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K-17      June 30, 2006

Beloved K-17
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2006 11:27-11:41 am MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

Seeing Is the Key to the Victory

            When your vision is clear, I appear. Out of the smoke, out of the cosmic void, I appear this day for a short session with you.
            Each solstice you have the opportunity to enter into a higher dimension of Self. If you count the solstices that you have witnessed during your life upon earth, wherein the earth has been in a position in conjunction with the sun, 180 degrees here and there, you will begin to understand how, with each round that you travel around the focal point of Helios and Vesta, the earth body itself, garnering more of the momentum of solar fire, itself is raised. And all evolutions upon earth, when one with the earth, Virgo and Pelleur, are also raised.
            Therefore each semi-annum you should be at a higher point in consciousness. Perceive this day where you are in relation to the sun and in relation to the Sun of your own being. Perceive how the solar fires that glow within the sacred orb in the sky that you witness day by day may also reside within the orb of the sun within you, blessed ones. Have you ingested these love/wisdom fires from heavenly realms, assimilated them, become them?
            In each cycle, in each round of the spinning of this orb of the earth around the solar sphere of fire, you may ingest greater nuances, greater love-fire rays daily. And as your perception becomes more rarified, then you will begin to see truly as God sees. And when you see in this way, then all life, all vibration, all consciousness which comes within the purview of the full range of God-vision of the All-Seing, All-Knowing Eye then becomes thine own, you see.
            Seeing is the key to the victory. Those who know, know through an inner seeing. And those who see clearly know because they have first cleared the orb of self of all illusion, divested from themselves the clouds of unknowing. And in the brightness of cosmic perception, all is understood, all is gleaned, all is known.
            You have heard the teaching of witnessing the rising of the sun each day and some also who observe its setting. These are as the daily manifestations of solstice, available to each one to first awaken to the Sun Presence of love/wisdom each morn and then before you retire to observe from higher states the night side of life of the Mother, the inner spheres of solar light that glow from those unknown realms from which the Mother does communicate all. You will come into a greater understanding of cosmic cycles, daily cycles. This is what my training does begin with for those who would see all as I see and then through cosmic perception may communicate what are the needs of mankind, the souls of mankind, to come up higher.
            So you have a key this day to understand my work which is not only to intervene in the affairs of man through appearing here and there in the nations, but there has issued forth from my own communion with God the understanding of cycles. For I have entered fully into those cycles and understood the law of being of all. Therefore study the sun. Study the solar cycles, the inner cycles, of the Sun of your being. And when you have gleaned the fullness of the radiance and its expression 360 degrees throughout the circumference of your being, then and only then will I take you on as one who can assist me and beloved Cyclopea in bringing to bear the cosmic witnessing of events upon earth and how we may intervene, may transcend and may raise all.
            Lanello as the Sun King did understand this teaching, even as Ikhnaton many sun cycles ago, blessed hearts. And so he has begun anew his work through this activity and through each one of you who are sons and daughters of God in your own right. Many of you were with him in Egypt and did receive the inner teachings during his instruction thirty-three thousand cycles ago. Now all is coming unto fulfillment. And as the Mother also rises to fulfill her higher role as a priestess of solar fire, then each one of you, called from among the sons and daughters of men, may once again vibrate with this Sun Presence of your own Godhood upon earth.
            This is how we will build a golden age, sun by sun, you see. There is no other way, beloved ones. And if you expect or desire to know when this golden age will appear fully, I say, when will it appear within you? For then and only then will the fullness of its intensity blaze and abide within the earth. So Lanello and I welcome you and take you within our hearts for a moment outside of time and space. And you have felt the burning of our love for you, each one, this morning. Remember who you are. Remember your first love.
            I am K-17 and I will walk this property with you and with Kuthumi. Did you know that he is known as K.H.? [Audience chuckles.] So you have K-17 and K.H. at your sides. And we will chuckle, too, with you, this day. I seal you in this solar sphere that we have created. We are one. We are one in the Sun.

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