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Leto      June 07, 2006

Beloved Lady Master Leto
David Christopher Lewis
June 7, 2006            7:49 - 8:08 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            Blessed ones who are mounting the spiral staircase into the very arms of the Divine One,
            I am Leto. And I come this day to anoint you and to appoint you unto that divine experience whereby through your self-mastery in the science of exiting your body temple in the flesh you may enter the greater body temple of the Lord in the heavens. Those who are adepts, having mastered this science, truly have a higher means of communion with ascended beings, the angels and those who do inspire mankind at many levels with an understanding of the path of oneness.
            Holiness is the requirement for you to not only learn the sacred art of leaving your body form and experiencing the sublime energies of the heaven world but then of returning consciously and remembering what has been quickened within your soul in higher octaves. Therefore the holiness that you must maintain in this process is one whereby the light raised upon your spinal altar, nourishing each chakra and residing truly within the third eye and within the crown, does win for you that momentum whereby you may not only see what transpires but bring back the memory of it for your utilization consciously upon earth.
            Therefore, blessed ones, the key that I give you this day is that before you retire at night, you prepare the sanctuary of your heart and the physical place where you lay down your body truly as an altar for the Lord to use your body temple as he desires. The Holy Spirit, as a very present reality abiding with you in this space of holiness, will surround your form, sealing you in a protective layer of cosmic energy whereby through this sphere of fire you may be transported to higher states of awareness and spheres of consciousness. I recommend that you not only give the prayer so lovingly penned to me but also those in the white section� which will allow the light to fully ensconce your being in this radiance of holiness that you require for this sacred alchemical science to manifest for you.
            Many have not fully applied the instruction that I have given in the past, nor could they fully understand or experience thereby those spheres of awareness that it is natural for your soul to migrate to when you are enveloped in this cosmic flow, beloved hearts. This is because many have not first prepared the sanctuary of their being for this experience. And, therefore, as has been previously stated, please do not watch television or movies or engage in argumentation or read books and novels of human interactions that bring you back down to the "earth earthy" consciousness, but spend the remaining fifteen to twenty minutes of your time before you retire in a state of devotion to your God, [in] quietude, [and in] listening to what your Divine Presence speaks unto you of the intimations of God's heart. And know surcease from all the cares and worries of the day, laying them aside, casting them into the flame so that your mind, your spirit, your consciousness will be free to fly to our domain.
            The very worries and concerns and anxieties that you hold within the emotional body also draws you back to earth, you see. Therefore, if you would be willing, it would also be to your advantage to spend just a few moments of time in stretching or in the simple practice of a few minutes of yoga to release the tensions that have also embedded themselves within your muscles, your joints and your physical form.
            Do you see the naturalness of what I am speaking of to you this day? For, beloved ones, your time in the retreats of the Brotherhood is so precious for your soul, for you do have many experiences with us whereby we may teach and bless and even heal certain elements of your psychology. And though your soul retains at inner levels the memories of these experiences, if and when you can retain them in your outer, waking consciousness, the joy, the vitality and the refreshing currents that you will experience through your remembrances will truly move you forward light years on the path of your spiritual development toward a new-found freedom from being tied to this earth in so dense a way.
            The inspiration, the creativity, the magnanimity of your heart that will, through this expansive experience, come unto you will for many of you be the capstone of a life lived in service to your God and to your fellow man and woman. And this is as it should be. For those who are moving upward and onward on the path of the ruby ray� should through their service to life receive, even while in embodiment, the benefits of the experience of oneness and grace that heaven would bestow.
            So take time, blessed ones, and pencil in on a nightly basis this time of quietude and reverence with the angels, with your personal sponsoring masters, with the blessed Virgin Mary or Kuan Yin or others with whom you feel a heart tie. And as you begin to gain a greater mastery of not only consciously leaving your mortal form but, as I have said, returning and retaining the full-blown memory of your experiences, the presence of God around you will be magnified day by day until that day when the very natural process of leaving your physical body as a spiritual being will translate into the final movement of the Spirit through you whereby you will finally leave your mortal form and ascend back to the very heart of God.
            You see now that this science is truly training for your ascension, is it not? And therefore as you apply the white-fire energies of the ascension currents in your life, giving them liberally throughout the day and in the night, those currents will become more and more familiar to your soul, gracing you with untold blessings. And these will never stop, blessed ones. They will never diminish as you continue to ascend, even after your ascension. For you see we, as immortal beings, are always rising, always evolving, always gaining more and more of the divine essence of God within and around us.
            I thank you, each one, for your listening ears; for even they, too, will become more sensitized to all of the spiritual senses that you will experience in higher octaves. Yes, all of your physical faculties will receive an impetus whereby what you experience in the physical plane will be purified, rarified. And the higher senses of your soul you will experience even through the five not-so-secret senses that you know as seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling.
            I welcome you to my heart and to all the retreats of the Brotherhood each night, blessed ones. As you make the call to attend either the retreat of your choice or simply ask God and the angels to wing you and your soul to that one which has been prepared for your work and service to life each night, you will truly bask in all the rays, all the flames of God and know the I AM name impressed upon the mantle, the cornice, the capstone of each of these sacred houses within the great mansion of the heavenworld of the Lord.
            Blessed be your souls. Blessed be the Spirit that inhabits your outer being and awareness. Blessedness, holiness unto each one this day. I thank you.

� Prayers to the flame of purity, wholeness and the ascension flame in the section of the prayer book beginning with number 40.001.

�The path of the ruby ray is the path of selflessness, sacrifice, service and surrender.

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