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Spirit of Grace      May 21, 2006

Beloved Spirit of Grace
David Christopher Lewis
May 21, 2006 10:18 - 10:35 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            May the grace of God be upon you. May the grace of His blessing be with you, and may the grace of His eternal spirit always abide within you.
            I AM the Spirit of Grace come to this place, this hallowed space, to be with those who have prepared their hearts for my coming. In grace you abide within the heart of God. By grace you understand the musings of His mind. And only through the Holy Spirit's grace may you be empowered to fully deliver the presence of that spirit to others.
            The victory is nigh for many and yet may only be fulfilled by grace. Grace sustains the beating of your hearts, the flow of the spirit through your lungs and the coursing of God's energies within your electronic body, blessed ones. Grace is blessing. Grace is the bestowal of many qualities of God all wrapped into one known as grace.
            It is the most precious gift of the Holy One to His children. For in the presence of grace you know surcease from struggle, from duality and may truly abide in the oneness of that holy space prepared for you by grace. All the archeiai and the angels of heaven are trained in delivering grace to mankind. This may come in many guises, in many ways, saving you from yourself many times and allowing you to be who you truly are. When you accept grace fully then you will be whole. But not all fully realize the graces that flow constantly, eternally-that first and foremost being the very life breath that you receive from your God Self as the emanation of the grace of life itself through your consciousness, your being, your heart
            When grace is present, all of the other qualities wrapped in the presence of the present may be received and expounded and understood within you, truly, blessed ones. Whether mercy, forgiveness, kindness, joy, compassion, understanding-these all are circumscribed within the very seed of grace that I bestow.
            Blessed ones, when you lean upon the heart of God then there is naturally that flow and that bestowal at all times, in all places. Therefore lean upon not the arm of flesh and of power of human origin, but lean upon the very heartbeat of the divine One embodied in the masters but also within you as that holy One of your own God Presence of love.
            When you know your Self and truly love your Self, then grace will always be yours. For in the hour when you lay aside that love of your God-reality, then grace vanishes from your world.
            When Jesus said: "Love your God with all your heart, your mind, your spirit, your being, and then love your neighbor as yourself," He was establishing the great law of grace. For where love is, there grace abides. Where compassion is plain as day, then you will know the ray of grace.
            The prayer upon your lips that we who embody grace desire for you to have is that every sentient being may know truly the heart of grace within the soul. For when grace as the lacy, white substance of purity does envelop your soul, then through the perfectionment of that mother light within, you may know the resurrection light, the ascension flame and the grace of oneness with the All.
            Grace is the feminine light of the Father-Mother God in a chaliced offering to the soul. We are the bearers of this offering to you each day if you choose to accept our offering, blessed ones. When you pray, when you give, when you love, I am there. And I am here for you to know from this day forward as your friend, even as your mentor, if you would like. For I would teach you day by day how you may increase the flow of grace within you to all life. And as you commune with the spirits of the angels and the archeiai, the cherubim and the virtues, remember to call to us, the graces of heaven, to be also in your midst.
            I raise my chalice this day from which each may drink a river of eternal fire. And I place within your hands the host, truly the representation of the very body of grace of the Lord. Take and eat, take and drink ye all of it and know the eternal spirit of holy grace that has come this day, yes, another Mother's Day for each of you so close to the heart of the divine virgin, the holy One who even now abides within the Earth body itself-Virgo and Pelleur, the great brooding mother of this Earth. (Grace breathes the spirit upon all).
            Be graceful, O beloved, in all that you do in your thoughts and in your feelings toward each other, and you will become immortal one day.

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