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Maha Chohan      June 03, 2006

Beloved Maha Chohan
David C. Lewis
June 3, 2006 8:20-8:30 am PDT
Fresno, California

I Breathe a New Spirit Upon You

            Oh holy ones upon whom I would breathe a new spirit, I am the Maha Chohan. And I have come to ask a favor. And that is that you discern this day with me how each one of you may be that fiery one for the consuming of certain records in the valleys and in those areas where you will walk this day-records of the misuse of the light of the Holy Spirit.
            Some of you have studied the history of the interplay between those who once inhabited this landed area many moons ago. And with the coming of other civilizations did undergo a rapid retreat and a loss of the sanctity of the sacred space that they had lived in for many decades and even centuries. It is always a travesty when those of one culture cannot and will not revere those of other cultures and dispensations. And even in this hour you see the results of what some have done, creating a culture of materialism that far exceeds the necessities for spiritual survival upon earth wherein mankind has lost touch with the inner flame, that divine gnosis within.
            So you come this day with me to fan a newfound fire in this area to anchor light but also to consume the records of the misuse of that light back to the days of Lemuria, beloved ones. I will be with each one of you in holiness as you revere not only the beauty and splendor of nature where you walk, but as you enter in to a deeper relationship with your own God-being, discerning in this time how in this place you may receive a certain blessing and grace from the heart of the Elohim of the first ray and the chohan thereof to impel you into new levels of solar awareness, transcending the cycles of your unreality and embracing this newfound joy that you have experienced in the company of your brethren and sisters.
            Together we will win when each one remembers the flame that burns within each heart, revering that flame, never letting it go nor dwindle through anger, hurt or a sense of loneliness or self-deprecation. Therefore, look into the eyes of each one in this sacred company and see something of God that in times of your own turmoil or distress you may call to and rely upon for strength, for comfort. For I am the comforter and I pray that this day each one of you will enter into that comfort flame so that you, too, may comfort all life.
            Yes, I am a fiery spirit compelling you higher in all ways. Yet this day and the morrow and the morrow I desire to make my presence known to you in that tangible reality of the flame of comfort whereby your soul may be nourished, your spirit may receive respite from your burdens and cares. And from this place of peace, tranquility and equipoise you may maintain the point of contact with the divine Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood within you always.
            Beloved ones, maintain that point of contact with us. Never let it go. For in this you will have your victory in all ways. [The Maha Chohan breathes his fire breath upon us three times-two times gently and the final time with a thrust.] May the breath of the Divine be upon you and may your habitation ever be graced by this Spirit. I thank you.

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