference or weekend event that you attend physically where the messengers are present to deliver the word from our octaves, you would see a tremendous application of cosmic fire that does translate to a new record of you manifest upon the book of life that we record. It is as cosmic blips. And when you connect these dots, rising higher with each spiral of light that you garner, these in and of themselves, through your constancy and your application of the sacred fire and the law of harmony within, may catapult you into higher dimensions of love and immortality one day.
           Therefore come to the fount of cosmic wisdom of the masters of East and West who present to you their offering during these seminars, conferences and events. For in the very presence of the darshan and the radiation that is transmitted unto you through these dictations, you are made a new creature in Christ, in Buddha, in Mother. 
           Therefore the action of forgiveness is accomplished through your acceptance, through your gratitude. You may even receive throughout this event a further erasing of certain records as you come and invoke the violet transmuting flame. For you see, each time you enter into this sacred science with intention and understanding, there is the erasing of these ancient records for each one of you, beloved hearts.
           This does in and of itself lighten our load, you see. For the tome of your existence upon Earth is diminished, and all that is left one day is truly those cosmic imprints, engrams of solar fire, as you rise to become the Sun Presence of your Godhood. Etched in fire, the record of your true reality is manifest for all to see. And all that is less than this, your God-identity, will be no more.
            Write the record of your life in living letters of fire daily through the acceptance of the completeness of the I AM, the Buddha nature that you are. I thank you.

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