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Omraam      June 04, 2006

Beloved Omraam (Mikhaël Aïvanhov)
David C. Lewis
June 4, 2006 3:33-3:36 pm PDT
Yosemite Park, California

A Journey to the Sun as an Introduction to the Solar Logoi

            By the power of the three times three times three, I enter your three-fold flame. I am Omraam, and I am indeed here to introduce to you, my friends, the Solar Logoi. For beloved ones I was sent from the very Sun-Source of this system of worlds to the earth for the accomplishment of a specific mission. And that is and remains-to reconnect you with your own Solar-Source of fire. For only through this spiritual fire may you fully attain to all that you descended from your own God Sun-Source to accomplish.
            Therefore I welcome you to this space before the face of the cliffs of Morya El, truly a Master of Masters who has gone before you and gone before many to proclaim the word of God as that law of your cosmic identity which he has now fully embraced and [to which he] draws you higher to also manifest.
            Isn't the magnificence of the fiery rock before you an emblem of your determination to truly become the All in all? Those who have scaled the mountain heights have witnessed to those cosmic fastnesses whereby they are indeed closer to the heavens. And yet we would bring you spiritually closer to the heaven world in consciousness and not just physically.
            Therefore blessed ones the Solar Logoi do now surround you, surround the earth, and this entire solar system in this hour to proclaim the immanency of the dawn of a new day and cycle whereby the evolutions of this planet are indeed called higher unto their own solar awareness. Therefore rise with me in consciousness as I take you in your finer bodies into the very sun of this system where you may experience this dictation from these Solar Lords from a newfound height of cosmic awareness in this hour.

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