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Kuthumi      June 23, 2006

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
June 23, 2006
Emigrant, Montana

            Blessed heartfriends who are rising in cosmic understanding and in that greater service that comes when, through conscious awareness, all that you do is conveyed in an element of and from inner peace, I am Kuthumi. I am peace. And from this point of inner stillness, I draw forth from within you, divine elements which heretofore have remained dormant, often for many life times, but which now must burst forth in the world of form so that many more may know of our holy cause. I see within each one of you the highest aspects that you have utilized in all past lifetimes of your God-reality. And from the energies and the momentums that you have garnered through your service to others, I create a thoughtform, a God-ideal, from which, as you move forward from this day, you may draw upon and use in higher service to souls.
            Many of you in giving my prayer inspired upon this messenger, "I AM saving sentient beings" have come into a newer and higher awareness of what can be done when, through your own attunement and sitting in the seat of cosmic consciousness, the eternal fires of the Spirit are conveyed through your heart and chakras, radiating forth to all of life for the blessing, the healing, the cleansing, the raising, the sanctification of all. Now take this newfound spirit of your own understanding of the path of oneness as a divine being and issue from the Godhead. And in every step that you take, every breath that you breathe, every point from which the light energy of your Presence that flows through the nexus of your heart, allow this divine Presence to be where you are to serve those in your circle of influence, in the circumference of your life. This is holiness. This is the action of the secret rays blazing forth through your aura, changing, often in an instant, forcefields, pockets of darkness-eradicating and consuming and dissolving thought patterns of the past, even creatures of the dark that inhabit the lower regions of the astral bodies of mankind.
            When the light is fully employed from within you as God-beings and when you understand that you are light, then all that you do, all that you convey does radiate forth, consuming shadows; and you become a sun of eternal purpose.
            This is the goal and what each ascended master has become through identification with their own Godhood. You have experienced increments of this awareness, growing day by day as you have mastered the energies within. And through this gift that I convey this day, as you desire to maintain this state of awareness, the sun reality and presence of your higher nature may manifest more fully. You may have less lows or depressions in the cycles of being and maintain a greater stability and harmony and level of attunement and oneness as you remain tethered to this higher nature, always available to you.
            I now radiate the light from the eternal Sun Presence of Jesus and myself as World Teachers to the earth and her evolutions in this hour. From this point of God all are drawn into our higher teaching and understanding. Be ready for what will come. Be observant. Spend more time in silence, seeking not always the approbation, the affections of others but seeking to know the stream of Godhood within and around you always. Verbalize what you experience only as necessary for the conveying of what is true, what is real. Dwell in this reality and know the allness of God from this central point around which all worlds turn.
            When you become a sun then you serve all, you see. And when you understand all truths, the knowingness that comes through the eternality of the Spirit, being centered in and of God, then the rays that you convey do teach, do raise all, just as the rays of the solar sphere of Helios and Vesta do actually teach and convey their wisdom 24/7, 365 and a 1/4 days in your solar year, always.
            Words may not always convey the fullness of the presence of cosmic love-wisdom, but the reality that you have become through the attainment of your Godhood will always be conveyed even in the soundless sound of the issuing forth of these rays from the heart of your being always. "I AM Light, glowing Light, radiating Light, intensified Light." The Lord God has consumed all darkness within you when you are that light, blessed ones. This is your way out, which is the way in, you see. Be the Way, the Truth, the Life and the Light to all by becoming the son of God, the daughter of God, that you are.
            We are with you, Jesus and I. Our friend Omraam now also forms the third point of the triangle of light. And from this sacred triad, they begin the spinning action of the sun within you to glow more brightly. And we raise the earth in sacred fire from this point of solstice time forward into a new day of divine oneness. Peace be with you always. Peace be eternally our friends. We thank you and bid you a joyous day of divine service and cosmic love-wisdom to all life.

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