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Fortuna      June 14, 2006

Beloved Fortuna
David C. Lewis
June 14, 2006 7:04-7:15 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Let Your Abundance Grow This Day!
Teaching on the Cosmic Circular Divine-Qualities Treasure Map

            Blessed hearts who would have fully the abundance of God's grace within, I am Fortuna, and I have been with you this morning during the giving of this sacred rosary ritual. And I have impressed into the very molecules of your cells and beings, blessed ones, the essence of the emerald ray not only of healing but of that cosmic abundance that is rightfully yours as sons and daughters of God. I suggest that a compact disc of this service this morning be made available to all heartfriends, for we see that many among you have not fully mastered the use and the wielding of the emerald ray in the way of creating for yourselves the abundance that you need in your lives, truly as a witness and a testament to the path of wholeness that you walk.
            Therefore, this hour of our experience together wherein you once again enter into the meditation upon these immortal concepts, which have so lovingly been expressed by a devotee of me, will create for you an aura of Christly grace, the abundant consciousness-that tranquility that allows the presence of God to dwell where you are so that you have access to the fullness of the abundance of your own causal body which surely is enough to meet all of your needs and requirements.
            Blessed ones, you may discern what it is that keeps you from this access to not only your divine potential to be God but [which] thwarts your efforts to express the fullness of who you are through that abundance which is necessary for you to have what you need in the physical to accomplish your goals. You have heard many keys as to what blocks this abundance and access to your causal body momentums. Fear, a sense of lack, despondency, dwelling in the past, judging others, envy of the gifts and graces that have been bestowed upon other parts of life all create the perversion of the emerald ray of cosmic joy and abundance that then sits as a stopper that you must uncork this day to gain access to the fullness of cosmic flow which is rightfully yours.
            The key to maintaining this flow, as you have heard, is giving. Therefore, if you are temporarily in a state of lack, then what needs to be done is that you immediately begin to give to other parts of life in some manner-in service, in love, in sacrificial time. Have you visited the sick or those in the prisons or the elder care facilities or those recovering from cancer to give them of your heart's love? Have you seen the need of a neighbor and dug deep, even in selling off something [that] you no longer need to present to that one what could be a saving grace for them to make it financially? Have you expanded your heart by offering to be with other's children or the elderly so that they can work to fulfill their own place in the great drama of life?
            Sometimes we see many whiling away their time before the television set watching movies, reading novels and books which do not lend themselves toward the highest purposes of [their] divine reality. If you consider your time and how you may carve out even twenty minutes to serve another in some manner, this in and of itself, will begin to create the momentum and the flow that will bring that abundance back unto you multiplied, as you have heard, ten-fold or more based on the quotient of love and God-desire that you wrap within that gift from your heart.
            Those who serve selflessly, always have the abundance necessary to sustain them on their pathway home to the heart of God. Those who give freely without thought of return always receive from the very heart of heaven graces and blessings. And even if that abundance is not always tangible in terms of money, the happiness, the balance and the grace of acceptance of your divine nature may more easily flow and be available to you for your spiritual work as a result of your mastery on the path of the ruby ray of service, selflessness, sacrifice and surrender.
            I suggest that many of you consider creating a new divine treasure map for yourselves before this summer solstice, or to take that special day of summer solstice and meditate deeply upon your divine plan and what you seek to accomplish during the remainder of your life and your time upon earth. And on all twelve lines of the clock of this cosmic map, record both in imagery and in your writing, keys that will allow you to gain the full mastery of those cosmic qualities on each line seeing them outpictured in tangible manifestations of your work and service and the abundance that will accrue to you as you fulfill each of your goals, blessed hearts.
            Working with blessed Mother Mary, naming the divine qualities, the lines of the clock, the solar hierarchies, claiming those God-realities within the physical plane and also asking for the consuming of those blocks and negative portents that have been a weight upon your soul for lifetimes will gain you much in the way of fulfilling all that you came to earth to accomplish. Therefore, this new type of treasure map, wherein both the blessed Virgin and I will work with you as two cosmic mothers, will gain for you a new-found spirit of joy. For you see, as you check off each of these victories, your vision will expand, your abundance will be magnified and your joy will truly be the joy of the angels who will surround you in the process of working with you to assist you in accomplishing all, dear hearts.
            This can almost be a spiritual fun exercise like the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts who have their projects, their badges to win. And you can see how each goal that you set before you in writing and visually can truly be won not only by your own efforts but the magic that will manifest because you have made your goals known to the angels and the elementals. [This] will truly be miraculous. For heaven always seeks to work with mankind if mankind simply acknowledges that spiritual beings exist and [that they] are called upon to assist you in your work.
            Beloved ones, it is natural for children to understand how easy it is to step through the veil and commune with all the spiritual beings and creative forces of the universe that merge and move all around you, even in this hour. Therefore, I also suggest that you work with each of your children and ask them to also prepare this cosmic circular treasure map wherein they, too, from an early age, may enter into the fun of seeing what they may manifest in their lives. And, as they grow older, we suggest that every two or three years a new map is made.
            For as they gain self-mastery, knowledge, and wisdom, they will understand higher frequencies, more of the universal principles and laws that exist; and they, too, may fully develop the abundant consciousness because you have given them this key and allowed them, as masterful beings, to accomplish all that their own divine presence would work through them to fulfill. This can be a family project. Fun! Even a community project if you desire. And though you may not always share all of the alchemical desires that you hope to see fulfilled in your personal world, yet the joy of this experience itself will be a creative spark within the greater community of The Hearts Center activity to expand the light, to expand the possibilities that may be accomplished at all levels because you have put your goals and objectives and desires into the physical.
            The secret rays will also manifest through this alchemy because you have used your hands and your heart and then, ultimately, your feet to manifest these alchemies. Therefore, you see, as change is necessary, be flexible, pliant and bending to add new imagery or to update your charts whenever necessary. This will allow you not to dwell only on what has been accomplished but [to] always look forward to what can be.
            The sign of the adept is continuous change, continuous transmutation, the on-goingness of initiation, rising upon the spiral staircase of life. Only those who stultify and remain on one rung of the ladder do not receive the abundance that they need, blessed ones. You see, if you are always climbing, if you are always stretching and moving, then the anti-abundance energies and demons will not gain an entr�e into your world or put a fix upon you in their sights to derail the victory of all that you seek to accomplish.
            Therefore, keep moving, keep manifesting love, light, openness of your hearts, welcoming each opportunity and each person that comes to your Hearts Centers, giving them a morsel of truth and not too much at once and providing each one with an opportunity to grow into the fullness of the divine being that already exists within.
            Acceptance of your God-abundance is the key. Call to me and to the God of Gold and to the Lady of Cosmic Abundance, blessed Mary, to overshadow all your efforts; and we will smile upon your work and projects with a radiance of our cosmic flow, blessed ones.
            I now increase the emerald fire within the earth body. All those who give reverence to life, to nature, to the elementals receive a grace and blessing this day from my heart. And all those who have decried God, the Mother Light and the blessed nature spirits by continuing to heap their devil ways upon the evolutions of mankind and of nature's kingdom have taken from them this hour that abundance that they have stolen and misused. It is so by the Word of God spoken through me in this hour. To them that have given much, more is given. And to them who have taken from the lightbearers is taken their [misqualification of the] light.
            This is my decree. This is the judgment of God that I wield even as the Goddess of Abundance to this system of worlds. Let it be so! And let your abundance grow this day! I thank you.

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