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Seven Archangels      May 27, 2006

Beloved Seven Archangels
David C. Lewis
Mary 27, 2006 7:31-7:55 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

The Archangels Come Bringing the Power of Love

            We, the Seven Archangels, come in support of the archeiai who have placed their presence in the earth. We are the defenders of the Woman and Her Seed and this energy of the woman is enobled in the archeiai themselves and in each woman-child within the realms of time and space who has made herself an offering and a chalice for the light of God to flow and be sustained. You have heard of the man-child, well what of the woman-child who also comes to earth to be the one for God to sustain a cosmos in mater.
            You have felt the fiery spirit of our presence during this morning's broadcast and in the fiery release of the rosary. And some of you have said within yourselves, is this love? Is this the love of Mary in the giving of this rosary in this intensity? Well, we bring the power of love this day through our hearts, magnified in the earth through the hearts of those one with God. And we come to strip you of the human nonsense that some of you have entered into even in the last six days since the coming of our twin flames.
            That human nonsense is the personality which you have sustained now for tens of thousands of years as a coil of darkness around the true light of your divinity. And so, when we come to raise you higher, you shudder and you slink into that globule of fatty substance that cannot perceive the oneness of God-harmony, God-light, even within the cells of your own being let alone the divinity that vibrates at all levels of your higher consciousness, blessed ones.
            Therefore, the only solution to your dilemma is to surrender what you have become-the "lesser me"-and allow the God-man or woman to inhabit your being. Surrender is a daily affair. And you cannot simply say to yourself, "Yesterday I surrendered all, and therefore today I am God fully." Daily you must release the negative coil, at least one strand that you have woven around you, into the flame. Daily you must perceive a greater portion of your God-reality as the counter-balance to that darkness that you are letting go. For if you simply let it go, what will be in its place? It must be light, greater light. Therefore, we have suggested lightening up your bodies, even your emotional bodies which, within some of you, is even greater than the weight that you carry in your physical body, blessed hearts. And those of you who have lived in your mental bodies, if you could see what they look like from our realm, they also, too, are fatty with that mental substance that you have accumulated around the core of the divine mind of your being through the cogitation upon human concepts rather than the divine.
            Therefore, we come this day to purge you, bind that substance this day, cast it into the chalice of sacred fire created by the action of the Sun Presence of Omraam here who has lent his casual body of solar fire as a great Sun Presence into which you may divest those elements of your human nature.
            Watch your words, watch you thoughts, watch your emotions. When you speak of another and use a name, whether in the presence of that one or not, what do you think happens to the emotional energy that you project in anxiety toward that one, blessed hearts? The soul, the heart of that one is burdened. And whether you know it or not, the darkness that flows through you as a lightbearer is magnified by the intensity of the light that you carry in your aura. And therefore, you make greater karma through this action of the emotional turmoil that you have not resolved within your being that you then seek to divest yourself of through throwing it upon another rather than seeing the resolution and the consuming within the heart fires of your own God Presence here within you.
            When the Mother Light comes there is the raising of that liquid, fiery light substance to resolve within you all of the astral, the emotional energies that you bear. So if you could have perceived fully what the coming of the archeiai meant, you would have meditated upon that emotional quadrant of your own being and asked for the purging, the cleansing, the consuming of all untoward energy-in-motion within you so that you, too, like Magda, could be the grail for the Lord into which he would pour the alchemical, spiritual fire of the Father-energies.
            So we come in defense of the Mother Light. And as it has for this week been vibrating within the earth body itself, we now come to claim and to raise that Mother Light within our own and within all lightbearers of earth so that their perceptions may truly be from the higher plane of God reality rather than continuing to manifest through the lesser vision, the lesser human mind which cannot perceive at the God-level, that objective apex of fire of Alpha from which all from the capstone of your God-identity does radiate into the world of form.
            You see, we the archangels are scientists of the Spirit. For long ago we have mastered the release of the sacred fire through the chakras that we, one with God, do blaze forth through into your world. The crystalline energies of your divine chakras must now resonate and take their place, superimposed upon the chakras of your individuality in the world of form. Therefore, when you see a problem within your emotional body, your mental body, your thought or feeling world, ask for the divine resonance of your higher Self with the purified and rarified energies of these crystalline energies of your divine chakras to now vibrate over and through what you perceive as your personality here below, blessed ones.
            The key to your salvation is the displacement of the lesser with the greater. You must simply be replaced by God-consciousness, you see. This is acceptance of divine grace. And even in the Christian faiths of today, at the lower level of understanding of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is that understanding of salvation through the grace of God flowing through the Lord. And although some have it wrong in the sense that they feel that all has been wiped away by the Lord Jesus and they may not have to work quite so hard for their own self-elevation, yet there is that key that allows the grace of Jesus' heart to flow to them through their acceptance of his presence in their midst.
            Therefore you must accept the presence of your Presence in your midst through grace to flow through you at all times. This is the "no work" plan of salvation which through the Tao you will understand to be true being in the now, where you do not so much seek to do it from the human level but to allow God's light to work its work through you in the very receptacle of the chalice your heart, moment by moment.
            You have heard the phrase and the advertisement, "Just do it." We come this day to say to you: yes, allow God to be where you are! Just do it for your own Self, beloved hearts, not for anyone else, not a master or a messenger or your spouse but simply be. Just do it and be your God-reality this day and every day.
            We now stand upon the seven seas and the continents-our right foot upon the land and our left upon the water-and we raise, through the power of the seven rays, the consciousness of mankind through the activation of the vial of light within the seed of each chakra of every man, woman and child of light upon earth. There is an activation and a convergence of certain energies-as above, so below-within this crystal seed within the chakras of all. It is activated at a very minute, molecular level but there is a change this day upon earth. As each son or daughter of God may discern that very simple change within them at the deepest core level of their being, then they may be able to grasp more fully the divine intention of their Godhood to resonate within their beings at all times, at all places in this world.
            This is our gift to you. Call for the activation and the acceptance by mankind of this seed-crystal within their beings. And when another comes to you with a problem, with a concern, call forth for that soul, for the Holy Christ or Buddha Self to activate within the particular chakra that resonates with the problem of that one, that seed energy, enfiring it, fanning it, so that it may be the answer to their dilemma from within them rather than from without. For if one cannot fully embrace his own God-consciousness from within, then any outer solution, however seemingly great, will not fully manifest in the totality of being for the resolution of all within, blessed ones.
            We, the archangels, now take the hand of the archeiai and will also be with them here in your plane for the remainder of their stay with you during this coming week. Understand how you are loved of God that he would allow the fullness of his presence through his archangels and archeiai to grace the earth in this hour of Gemini-yes, truly Gemini, the twins. Isn't it appropriate that twin flames of the archangels would come in this cycle to "raise the earth in sacred fire" as you have called forth. This is our gift. This is our God-desire if we could have desire. But our only desire truly is to fulfill the law and mandates of Alpha and Omega, the Lord God in the Great Central Sun whom we serve.
            By the power vested in the Lord God within us, we seal you in holy purpose and cosmic light substance for the fulfillment of your mission in this life and for the raising of the earth into a golden age where all may know the Lord, where all may walk hand in hand as brethren, as sisters, without dissimulation, without division, but one as one body of God. We thank you and bid you a day of holy acceptance of the grace that the ladies of heaven and now the men have brought to you. We thank you.

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