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Goddess of Purity      May 19, 2006

Beloved Goddess of Purity
David C. Lewis
May 19, 2006  7:10-7:31 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Accept Your God-Realization of Who You Truly Are
Know the Simple Joy of Being Pure

Precious Ones Who Would Know the Pearl of Great Price Within,
            I am come this day from the central altar of the retreat of the Divine Mother, [which] vibrates so near to you in this area.
            I am the Goddess of Purity, and I have lent my energies, with the ladies of heaven, to blessed Venus for the dissolving of hate and hate creation that has issued forth from some who have misapplied the great light of the heart gleaned from many a year of service and in invocation to the light.
           When some among mankind determine not to change or to bring forth patterns of perfection from within their hearts and the purity of their souls' original God-design, then there is a certain stultification and an immobilization whereby the flow of light through their beings from their God Presence is cut off to a certain extent, and they may not experience fully that divine contact. This is most unfortunate. And as you have heard in the reading this day, those who once had the gift of the Holy Spirit, who squandered that light by not listening to the voice of the Spirit that comes at any hour to compel them to understand the next initiation on the path, after some time of questioning the inner voice and not abiding by its word of divine reason within [were] cut off from that cosmic flow.
            This is a sorry day for the hosts of heaven, the angelic ministrants to mankind. For you see, these come in answer to the prayers of mankind, guarding the energies that both ascend and descend through the hearts of the sons and daughters of God, through their prayers and invocations. And then, in answer to those calls, the angels do carry out the very delivery of the blessings and graces that God allows to be bestowed upon mankind through the love and the purity from his great heart.
           I come this day to dissolve by the light of God-purity certain concepts and constructs within the minds and the hearts of many who have determined that their course is the only course and that any other who comes to speak or to share or to give counsel must come under the rod of a law that has unfortunately become limiting in its ability to receive the ongoing revelation and the ongoingness of our words and light.
           You must always be ready, blessed ones, for the word of the master Presence of your own God Self, as well as the truths that flow from the altars of the Divine One through the mystical initiation of light, even that which is birthing within the Earth body itself, the Mother, through the ongoingness of the evolution of this planet and her people. For you see, there is a plan, there is guidance, and each son and daughter of God as part of that divine plan must see his or her place within the great scheme that God would deliver unto mankind day by day.
            When those among mankind in any religious activity consider that the truth has been fully revealed or that the voice of God has stopped, then what do we of the heavenly hosts have to give unto you of new light-energy, blessed ones? For those who would muzzle the very mouth of God and of the hearts of the ascended beings who come in your presence, even as you pray day by day, cannot fully know the totality of that Divine Presence; for they do not witness our light, our energy, our love, which so easily may be received simply through the acceptance within their hearts.
           Therefore I come to cleanse the hearts of many who have for many a year striven and given to the Nth degree and yet through certain leaders have been told untruths regarding this dispensation, these messengers and the light that we, the ascended masters, would continue to pour forth through the heart chalices of those who love God.
           We mete out measure for measure [unto those who have been their unwitting tools] the misqualification and the misapplication of the light through the science of the spoken word whereby there have been hurled upon the hearts of our best servants execrations, cursings, brought about by demons that have gathered the momentum of the emotional substance behind these misapplications and sought even in this very week to sever the connection between our world and yours through our messengers.
           Some of you have felt and have borne the very weight of these energies in your bodies, and you understand the nature of the predicament that we as ascended beings now have to deal with in bringing forth greater evolution and harmony within the great body of believers upon Earth who understand the precepts and the teachings of the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood.
           So, blessed ones, pray for harmony, pray for understanding. Use the principles that you have learned, or should have learned, of nonviolent and compassionate communication. For we at times see even many among you lapsing into levels, even for short moments in time, of previous patterns of speech and thought and mindlessness whereby you have not fully embraced what has been [so] beautifully given unto you through our messages and worded releases and through the teachings that we have brought to your community of light.
            I am a Mother of Purity. And I raise that quotient of light within you from the base to your heart, where through your application that pure light of the Mother may then be expanded and rise higher unto the fount of eternal illumination in your crown and in your I AM Presence, nevermore to be lost, nevermore to be squandered in thoughts of imperfection, thoughts of impurity, thoughts of lack or non-God-realization.
            When you realize that you are God, fully embracing the purity of your soul and Spirit, then we, the ladies of heaven—the Goddess of Purity, the Goddess of Light and the Queen of Light— may enter your world and raise you into new levels of God Self-awareness and purity. Therefore though you may at times have missteps along the path, please determine to dust yourself off quickly, wash your garments, don the new white robe of righteousness and move onward unto the light of the eternal day, blessed hearts.
           Do not forsake your calling to be pure in heart, in thought, in deed. Purity cleanses everything, you see. Purity washes you clean in all four lower bodies. And when you are washed clean, then you may pursue the higher road above—high above the lower canyons and valleys of human consciousness—where the thoughts of God vibrate even in the ethers around you. And you may simply pluck one here to understand how it is that God may live and move and have his being within you.
           Concepts pure are always vibrating, resonating in the space around you blessed ones. Touch them, digest them, become them and know truly more of that pure mind of the Buddha, who is constantly issuing forth thoughtforms, mindful creations to bless all sentient beings. Even if you could grasp one of these and fully embrace it and assimilate it, you would be a changed being in this hour, ripe with a newfound vibrancy of holiness whereby you may reside within the very bosom of the Mother and her great love for mankind.
           I now irradiate your beings with cosmic vibrancy of the white light of purity. You are fully charged, and your batteries may last so long as you retain the concept of your own purity, blessed ones.
           Therefore know, truly, God within you more this day than you have ever known before. Accept your God-realization of who you truly are in the eye of the Divine One, and know the simple joy of being pure. Yes, be pure, pure, pure, I ask, and also be well. And when you come to the well to drink again of purity, I shall be there to charge that water, to charge that substance whereby as you drink afresh, you may truly know the spirit of perfection, the spirit of joy, the spirit of pure God-love that I would convey mouth to mouth, heart to heart always.
           We thank you for your constancy, your devotion and answering the call throughout the night, throughout the day. Continue in your beingness, and one day you will be translated as Enoch into a cloud of pure cosmic joy. I thank you.

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