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Cuzco      May 23, 2006

Beloved Cuzco
David C. Lewis
May 23, 2006  7:43–8:00 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Stand Firm in Your Resolve to Win Your Ascension:
Know Immortal Fire This Day!

Blessed Hearts of Fire,
            I come to add my momentum of cosmic fire to the Earth this day. One is taken and many are left.¹ But I come to announce to you that although one of your brothers has departed this plane, not in the way that we would desire, that from the Ascension Temple at Luxor, seven have in the last twenty-four hours, in your time, stepped on the ascension dais and received the currents of that fire for their victory!
           When you see such a victory as this in the Earth, there is that foreshadowing [in that] the forces of darkness, point/counterpoint, attempt to preclude the great light descending by attacking our own. Therefore do not despair. For the soul for whom you have prayed is safe in this hour, resting, and has already received the ministration of angels and masters and friends of light.
           This should be an object lesson to each of you that you must take every moment of your time as opportunity for self-transcendence. Waste not the hours, but enter into a deeper relationship with your God Self, the flame that burns within your hearts. And understand that moment by moment you are weaving the sacred garment of light that is necessary for you to be transported into higher dimensions of light at the close of this embodiment—and even daily as you are able to receive the fire of heaven and apply it in your daily renderings of cosmic consciousness within.
            I am Cuzco, and in these hours I have had to adjust certain energies and forcefields and frequencies in the Earth for the stabilization of all, not only within the Earth body itself but within the chakras and beings of the lightbearers. For the great coming of the Buddha from the Pleiades has mandated that we who work with the scientific application of the balancing of cycles and spirals of light do adjust for that great influx that has not only entered your worlds, if you have chosen to receive it, but will cause a great stirring in the minds of mankind, not only in this year but for a millennia, beloved ones.
           Therefore do not take lightly this opportunity for you to rise into a golden-age consciousness; for you know that at higher vibrations the golden-age civilization is already in full sway. And each of you must rise to dwell at that level of cosmic accountability wherein you not only perceive the rays of fire from the sun of your own God Presence but utilize those rays in all ways for the evolutions of this planet.
            When a cosmic master such as the Buddha from the Pleiades comes, he brings with him certain cosmic rays that are not native to this system, you see. And therefore there is the adjustment, even in the atmosphere of the Earth, even in the polar regions and within the substrata of the Earth itself, of energies and vibrations to accommodate this great steaming forth of certain, as you would say, X rays or cosmic rays. These are an unknown quotient and do activate within the subconscious of mankind that Mother energy that is now rising. And you have seen, even in this hour, the enabling and the ennobling of that Mother energy in the media, in all manner of manifestations in the Earth itself. And those who have vowed to snuff out that light of the Mother also rise and are quickened in their own dark ways to continue the battle against what we of the ascended hosts of the Great White Brotherhood are determined to accomplish for and on behalf of Sanat Kumara and Guatama Buddha and all those who have taken the bodhisattva vow.
           Therefore you will continue to see rumbling within the Earth, the shifting of certain tectonic plates in certain areas, the activation of volcanic activity, the acceleration of winds and rain and hurricane whereby mankind may have opportunity to see the activation even within their own beings of certain energies. For what is outpictured in the microcosm of your body and your self is an outpicturing of what is occurring within the macrocosm of the Earth body, beloved hearts.
            Therefore work while ye have the light to purify and cleanse yourself, the basement of your etheric body, which is your subconscious. And call for the light of Surya to penetrate into the very lowest recesses and regions of your being to illuminate what you have suppressed of your God Reality in the past, which must come to light to be resolved within you once and for all! The solution to all is the acceleration of the violet flame commingled with the blue lightning from the very heart of Surya on Sirius, forming a great action of the purple ray to dissolve those knotty issues and substances within you that have for far too long held sway within your being.
           When will you decide to become immortal? It is no longer acceptable to reside within these fleshly bodies, which limit you in the perception of your Godhood, blessed ones.
            So one who could no longer simply dwell within this Earth body, feeling compelled to leave took the wrong pathway, but you must see, as I have said, this as an object lesson for you to rise and accelerate! Therefore determine this day with a great determination, with Master Morya and Hercules, to stand firm in your resolve to win your ascension, not only for yourself but for your families, your friends and those to whom you are and will be a benefactor for many aeons to come.
            I now adjust within your auras and within your threefold flame the activation that has occurred such that you will be able to withstand certain higher frequencies that even now are impelling you higher. Call to me throughout this day, on the hour if possible, by saying: “Cuzco, come! Adjust the energies within me so that I may be fully God in manifestation. Cuzco, come! I invite you; I accept you. Teach me to be whole now.” This may be your prayer not only each month on the twenty-second and twenty-third² but as often as you wish. For truly all of you must become comfortable with those cosmic streamings, not only from higher worlds but from your own Sun Presence. You must not only be able to take greater heat but to live in that heat moment by moment whereby the vibrations of heaven within your four lower bodies—adjusting, adjusting and adjusting as a thermostat moment by moment—will allow you to truly become those fiery suns that Surya and I see you as, even in this hour.
           I am turning up the dial of your Godhood if you would accept it. Through your assent, nod to my angels now that you will be just stewards of this light that we bear.
            I am Cuzco! Come to the heart of the Mother light and the Father bright, who sing a new song in you each day if you will receive them in humility, in honor and integrity to be the fiery Spirits that the Lord God sent forth in the beginning to carve new pathways of perfection within the universal chalice bestowed through the great outbreath, which now receive as the great inbreathing within you, and know immortal fire this day. I seal you for your victory in cosmic awareness forever. Amen.

1.  Shortly before this heartstream the messenger received word that someone who had been on the path of light committed suicide.
2.  We have been encouraged to pray to Surya and Cuzco on the 22nd and 23rd of each month, for their causal bodies are available within the atmosphere of the Earth to assist devotees in their spiritual work.

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