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Buddha from out the Pleiades      May 22, 2006

Beloved Buddha from out the Pleiades
David Christopher Lewis
May 22, 2006 7:28 - 7:45 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            When your mind is stilled, then I may enter more fully within you. When your mind is emptied, I am comfortable abiding within you. If you would be a true servitor, then you must understand that mindfulness that is not thine own, but God's. For many have become full of themselves, leaving nothing left for God to abide within them, for God to latch onto. Be still and know that I AM God within you.
            I AM a Buddha from out the Pleiades come to reside here for a season in answer to your calls. And it has taken me some time, as you have witnessed, to mesh my consciousness with this earth plane to raise it into a level in which others may come to abide with you.
            When you seek stillness, you may invite me to meditate with you. Can you discern now the acceleration of the frequency of your crown into which I deposit drops of cosmic illumination through the soundless sound that penetrates and activates certain nerve centers within that have lain dormant for eons? This which I perform this day as a cosmic surgery, freeing you from certain mortal concepts and constructs, I also provide for all mankind who are ready for the next step.
            The Kali Mother has called me also, for she has seen your plight. And only through an acceleration of illumination and understanding may mankind rise into the golden light and the aura of Maitreya's coming.
            The cosmic surgery has been initiated and may continue in you so long as you maintain your peace throughout the day, throughout the night. And tomorrow you will awaken in a new body, a new light body, more rarified, a new mind to outfox those who would destroy the movement of the stream of your cosmic awareness into the infinite.
            Bind them now! Burn through their mental patterns of deception of our best servants! Bind now those, through the power of illumination's ray, who have inveigled themselves in the churches to deceive all lightbearers! Expose their treachery! Bind the darkness of their lies! I clear from the earth the miasma that has beset this planet from these anti-minds! Burn through! Bind death and hell and the astral seas!
            May the Mother Light that has now been exposed rise anew, and may you be enfired to be the Buddha where you are. It is done and will manifest fully in a time and a time and half a time.
            [The master exhales two and a half times.]
            So be it.
            O Gautama, I bow to you and lend you my heart and mind in this hour.

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