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Suryaji      June 24, 2006

Beloved Suryaji (RamaKrishna)
David C. Lewis
June 24, 2006 6:34-6:44 pm CDT
Hopkins, Minnesota

It is Your Time to Be the Voice of the Mother

            Sarada Devi and I have blessed you with the remaining rose petals which we have sanctified with our love for each of you. We have been here all afternoon witnessing the great love shared through your hearts.
            I am Ramakrishna, now known as Suryaji. And I stand in the sacred center of this circle and radiate my love of the Divine Mother throughout the twin cities as Sarada Devi does also radiate her love of the Divine Father throughout this area. We focus the light of Alpha and Omega. We focus the love of twin flames ascended. We ensoul the statue of Minnehaha and Hiawatha. And when you travel to this focus as heartfriends, you may from this day forward feel the presence of not only Mark and Mother but [also] of our twin flames.
            The path of love and devotion as Bhakti Yoga has been our way and is still our way, for it is in the pleasant atmosphere created by the angels who come when hearts are open, such as yours, that we are comfortable in winding our way into the atmosphere of this earth and gracing sentient beings with our presence.
            Holiness is the byword of those whose hearts are one with God. I suggest that you consider wearing white when you enter this sanctuary as a remembrance of the light of the Divine Mother flame, the sacred fire rising within you. For ye are all devotees of the Mother. And many of you having worshipped in her temples on Lemuria and in India with me, with Jesus, do understand the dispensation of light that we bear in this hour through this movement.
            And though your Mother's time upon earth may be drawing to a close, yet that Mother Light may reside fully within you as you choose to outpicture the radiance of her smile, her glory, her love for all her children. You have been her children and now you have become adults-mothers and fathers in your own right-fully employing all that you have learned having sat upon her lap, having been nourished at her breast. Blessed ones, it is your time to fly from the nest and to be, with her wings of light surrounding you, the voice of the Mother where'er you go. Ah, the devotees-ah, the devotees whose hearts sing with the eternal spirit of the oneness of her presence.
            May the grace of the Mother alight upon you, shine upon your countenance, quicken your soul. And may the Eternal Spirit grace your lives, your witness to the light of the blessed Mother. I dry her tears, shed in this hour, for she also has been witness to and present with you and desires that you truly understand how much she loves you so.
            May the corona of Surya be upon this holy body to seal you in the alchemy of your hearts this night. I am Suryaji, and I ascend to the Mother's retreat to once again enter into my meditation, my eternal meditation upon her heart of fire.

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